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Chapter 363: Return

Yang Yuan's contract was negotiated immediately after .

Although he was skeptical with Future International entering the mining sector, he didn't question the truth of Jiang Chen's words . It must be true - would a billionaire trick a poor guy just for fun? Yang Yuan accepted the job without a second thought .

He would get a monthly salary of ten thousand AUD with a bonus based on sales . Although Yang Yuan expressed that he didn't need that much, Jiang Chen still insisted on giving him a high salary . One reason being that he wanted to help his old friend, the other reason was to reinforce their relationship .

It was always the better deed to help someone in need rather than add on to their success . For example, it was far more meaningful to drag him up when his career and relationship were at their worst rather than giving him a raise when he had a salary of over one hundred thousand .

In the beginning, when Su Fei heard that Yang Yuan would work for Future International, she was naturally very excited . But when she heard the work was in a place called Pannu Islands beside New Guinea, her face immediately turned sour .

Then she heard she could live in a mansion by the beach with a salary of ten thousand AUD with flights back to Australia for vacation covered by the company . She became happy again, her mood changing as fast as a summer storm .

Jiang Chen didn't know what to say .

Since Yang Yuan liked her, he couldn't do anything about it .

The dinner cost 1000 AUD, which Jiang Chen paid before taking off . Yang Yuan would report to him at Coro Island five days later, so it was his job to register the company in Australia in the next five days .

Future Technology, Future Biology, Future Mining - the three subsidiaries meant that Future International finally had the umbra of an international conglomerate . In the future, Jiang Chen planned to establish Future Heavy Industrial, Future Communication and allow Future International to expand in all areas of human economic activity . Of course, he had to take it one step at a time .

"Did you have fun today?' On their way back, Jiang Chen tousled Ayesha's hair and asked .

"Very fun . "

Whenever she recalled the blessing in the church and his "I love her," a curvature known as happiness would surface on Ayesha's lips .

"We'll head back tomorrow . Is there anything you want to do or any place you want to go? There's still some time before it gets completely dark . "

"No need . " With a blushing face, Ayesha moved her eyes into the distance . "Let's go back now . "

[Is she tired?]

Jiang Chen initially didn't understand the meaning behind Ayesha's words . It was only when the door of the hotel room closed that he personally experienced the passion hidden underneath her coldness .

Only the soaked sheets told the intimacy of the night .

The next day, they boarded their returning flight to Xin and got off the plane on Coro Island .

After he settled down the weary Ayesha, Jiang Chen left the mansion and headed to the nutrient supply plant located on Ange Island .

It was the hottest time of the day, and the workers at the plant were all on break, but Zhan Shujie still stayed in the lab and carefully examined DH seaweed cells under the microscope . He didn't even notice Jiang Chen standing behind him .

'"Did you discover something meaningful?' Jiang Chen sighed with a helpless expression .

"No . " Zhang Shujie shook his head in honesty .

He researched this for over half a month, yet he was still without any clue . He didn't know how the mechanism worked .

"It's normal for you to not make sense of it . If you could understand it in this short period of time, the technology would be worthless . "

"The RNA transcribed from the single-stranded DNA doesn't match the DNA . A protein found in an animal cell divided in a plant cell . How does this work?" Zhan Shujie's eyes shined with frenetic flames as he asked Jiang Chen .

"Don't look at me like that; I'm only a merchant, it wasn't me who researched this technology . " Jiang Chen shivered at the thought of a man watching him like that .

"Could I meet him?"

"No . " Jiang Chen rejected it without any room for compromise .

To Jiang Chen's surprise, he thought Zhan Shujie would insist on meeting the scientist, but after being rejected, he only sighed .

"Okay… I thought I reached the boundaries of science, but it looks like I don't know anything after all . Such astonishing technology exists in this world . Did you know this is like an art?" Zhan Shujie took off the glass under the microscope as he praised its magnificence .

"Art? It's that valuable?" Considering what he said, Jiang Chen was afraid now .

[Nutrient supply is going to be sold to the masses . If people start examining it with microscopes…]

But thinking about it more deeply, he rejected the possibility . Cells could not pass through the molecular filter, and that thing filtered at the particle level .

"Valuable?" Zhan Shujie shook his head . "It's not just valuable - do you know what it means to be able to produce animal protein from plant cells?"

"What does it mean?"

"It means that beef could grow from the ground . "

Jiang Chen laughed . Even in the 22nd century, it was pure fiction to grow beef from the ground .

"Let's not talk about these irrelevant things, I'm just here to grab some samples," Jiang Chen interrupted him .

Although Zhan Shujie was displeased with Jiang Chen's choice of words, he knew his place - he was still his boss - so he went to the bench and picked up a nutrient supply pack containing ten tubes .

"This is it . It tastes weird - would people even want to drink this?" Zhan Shujie ridiculed .

Jiang Chen began laughing .

"You don't understand . You're underestimating women's determination to pursue beauty . They could starve themselves for a few days if necessary, so this is nothing, especially since this doesn't taste that bad . "

After he left Zhan Shujie, Jiang Chen took a boat back to Coro Island .

He got off at the port as he headed straight to the Celestial Trade Corporation's warehouses near the port .

He calculated that he was away from the wasteland for two months already . While he did occasionally travel back to meet with Sun Jiao, visit Yao Yao, and tease Lin Lin, he never stayed for too long .

He wanted to test the sample at the fallout shelter to see if there were any errors on the production side, but on the other hand, he needed to grow his force on the wasteland . Provided with the resources of the modern world, limitations on the apocalypse's industrial capabilities would be removed entirely .

He closed the door of the warehouse and put on the bracelet Lin Lin gave him . Jiang Chen took a deep breath, staring at the small mountain of food .

"Storage dimension activated . "