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Chapter 348

The next morning, he moved his slightly sore neck as he sat up on the bed .

It was Xia Shiyu who knocked on his door to wake him up .

She was accustomed to the nine to five routine . So every day, she wakes up early to cook breakfast . She placed the scrambled egg, toast, and milk on the dinner table . When they were eating breakfast, Jiang Chen's heart pumped a little faster while he watched her in an apron .

He didn't know she had such a virtuous side .

He remembered back in university that one of his friends who always bragged about how many girlfriends he had always said that a single girl's life is not always the tidiest . It was normal for them to clean up in a few months . But from Xia Shiyu, Jiang Chen didn't see any carelessness .

Their conversation during the day was normal, not the slightest bit of awkwardness existed from yesterday .

After breakfast, the two headed to the office together . She looked okay, but from the thick makeup covering her eye bags, Jiang Chen could see that she didn't have the best night of sleep .

The meeting with Daimler corporation took place in Future International . The representative they sent was from Europe and had arrived last night . The representative was rumored to be a "person of importance" . Before the representative arrived, Jiang Chen was guessing who it could be, but he ended up seeing a familiar face .

"Haha! Hello, Mr . Jiang, we meet again . "

With fluent Chinese, Carmen Rothschild opened his arm with a warm smile and walked in front of Jiang Chen .

"Mr . Carmen? This is a surprise, you personally came to China . "

Jiang Chen looked at the man in front of him with surprise before he quickly regathered himself and opened his arm .

Although it was weird to hug a man, out of respect, Jiang Chen gave him a manly hug .

"Of course, Daimler corporation values the partnership with your company, the same goes for the Rothschild family," Carmen said earnestly .

[He shouldn't have figured out the GPS tracker… ] Carmen thought in his mind .

[What is this guy's intention?] Jiang Chen was puzzled too .

The USB Carmen gave Jiang Chen last night had a GPS tracker inside . Yao Yao, who only specialized in programming, although she had some abilities in electronic device modification, didn't receive any anti-surveillance training, so naturally, she didn't notice it . If it were Ayesha, the GPS tracker would not escape her eyes . It was all about specialties .

"My honor, you are also an important partner for Future International . " Jiang Chen smiled .

The two sat down around the conference table . The bodyguard following Carmen stayed outside the room . The two technical experts in suits and an assistant followed inside . Xia Shiyu took out the contract and placed it in front of Jiang Chen, then stood beside him .

Just as the meeting started, Carmen couldn't wait and immediately said, "Let's get straight to the point shall we"

"As you wish . "

Jiang Chen smiled and signaled the employee to place the brief containing the USB and the chip in front of Carmen .

On this trip, Carmen brought the technical experts from the company . The contract stated that the product must be delivered by May . To be honest, when Daimler's programmers heard that Future Technology not only tackled the technical barriers in the smart driving system, they also managed to complete it within a month before the deadline . They were so shocked that their eyes almost popped out .

Everyone had the same thought, "Is Future Technology tricking them?"

The Germans' rigorous technical skills were renowned worldwide . They could not let a single mistake exist during the quality assurance process . Because of their skepticism to Future Technology's ability, the board sent the two technical experts responsible for the primary control system over to audit the smart driving program .

If the innovative technology had any problems, Daimler corporation's loss was not as simple as compensation, the reputation they've built over the years would also suffer greatly as a result . On the other side, if this triggered people's fear for the autonomous driving vehicle, it would indeed cast a gloom over the future of smart cars . Because of their persistence to safety, it resulted in aborting the contract with the previous company .

The two technical experts walked up . A man with a stern expression open the briefcase, and the other took out a laptop computer . They inserted the USB into the laptop and began to work .

The conference room was quiet, there was only the sound of keys clicking and computer fan spinning .

Carmen's arms were placed on the table with his eyes half-closed, but Jiang Chen noticed that he had his full attention on that computer screen . Xia Shiyu was still expressionless, but from her continuously moving eyes, Jiang Chen could clearly sense her unease .  

Jiang Chen was the most relaxed . He leaned back in his chair while waiting for the results to come out .

At the same time, Jiang Chen noticed that the assistant behind Carmen was observing him . Jiang Chen gave him a friendly smile, but he looked away .

The two technical experts' expression was turning more and more grave as they began to exchange opinions in a small voice .

Xia Shiyu held her breath as her heart was pumping rapidly .

It was a one billion dollar deal! Whether it was a success or failure, it would all depend on the words that came out of the two peoples' mouths .

Finally, the two technical experts stood up . From their actions, the review was completed .

"The result?"

Carmen was more eager than Jiang Chen .

The older looking technical expert nodded, then turned to Jiang Chen and said in English .

"Mr . Jiang, your company's achievement in artificial intelligence is at the point worth praising and envying . Please allow me to apologize for my skepticism of your company's ability . "

While he said this, the technical expert bowed deeply to Jiang Chen .

"Don't worry . As a technical expert, it is a virtue to dare to question," Jiang Chen replied with a calm tone .

"Ahem . " Carmen coughed .

The technical expert realized his mishap and stopped talking .

They were not in the lab, but the conference table .

"Since our chief technical engineer has already verified the excellent performance of the software, then my trip is certainly worthwhile . " Carmen stood up and smiled .

Xia Shiyu felt relieved . She only noticed now that her palms were drenched in sweat .

She looked at Jiang Chen as her eyes stopped on the smile laced with confidence .

Her face felt hot as she looked away subtly .

Seeing Carmen stand up, Jiang Chen also stood up with a smile and extended his hand .

"It's great working with you . "

"Haha, It's great to work with you too . " Carmen also extended his right hand and shook with Jiang Chen .

One billion dollars . Although it was small compared to the eight billion USD gap, it would certainly alleviate some of their financial pressures .

But then, the corner of Jiang Chen's eyes caught the ring on his hand .

His pupils suddenly contracted .

That is…

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