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Chapter 357

As the captain of this interception mission, Wilson stared at the disobedient vessel as gloom shadowed his face .

"No response," The deputy command said concisely and closed the broadcast outside of the helicopter .

"Prepare to drop the seal team . "

"Roger… Wait, what is that?"

A few sailor-looking people ran in front of a container, pushed down the metal plate of the container, dragged out an anti-air machine gun with a belt on the bottom .

"It's an anti-air machine gun! " The soldier sitting at the hatch of the Black Eagle yelled . At the same time, he raised the Reaper Assault Rifle and began to shoot at the deck . But because of the sea wind and far distance, it didn't hit anything .

"Stop! Disperse formation! Immediately!" Wilson roared into the radio .

"Roger . "

The four Black Eagle helicopters immediately ascended up to stop the forward motion and dispersed their formation .

The two anti-air machine guns were set up and began to unleash its furious firepower at the four Black Eagles surrounding the vessel .

But because of Wilson preemptively adjusted distance, the furious firepower didn't cause any injury to Celestial Trade . The bullets flew over a thousand meters, losing its destructive power as it only left a trail of tiny dents on the Black Eagles . Its only purpose was to push the four helicopters three kilometers out .


The country F soldiers cursed, dragged up the cartridge, and inserted a new belt of bullets inside .

[Only a bunch of monkeys on the Pacific, and you dare to challenge us? Even Han would have to respect us; you don't know your limit at all!]

The soldier spat on the deck as he looked at the four bright spots in the distance before he aimed the machine guns again .

Although they retreated, the target of the helicopters remained locked on the vessel . Immediately 12 figures from the four helicopters jumped into the ocean . Soldiers wearing the K1-b type kinetic skeleton dived into the sea, opened their thrust, and transformed into twelve arrays of white bubbles .

At the same time .

Under the veil of nightfall, no one noticed .

"Did they run away?" A country F soldier holding an assault rifle leaned against the container and grinned at his comrade .

"Haha, what would they do if they don't run? Be a target for us? Give me a cigarette…" While he said this, another soldier took out a pack of cigarette and handed him one .

"Feels wet . " He cursed and lit up one for himself and one for his comrade .

At the same time, an unusual buzzing sound began to ring around the two .

"What is it-"


The bullets left a trail of holes on the two's body .

The rifles dropped as four drones weaved through in the night . While they maintained their high speed, the machine gun underneath spat out bullets and unleashed its fury to the militants on deck .

"Area secured!"

"Board the vessel . "

"Roger . "

Hooks hooked onto the edge of the vessel . With the cover fire of the hummingbird drones, twelve soldiers in amphibious kinetic armor immediately boarded the vessel and quickly ran to the back of the containers to secure a corner of the vessel . They began exchanging fire with the militants on the other side .

"It's the seal team of Xin! Take them down!" A country F soldier disguised as a mercenary crawled behind cover . He shouted while firing back with his rifle .

"Fu*k! What is that- ahhh!"

The drones freely weaved on the deck as it blended into the night sky . It would dash out from any angle and reap the lives on deck .

"Dam*it, what are these things!" Kluse fired with his rifle; he gritted his teeth .

The light from the firing shined onto his distorted face . He didn't have the confidence he had before, only intense fear remained .

The plate-sized drones not only flew at the speed of a fly; it could also fire?! He had seen a lot of advanced technology from the joint military exercises, but he had never seen such terrifying drones . He swore, not even the UA possessed this .

It only took a while before ten something F soldiers fell down in pools of blood, but only two or three drones were shot down . They had never encountered such a lopsided battle .

"Push the machineguns onto the deck! Use heavy weapons!" Afraid of more seals boarding, Kluse yelled into the earpiece as the battle entered turmoil .

"Roger!" A soldier roared while he lowered his body and ran to the back .

Soon after, the anti-air machine guns were pushed onto the deck . The metal plate in the front blocked the incoming bullets . The machine gunner with a menacing laugh began firing at Xin soldiers in the distance .

The bullets shredded the metal containers and suppressed the Xin soldiers from moving forward . Their success was short-lived as a rocket flew up . Like an iron fist, it sent the anti-air machine gun into the sky . Along with it, was the unlucky machine gunner .

Kluse stared at the sky engulfed in flame, his eyes widened in disbelief .

These seals brought rocket launchers!

Kluse regained his attention from the shock and shouted into the radio… "Quick, move the machine guns back!"

But it was too late, another rocket blew the other machine gun into pieces .

Their anti-air power was destroyed . The four Black Eagles began to push forward .

The pitch black muzzles extended from the side of the helicopter . The arm-thick bullets fired from the side . The firepower from the sky revealed the militants hidden behind the containers as the F soldiers all dropped dead .

With cover fire, the twelve soldiers first boarded stood up behind cover while they maintained their shooting position and pushed forward . They would make sure the undead militants were finished off . As to the bullets, most were blocked by the polyethylene board .

With the assistance of the drones, the militants had no fighting chance .

"Ahhh-! Fu*k, my hand!" Kluse rolled inside the boat . He covered his broken right hand with his left hand . He tumbled and retreated to the bottom of the vessel .

After confirming all enemy units were cleared on the deck, the soldiers entered the control room to stop the vessel . At the same time, the Black Eagles hovered above the deck as the ground force descended .

Thirty two Celestial soldiers quickly entered the vessel . Wilson entered the control room and used the broadcasting system to speak to the resisting militants .

Surrender or die .

The one-sided battle made all the F soldiers lose their courage to fight . When they reached 50% casualties, they finally collapsed and dropped the rifles in their hands and chose to surrender .

Everyone was tied up and sent back to the deck . They waited with guns pointed at them .

The vessel continued its journey to New Moon Island .

But this time, the F soldiers disguised as mercenaries no longer had their original arrogance, the only emotions left were fear and despair .

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