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Chapter 354

Ange Island, located at the southern tip of Pannu Island near New Guinea, was the third largest island of Xin .

The island was shaped like a pear and the mountain sat at the east end of the island while south of the mountain was the cliffs . The island was covered in dense vegetation with only the plains on the north side settled with people . The population of the island was 5372 in the municipality Ange City, the second largest city of Pannu Islands .

Although it was the second largest city after Coro Island, the economy of the island was still comprised of mostly fisheries along with sugar cane, banana and coconut plantations as the secondary industry . Regarding the crops and meat, the island relied on shipments from Australia's Darwin port . The island didn't possess a deep water harbor, but it had a harbor capable of docking vessels with a smaller displacement .

For the residents of Ange Island, today marked the start of a new chapter .

Why? Because after a month of construction, Future International's subsidiary, Future Biology, completed construction of their pharmaceutical and seaweed growth plant . But for the people of Ange Island, they were focused on the plan to hire locals .

To Ange Island that had a history of a high unemployment rate, it was certainly great news .

When the hiring information was posted, the entire island erupted in cheers .

To the poor locals, the benefits of the job could be described as insane . They only made a max of 500 USD per month fishing, and the job was also tiring . Even if they didn't know what the job was like, it must be less tiring compared to fishing from morning to night .

Not permitted to leave the job or the country? A lot of people didn't even leave the island for their entire life, let alone the country . They wanted the job to be longer, maybe for their whole life .

Because of the high number of applicants, Future Biology added some additional requirements . For example, high school diploma holders had to know how to dive, drive a boat, be familiar with the sea product farming process, must be a local, and have a family . The first two requirements were a given since almost all the residents on the island lived alongside the sea for their entire life . Although the last two conditions were strange, they were certainly not unacceptable .

After a rigorous selection process, Future Biology quickly hired 70 employees . With Jiang Chen's organization, everyone arrived at New Moon Island for training . The training was just an instructional video recorded at camp 27 with an examination afterwards .

While the workers diligently studied the growing process they never learned before, Jiang Chen stood on the dock on the port at Ange Island as he waited for the boat in the distance to approach .

To the person who came down from the boat, Jiang Chen greeted him with a smile and extended his right hand .

"Hello, Doctor Zhan . "

Zhan Shujie, 31 years old, Medical student at Tsinghua University life science department majoring in molecular cell biology . He published five papers in the SCI and also published in the famous academic journal "Nature" in the scientific community .

Of course, Jiang Chen never minded an extensive amount of talents . To the top student graduating from Hua' s top university, Jiang Chen generously offered a salary of half a million USD per year .

The young man wasn't tall and he wore a frameless glasses . Although he had a high academic profile as a doctor, he didn't have the "Confucius arrogance" typical of a lot of top students . He looked like someone easy to get along with .

"Hello, Mr . Jiang . " Zhan Shujie smiled and warmly held onto Jiang Chen's hand .

Regarding the legendary individual who achieved a net asset of over ten billion by just the age of 23, Zhan Shujie had heard tales of him before . Previously, he thought this boss would be somewhat prideful, but he was actually easy to talk to which made him quite impressed .

"Haha, let's cut the flattering words . Do you need me to take to where you'll be living?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"No need, I want to first take a tour of the … pharmaceutical plant, is that okay?"

When he talked about the pharmaceutical plant, his eyes were flashed with fervor .

"Of course, as you wish . This car will belong to you from now on, and this is the driver . " Jiang Chen sat back into the car .

Celestial Trade's bodyguard was the driver and he was injected with E-grade genetic vaccine . Whether in armed combat or just close body combat, he met the standards of the special force . As the driver of doctor Zhan Shujie, his job was to protect his safety and monitor him .

Since what Zhan Shujie would present to the world would shock the entire world, he already signed a confidentiality agreement, but just in case, it was better to be safe .

The car soon arrived at Future Biology's pharmaceutical plant . At the top of the structure inside the wall, Zhan Shujie saw the name of the plant .

[Nutrient supply? That's an interesting name…] Zhan Shujie muttered to himself despite reading about the company before he came .

The two security guards on duty at the pharmaceutical plant were also from Celestial Trade . They wore carbon nano-injected bulletproof vests with Reaper Assault Rifles and tactical helmets .

"Is it not safe here?" Zhan Shujie anxiously looked at the two soldiers as he said, worried .

"Don't worry, it's extremely safe here . But just in case, I hired two security personnel to protect the safety of the employees and to also protect the security of the high tech equipment inside .

When they got off the car and walked into the plant, the soldiers at the door subconsciously wanted to salute to Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen stopped them with a look .

They walked to the empty ground of the plant as Jiang Chen first pointed at the direction near the coast .

"The plant is a seaweed farm, used to breed our company-developed DH-type seaweed . This seaweed is derived from the induction of the differentiation of Sargassum, which can produce and accumulate a variety of animal proteins in seaweed cells-"

"That's impossible!" Zhan Shujie was stunned as he looked at Jiang Chen skeptically . "As far as I know, in the field of the preparation of plants for animal protein, Hokkaido University in Japan is currently at the forefront of the field . But they are only able to do it with the production of a plant to produce interfering hepatitis virus protein animal protein and they're only in the experimental stage . Also, I've never heard that someone could use a plant to produce a variety of animal protein! Also, seaweed cells aren't embryonic liver cells, so how could the orientation-induced technique work? In theory, this wouldn't work!"

Zhan Shujie blasted at Jiang Chen, while Jiang Chen tilted his head and shook his finger to show off .

"Nothing is impossible, especially in my company . If you don't believe me, just take a sample yourself . "

Zhan Shujie looked at Jiang Chen still with skepticism and took a deep breath .

"Okay, I'll believe it once I see it . But I have another question: growing the new species with the open environment - would that affect the biological sphere of the nearby sea?

"No . " Jiang Chen shook his head . "Since it's induced differentiation, the genes of this DH seaweed still belong to Sargassum, so the spores produced by the progeny are also Sargassum . The telomeres of this DH-type seaweed are precisely targeted like cancer cells, which are theoretically infinite . The task of workers is to feed nutrients every day, then trim the 'leaves . '

This was what the researchers at the fallout shelter told him, and he didn't have the knowledge to explain much further, so Jiang Chen changed the topic and pointed at the structure the size of three basketball fields .

"The key equipment is inside . Your work is to coordinate the entire pharmaceutical plant's production, take samples to examine if the DH seaweed is thriving, and take samples to ensure the quality of the nutrient supply… Of course, all of the details are in the work manual . I will give you a USB and the videos on it will teach you how to control the equipment inside the plant . If there are any problems you can't solve, please contact me . "

As Jiang Chen spoke, he took Zhan Shujie inside the pharmaceutical plant and pointed at the machine in the center .

"This is it - the production line of nutrient supply, the core of the entire plant . "

On the left was the organic converter with the shape of a cylinder; it could extract nutrients from the specially produced seaweed to process into the nutrient supply . On the right hand was an assembly for bottling as it would place the extract into coin-shaped plastic tubes before they were sealed .

Regarding this set of equipment, Zhan Shujie didn't seem to be too interested, but regarding the organic converter, it completely drew all his attention .

"The molecular filter from the legend is inside this machine?"

"Ahem, not from the legend . Our company's molecular orientation screening technology is mature . The molecular filter is only one of the parts of the organic converter - there are also other devices inside . " Jiang Chen came up with an elaborate story .

"What else?" The fervent passion once again appeared on Zhan Shujie's face .

It was the zeal a scientist possessed when he wanted to learn about a technology he didn't know about .

"Trade secret," Jiang Chen said straightforwardly .

Zhan Shujie paused for a moment as he realized that he was overzealous, so he apologized, "Sorry, I got too excited . "

"It's okay, I understand how you feel," Jiang Chen said gently .

Zhan Shujie walked in front of the organic converter as he put his hand on the cold steel . He exclaimed .

"Hard to believe… that this breakthrough technology will first be used in the civil field to produce a drink . This… this is a waste of God-given technology . "

To be honest, two reasons drew him here . The half a million salary and the technology Future Biology said they possessed .

Plant cell orientation induced differentiation could produce a variety of animal protein algae . High-precision molecular screening technology - any of technology here - could contend for the Nobel prize .

But this guy wanted to use these to produce a drink?

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