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Chapter 344

In order to lose a lot of weight, a lot of young girls with great family backgrounds only ate one meal a day, with some going to the extent of only eating an apple for their single meal . Jiang Chen wondered: wouldn't they starve to death?

Losing weight by dieting wasn't only harmful to the body, it was also hard to maintain . This was conveyed by the joke, "When fat people are losing weight, the more they try, the more fat they get . "

Imagine this, if a weight loss medicine appeared on the market – no, it would be called low-calorie food! Two test tubes a day would ensure you were full without any damage to your body . If you drank it continuously for half a year, it would guarantee you would be as thin as the refugees in the ghetto… Of course, no one would want to be as thin as that . Normal people would stop drinking it after a month .

The nutrient supply from the apocalypse wasn't fit for marketing to the modern world . Since it was a product, the taste was definitely a significant consideration . Also with concern for food safety, the ingredients and nutrient value would have to be redesigned .

For the improved version of the nutrient supply, Jiang Chen made a few requests to the five researchers .

The first was that it had to taste good, then it had to be healthy . Third, the calories had to be low enough and fourth, the ingredients had to be easy to gather and suitable for large-scale farming . Finally, the recipe had to be finished within a month . For each day they were ahead of schedule, the researchers could spend a month longer in the fallout shelter .

Faced with Jiang Chen's demands, the five researchers all raised their chests in confidence and promised to finish the recipe within the allocated time .

When the five people left the command center, they all had cheerful smiles on their faces as they couldn't wait to return to the fallout shelter to start the experiment .

"Once they have results, immediately report back to the base . " Before Jiang Chen left, he urged Xu Lu .

"Yes, Boss!" Xu Lu responded with a smile .

"Then that's all… Also, did Han Junhua give up?"

Xu Lu shook her head with embarrassment .

"Not yet . "

"I see…"

[What a stubborn person; why can't she just listen? PAC already flew lightyears away - what's there to be stubborn about?]

"Do you want to go see her?" Xu Lu asked .

"Mhmm… Might as well . " Jiang Chen said casually .

He wanted to personally ask if she changed her mind and display his genuineness . Then, depending on the circumstances, he would see if she needed a more intensive lesson before he left… Jiang Chen thought he was a wicked person .

A smile surfaced on Xu Lu's face and she nodded gently .

"Okay, please follow me . "

Jiang Chen followed Xu Lu into the cold basement . The patrol at the door saluted to him and opened the door for them before closing it .

Han Junhua sat quietly on the bed and looked at Jiang Chen .

He could sense that the instant she saw him, a hint of fright flashed across her pupils . Although it quickly vanished, it left a deep impression on his mind .

With the calm and collected look she put up, he felt a sense of guilt for some reason .

Maybe because he still had the conscience of someone from the modern world?

"… You can leave for now," Jiang Chen said lightly .

"Yes . " Xu Lu nodded before she left the basement .

When the steel door closed shut, the basement returned to silence .

To Jiang Chen's surprise, it was Han Junhua who first broke the silence .

"What perverted thing do you plan to do to me today?"

Her voice was distant and cold - it sounded like it could freeze a person without any hint of emotion .

"I…" Jiang Chen opened his mouth, but he chose to close it .

He came in with a script in mind, but with that face as calm as still water, he didn't know what to say .

Jiang Chen sighed and threw out the words he prepared beforehand as he gently said, "Sorry . "

Surprise flashed through Han Junhua's eyes . There was also a trace of confusion, but it vanished instantly .

"Although I'm not seeking your forgiveness, I still want to apologize for what I did . "

Jiang Chen admitted he did all those despicable things because he thought with his lower body and put his wicked thoughts into action . He didn't even think it was wrong afterwards . She was his captive - it was his choice to determine how he treated her .

If a person stayed too long in a society without rule and boundaries, the person would subconsciously be withered by the environment . Jiang Chen realized a long time ago that the longer he stayed in the apocalypse, the more he thought as a person from the apocalypse .

If it was the old him, although he lacked some boundaries, he would never r*pe or force people .

After a long silence, she said calmly with a peaceful tone .

"Who apologizes to their captive?"

"… Perhaps . " Jiang Chen smiled bitterly . He shook his head and left the basement .

Han Junhua stared at Jiang Chen's back . She didn't speak .

But inside her dark pupils, she looked completely .

He returned to the hotel and checked out before he headed to Xia Shiyu's apartment .

But when he knocked on the door, he realized there was no response inside . He called Xia Shiyu before he realized it was 10 . She went to work a long time ago .

On the phone, Xia Shiyu didn't ask where Jiang Chen went the night before; she just briefly explained how to get Future International's building and hung up the phone .

Her meaning was obvious . She wanted the missing-in-action president to take some time to come to the company . Regarding the construction bidding, they only managed to discuss it halfway before Jiang Chen ran out - it was the perfect opportunity to finish the last bit .

To save time, Jiang Chen took a taxi and headed on his way . He played with his phone .

But then, a number called .

When he saw the name, Jiang Chen was silent for a moment, but he still picked up .


"It's me . " Wang Zhiyong's voice was bitter .

"… If you're calling on behalf of your uncle, you don't need to say anything," Jiang Chen said lightly .

"I know you would say this . " Wang Zhiyong sighed .

After a two second pause, Wang Zhiyong used a pleading voice .

"Could you not just let this one go?"

He never asked for favors from his friends - he didn't want to go to the trouble . But this time it was for his family, not for himself . Although he was reckless at times, he always stood with his family .

"You can ask Wang Linhua - did you consider letting this one go when he plotted against me that night?" Jiang Chen laughed .

Wang Zhiyong fell into silence .

After a lengthy pause, he let out a long sigh .

"I see… Sorry, this one is my fault . "

The day when he came out of the police station, he didn't notify Jiang Chen that the Wang family was plotting against his Future Technology, even though he knew a few details of their plan at the time . When he compared his family to his friends, there was no doubt which one was more important .

"No problem . It's not your fault . "

With a sigh, Jiang Chen hung up .

He didn't have a lot of friends, and now there was one less…

Just as he was about to put away his phone, his phone began to ring again .

It was an international call .