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Chapter 355

"Ahem, let me clarify . This isn't a drink - it's a type of healthy food that can allow you to lose weight," Jiang Chen reminded Zhan Shujie .

It was disrespectful to call the era-breaking liquid food a drink . This was the standard military food in the 22nd century . Not only was it used in the military, the liquid food was also used extensively in the aerospace field . To bring as much food as possible within the allocated space, the nutrient supply was undoubtedly the first choice for all astronauts…

Of course, Jiang Chen didn't deny the ridicule of Zhan Shujie stating it was a waste of God-given technology . Regardless, right now, he only planned to sell this as weight loss medicine .

"Is there a difference?" Zhan Youjie stared at Jiang Chen emotionally . His persona as a non-talkative researcher faded as he almost spoke to Jiang Chen with a lecturing tone, "Let's disregard everything else . Just the seaweed cell directed differentiation technology - do you know how it would shake up the scientific field? Without any exaggeration, it would cause an earthquake in the biology academic world!"

Zhan Shujie let out a sigh . "And that molecular filter . While I'm not studying organic chemistry, I can't say much but I can be certain of one point - if our university lab had this, our ability to research in the chemistry field would increase substantially!"

"So?" Jiang Chen said emotionlessly .

Zhan Shujie was dumbfounded before he realized .

Even though he said that much, so what?

It belonged to him, and if the Xin government permitted the technology to exist in a private establishment's hands, everyone could take the technology away from him .

"I'm only a businessman, and you are my employee . You just need to remember this point . Since this technology belongs to me, I have the rights to decide where I should use it," Jiang Chen said nonchalantly .

If the technology became public, it would undoubtedly cause unnecessary trouble . Therefore, in terms of production, Jiang Chen planned to keep the technology low-key . From the outside, the plant was only growing a type of Sargassum, and the pharmaceutical plant would process the Sargassum .

"Yes," Zhan Shujie said helplessly .

Considering how disappointed Zhan Shujie looked, Jiang Chen walked up and patted him on the shoulder .

"Don't be disappointed; if you work diligently, maybe I will permit you to learn more about the top technology . "

"Hopefully, one day that will happen . . . If I want to study the structure of the DH seaweed cell, would you mind?" Zhan Shujie looked at Jiang Chen keenly .

"Of course not . I'll even sponsor you to build a lab here . Of course, this is on the condition that you follow the rules of the company and not take a single cell out of that door . " Although he used a joking tone to say these words, he didn't look like he was joking at all .

The two soldiers at the door were there to prevent thieves, both inside and outside .

"Don't worry, I'm only curious about how plant cells produce animal proteins . I can guarantee with my morale that I won't disclose what I see to any third parties," Zhan Shujie said .

"I trust you . "

Jiang Chen had no qualms about allowing Zhan Shujie to study it since it was impossible to reproduce it with current technological capabilities . Just like how no matter how much you observed the cells inside you, you could not produce them at will .

"Thank you . If I can't understand how it works, I might even lose sleep at night . " Zhan Shujie looked at Jiang Chen graciously .

"Don't worry, I hope you can sleep well at night… Also, don't research during work hours . "

"I will do it outside of work . "

Jiang Chen nodded, pleased . He hired people to work for him, not research the technology he possessed . Of course, if Doctor Zhan could achieve some inspiration from the research, it would still be beneficial to Jiang Chen . Since he signed the confidentiality agreement, Jiang Chen would not let him walk .

After he took Zhan Shujie to the seaside mansion he would be living in, Jiang Chen spoke a few more words before he left .

Currently, Future Biology was only an empty shell . Although the pharmaceutical plant was completed, the team responsible for marketing, strategy, and management had yet to be established . All this had to be finished . Although he could contract the work out to headhunters, he wanted to hire the individuals personally .

Of course, if he left the work to Xia Shiyu, he knew she would take it . But it wasn't nice, especially since she had a lot on her plate already with Future Technology . If he gave her something entirely unrelated to a tech company, he was afraid that she might be overworked .

He took his private boat back to Coro island and returned to the mansion that previously belonged to Johnny .

When he purchased the mansion from the auction, the blood on the wall was already cleaned . The furniture was also replaced and the daunting bullet holes were filled in . Just from the appearance alone, the signs of a violent battle previously fought there were non-existent .

Since it was a "haunted house" with people dead inside, out of filial respect, Jiang Chen would not make his parents live inside . But as a non-spiritual believer, Jiang Chen didn't mind making this mansion his own . At least until the mansion on New Moon Island was finished, he would live here .

Then after the mansion on New Moon Island was completed… It wasn't a terrible decision to make this place into the "Xin Revolution Museum" and fool some tourists .

When Jiang Chen walked into the kitchen, Ayesha was cooking fish with an apron wrapped around her .

A smile appeared on Ayesha's usually expressionless face when she heard the footsteps from the door . Without turning her head, she said, "You're back . "

With the delicious smell of the dishes, all his worries were swept away as he approached the pot, drooling .

"Looks like today is going to be a great meal . "

"It'll be done soon . " Ayesha stirred the flavorful, thick soup with a spoon . The tip of her mouth curved up as she said tenderly, "I learned this from aunt Li . She said you really like to drink fish soup, so I wanted to try to make it . "

"I miss the taste . " Jiang Chen looked at the white fog rising as he exclaimed .

He remembered when he was young, his father occasionally went fishing with his coworkers and his family would drink fish soup for two days . Now that he had money, he ate a lot of extravagant food, but this nostalgic feeling was hard to come by these days .

Jiang Chen stared at the pot of soup as his mind drifted off .

"If you like it, I can cook it for you every day," Ayesha said in a quiet voice .


Touched by her gentleness, Jiang Chen hugged her from behind .

"Mhmm . "

Ayesha closed her eyes as she felt the warmness on her back .

To be honest, Jiang Chen first just wanted to hug her, but he started to feel aroused as soon he touched her body .

Ayesha's face began to heat up as she felt the naughty hands wandering around her body . She turned around and rolled her eyes before she put down the spoon and set the heat to low .

Although she acted timidly on the outside, when it was just the two of them, her passion was no less than Sun Jiao's .

Just as Jiang Chen was prepared to investigate her body, the phone rang .

The intimate atmosphere suddenly cooled off .

Jiang Chen awkwardly took out his phone and prepared to pick up .

But Ayesha snatched the phone, threw it in the fruit basket then kissed Jiang Chen and pressed him against the fridge .

Just like a naughty sheep falling into the arms of the big bad wolf .

The temperature began to rise again .

The phone rang and rang…