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Chapter 346

Future International's office in Asia was in Xiangjiang with the headquarters planned for construction at Pannu Islands . Of course, the current headquarters was only a shell . All the other offices in different continents were all in the process of development .

As the president of Future International, Jiang Chen left everything to Xia Shiyu to take care of .

Xia Shiyu had an excellent background; she was a top graduate from a renowned program at Wanghai University . Her knowledge and abilities were far superior compared to ordinary people . Although the jump from being the store manager of a clothing store to the CEO of a global tech company was rather massive, she still used her shrill shoulders to lift everything . She studied how to manage a company while she applied this knowledge through the daily operations of Future Internationl .

Till now, even if she encountered some difficulties along the way, there had been no major problems in Future Technology's operations . Her abilities had to be commended as Jiang Chen knew he wouldn't be able to manage such a massive company himself .

It had been a while since Jiang Chen showed up . When everyone saw the missing-in-action president appear at the office, all the employees were shocked as if the Sun had risen from the west .

There were familiar faces and new faces among the employees . Not everyone chose to relocate to Xiangjiang, but Jiang Chen rewarded the employees who followed him . All of them were either promoted based on their abilities or given a raise .

After he took a tour of the company, Jiang Chen was surprised to see he could still put a name to the majority of the people, such as the Future 1 . 0 project manager Ning Huajian or the bold girl Su Mengqi from the company dinner .

Jiang Chen didn't interfere with their work after he greeted the people he knew . He then headed to Xia Shiyu's office .

She was dressed in a set of professional attire with her black hair curled up at the back of her head . A piece of hair dropped down from the side, reflecting the gentleness of the sun . When Jiang Chen came in, Xia Shiyu was reading documents . She sat straight up with her eyes focused; she had a tranquil but dignified vibe when she worked .

She noticed Jiang Chen come in as she put down the pen in her hand and looked up .

"You're here . Feel free to sit . "

"Mhmm . "

He sat on the sofa across from Xia Shiyu's desk . Jiang Chen scanned the thick pile of documents on the table as an embarrassed expression appeared on his face . A lot of these things should've been the responsibility of the president, but everything was piled onto her .

"Thank you for working so hard . "

"It's okay . "

Xia Shiyu tucked some of her hair behind her ear . She got up, picked up the laptop, and sat down beside Jiang Chen .

"These are all construction visualizations . The spreadsheet on the side contains cost estimates I organized . Although I understand your intention to be a free owner, as the president, you should be involved in the bidding process . Look at this one first…"

As she explained, she scrolled through the screen and led Jiang Chen through all the documents .

To gain the ten billion contract, all the major international construction companies spent their effort creating the most brilliant visualization . Not only did they use 3D modeling to demonstrate every detail of the construction, they even built the 3D aerial view of the four constructed islands .

After spending an entire afternoon on his selection, Jiang Chen finally chose a Dutch construction company named BMA . The company was previously involved in the development of Maldives' tourism project . Their experience on island construction was extensive . This was demonstrated especially well with their 3D visualization that could be described as art . The second Jiang Chen saw it; he was captured by the design philosophy .

The harmonious fusion of technology and nature was demonstrated flawlessly in BMA's design philosophy . While they retained the natural beauty of Pannu islands, their bold technology design provided the best experience for tourists .

Most noticeable was the transparent "bubble hotel" that was just like a balloon attached to a post . With the attachment of an air pipeline, tourists could move the bubbles anywhere between the sea level and the hundred-meter-deep ocean based on their desires . They could also choose to fix the room or allow the room to freely flow along with the waves, dance with the colorful tropical fish and sleep listening to gentle grace of the sea . With the help of technology, this allowed tourists to completely immerse themselves in the beauty of nature . Jiang Chen was instantly hooked by this design .

The cost of 8 . 7 billion USD wasn't low by any means, but if BMA could really transform his backyard – Pannu Islands – into the jewel on the visualization, Jiang Chen didn't mind spending the money .

Although Xia Shiyu recommended Jiang Chen to consider his options for a few more days, he still went through with the decision . There was no point reconsidering it no matter how long he looked . Instead, he just left it to his instincts . Since the companies invited to bid were world-class, BMA was among the best, without a doubt .

Another reason he was so hasty was because he had to return to Xin immediately .

After they finished the bidding review, it was already six in the evening .

By that time, aside from employees working overtime, there weren't a lot of people in the building . After they left the building, Xia Shiyu sped up while Jiang Chen followed her as they walked to the company's garage .

With the door open, Xia Shiyu subconsciously looked around before she sat inside . Jiang Chen gave her a strange look before he took a seat .

With his seat belt on, Jiang Chen asked nonchalantly, "Do you have anything to do tonight?"

Xia Shiyu raised her eyebrows, puzzled by the question, "No . "

"Then why did you walk so fast? It looked like you had something to do . "

As she heard this, Xia Shiyu's eyes widened .

"Ahem, it's not good for the employees to see us being so close together . Since we're both single… If rumors spread, it would decrease work efficiency… All in all, that situation wouldn't be ideal . "

She hastily shifted her gears as she attempted to start the car .

[It's not that bad to enter a car together, it could just be a woman giving her coworker a ride…] Jiang Chen ridiculed her in his mind .

Although he couldn't see her face from the back, with the light outside, Jiang Chen noticed her neck turning red .

"You forgot to press the clutch . " Considering how listless Xia Shiyu was, Jiang Chen reminded her in a small voice .

"I . . . I know!"

Xia Shiyu turned around and gave Jiang Chen a hard stare as her feet forcefully stepped on the gas…

It was indeed a thrilling journey .

He didn't know what Xia Shiyu was thinking as she kept driving like a madwoman . A few times, she almost scratched the car in front of her . Jiang Chen stared at the steering wheel in her hands on high alert as he prepared to take the wheel in any unexpected situation .

But what Jiang Chen didn't know was that if he hadn't stared at her like that, Xia Shiyu might not have been so nervous . . .

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