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Published at 11th of March 2018 01:50:19 AM

Chapter 350

Obtaining the loan went surprisingly smooth, more smooth than Jiang Chen had imagined .

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Carmen was highly efficient as a contract in English and Chinese was sent to him the next day .

After Jiang Chen had signed, the thirty billion USD loan was transferred from the British Rothschild bank to Future Technology's Swiss bank account . Carmen then flew back to Europe after the process was complete .

Before he left, he handed Jiang Chen an invitation to the Mun Auto Exhibition and warmly exchanged departing words with him .

Moments after Jiang Chen sent the wealthy European man away, he and Xia Shiyu left the airport .

When they got on the car, Xia Shiyu couldn't wait another second before she asked him .

"You really borrowed thirty billion USD?"

"Of course, do you think I was joking?" Jiang Chen smiled .

She looked into Jiang Chen's eyes earnestly as she let out a sigh of defeat, "Sigh… Okay, could you tell me your plan? How do you plan to be wasteful this time?"

"Wasteful? You don't have to describe me like that," Jiang Chen said helplessly .

But the way Xia Shiyu looked at him clearly expressed one message – "If this is not waste what is it?"

"4 . 5% in annual interest, do you know how much money you would need to pay back in five years? 37 . 385 billion! In USD!" Xia Shiyu exclaimed emotionally .

Forty billion USD was enough to purchase half of Baidu .

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"Don't worry, I used my personal shares as collateral, not the company's asset . Even if I can't afford it at that time, it won't affect you," Jiang Chen comforted her with a smile .

She seemed displeased with Jiang Chen's explanation as she said coldly, "Who do you think I'm concerned for?"

Jiang Chen was slightly shocked as the smile on his face turned dubious, he teased her with a smirk, "Oh? So you are saying that you are worried about me?"

As she heard his words, Xia Shiyu's aggressive stance quickly came to a halt as her face began to turn red .

She looked away, started the vehicle, and stopped looking in his direction .

" . . . "

"I, I just don't want a new boss . I am pleased with the current work environment . Altho… Although the current president would make people frustrated at times, being able to relinquish control to people with ability is indeed worthy of being praised . If there is a new boss that pretends to know everything, it would be terrible .

Her luscious black bangs happened to cover the side of her face . The faint yet rapid explanation took a lot of effort for Jiang Chen to understand .

Seeing the usually cold Xia Shiyu worried about him greatly, Jiang Chen felt warmth swell up inside his body as he tried to comfort her .

"Don't worry, it's only thirty-something billion . The current market cap of Future Technology is ten billion, and I will double it in two years . "


To Jiang Chen's unreasonable flattering, Xia Shiyu chose to remain silent .

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With Xia Shiyu's distinctly unconfident look, Jiang Chen grinned and said, "Since you don't believe me, why don't we make a bet . "

"Make a bet? Okay . Once you're bankrupt, become an assistant of mine and let me order you around for a few years," Xia Shiyu joked .

"No problem . " Jiang Chen laughed, "But what if I win?"

"Up to you . " She combed her hair to the side as the tips of her mouth curved up .

Although it was a bet, it was more like banter between friends as she didn't quite put this on her mind . Subconsciously, Xia Shiyu still believed that Jiang Chen would have a way to solve this problem . As to why she trusted him so dearly, she couldn't explain it either .

Jiang Chen mischievously smiled as he used a joking tone . "Up to me? Really?"

She noticed Jiang Chen's smile and paused before her pale face was once again covered in a red hue .

But she didn't say anything this time as she hid her expression behind her bang .

. . .

Upon the first ray of the morning sun, a plane appeared on top of Ber . With the help of the guide, the personal plane landed smoothly .

A black Mercedes-Benz sedan stopped beside the airplane . A butler-looking old man walked out from inside and silently waited beside the car .

The gangway car drove beside the plane as the hatch door quickly opened, a European first stepped out of the car .

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The old butler courteously bowed to Carmen, then he used German to greet him, "Welcome home, master Carmen . "

"It's been a while, Mr . Cides . Is my father doing well?" Carmen said pleasantly .

"Very well . Old master has been drawn into sailing," the old butler said as he opened the door gracefully for him .

"Sailing? Let me guess, he is in Florence now?"

Florence is a coastal city in the Mediterranean . Carmen could vaguely recall they have family assets there .

"No, he is in Germany, at the manor located in Balv . " The butler shook his head .


[Is that place near the sea?] Carmen slightly raised his eyebrows .

"The old master wants you to take some time to visit home . "

"Of course, I want to see him as well . " Carmen sat in the back of the car with a smile .

Johnson walked forward and sat beside Carmen .

The butler only glanced at the bodyguard . He didn't say anything as he sat in the driver seat and served the duty of a driver .

"Did you take out the tracker from the USB?" Carmen whispered .

"Yes… It's hard to believe what technology that Han possesses," Johnson said in disbelief .

"Probably an advanced wireless blockage technology, who knows… Good thing they didn't find anything," Carmen said .

Carmen did not suspect this point at all . He could determine from their eyes whether the words were real or fake . Without the proper training in fabricating lies, it would definitely not escape his eyes .

The car arrived at the manor not soon after . The servers in the manor took Johnson to the guest room, and the old butler led Carmen to the backyard .

They followed the stone path through the grass field . Then in a small wooden hut beside the man-made lake, Carmen saw his own father .

Jocano Rothschild .

The giant the ruled the financial world and the person that led the Rothschild out of the gloom of the Second World War and reached the peak after the cold war . He wore a plain shirt and sat beside the lake sawing a piece of wood .

When his small son Carmen was born, he stepped down as the head of the family with his own brother taking over and began living his life in seclusion . Although he stopped asking about family affairs, no one in the family questioned his influence . Since the family that was hanging on the edge was dragged back from the abyss by him .

And because of this, to his father's request, Carmen would treat the family business seriously . After getting off the plane, he headed straight to the manor without wasting a single second .

But when he saw his father sawing wood, he was dumbfounded .

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