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Chapter 367

The area inside the camp walls more than doubled and extended from outside the square to the bus stop . The four corners of the camp had patrol towers ten meters high . Each of the towers was equipped with four 20mm cannons . The large caliber stationary machinegun could not only easily rip Death Claw's armor, but it could even do damage to Roshan's high-density fat . Of course, the machinegun was primarily targeted towards the Roshan, since the Death Claw was limited in number and hard to hit, while the Roshan could bite with eyes closed .

Compared to when Jiang Chen left, the changes inside the base were also astonishing .

The tent area was messy as the ghetto was removed and replaced by rows of concrete apartment buildings . Because of the improvements in living conditions, the mood of the fallout shelter residents was more pleasant - at least few people had despair on their faces while walking on the streets .

Based on the directions Jiang Chen gave before he left, Xu Lu built another lab on the surface . However, due to lack of experimental equipment, the lab on the surface couldn't be put into service and most of the experiments were still conducted underground .

Jiang Chen didn't have to wait too long before Wang Zhaowu and Xu Lu came to greet him .

After some catching up, Jiang Chen began to ask about the status of the camp .

"… The number of stationed troops increased from 80 to 200 . To adjust for the lack of personnel, a new drone control terminal was established in the camp with an attack fleet of 400 drones being deployed . " Wang Zhaowu reported the defense status of the base .

"Have there been any security concerns?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows .

"The activity of the zombies from Wanghai is increasing . Also, mutants are becoming more active . Last month, there was an incident where a Death Claw attack caused 14 casualties…" Wang Zhaowu lowered his head in guilt .

An incident like this occurring was completely his fault . The Songjiang area didn't have any Death Claw nests, so no Death Claw should've been active in the area - this was almost common sense to the Wanghai survivors . It was enough of a coincidence that Jiang Chen encountered a Mother of Death Claw last time, but no one expected that another Death Claw would be active in the area .

"Raise your head, Death Claw attacks weren't your fault . Your responsibility is to react and handle this type of emergency situation . But from what I see, you are doing very well . " Jiang Chen scanned the walls surrounding the base .

Wang Zhaowu raised his head and looked sincerely at Jiang Chen .

"Also, do you have any more intel from the last explosion at the camp?"

Jiang Chen had a sense that the death of the elder man and the Golden Apple might be connected somehow .

"Not for the time being, but we found a digitalized human body on the adjacent block . While there was no direct evidence linking him and the explosion, based on the time of destruction, the body was destroyed on the day of the explosion," Wang Zhaowu said .

[Digitalized human?]

A frown appeared on Jiang Chen's face .

"Do you have pictures?"

Wang Zhaowu nodded, brought out an image from his EP and passed it to Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen's pupils gazed at the distinct figure .

[Lin Chaoen . ]

Although the face was barely recognizable, from the remaining few facial traits, Jiang Chen could still recognize his identity .

"We also found a laser sword and a dagger nearby . "

"Mhmm, I see . " Jiang Chen nodded .

Regarding the mysterious digitalized human with ill-intentions, he currently had no solutions . Even with his body destroyed, he could very possibly revive at some unknown location . The bearded mercenary EP provided some clues, but because of their high firepower, the helicopter couldn't get any closer . While Cheng Weiguo did try to investigate the issue through drones, they were still intercepted .

"Let's put both issues aside . For now, focus on the defense of the camp and ensure the safety of the fallout shelter residents . They are highly-valued experts in different fields . That is all . "

"Yes, Sir!" Wang Zhaowu saluted and left .

Then Jiang Chen looked at Xu Lu, "What about the internal affair?"

She smiled with confidence and said, "The research project team has increased from 10 to 17 members . The research results include four sub-projects related to T-4 power armor, 20mm transportable cannon, Tiger II, and improved nutrient supply . "

"Tiger II is completed?" Jiang Chen was shocked .

"Mhmm . Since it was limited by the lack of raw materials, the test model could not be produced . But the researchers built a mathematical model to verify the combat ability of this Tiger model . "

"Perfect! Where's the lead for this project?" Jiang Chen was jubilant .

"Inside the fallout shelter . Do you want me to call him up?" Xu Lu said .

"No need, I have to go down anyways . " Jiang Chen waved his hand .

"Anything else I can help you with?" Xu Lu said .

"N… . Hmm, take me to the basement . "

"Roger," Xu Lu said respectfully .

It was already approaching June, but the basement was still cold and damp .

The guard opened the metal gate for Jiang Chen and he waited outside with Xu Lu .

Jiang Chen wavered in front of the door, but he still walked in .

Han Junhua raised her head and looked peacefully at Jiang Chen .

"… Are you going to surrender?"

No response .

With eyes as composed as still water, she made Jiang Chen frustrated .

How could one person be stubborn to this extent?

An evil thought flashed through his head, but he took a deep breath and restrained his desires . The longer he stayed in the apocalypse, the more blurry his boundaries became . Since he had just come back, however, rationality won this battle .

"I hope you seriously reconsider . "

Jiang Chen gave her a long, meaningful look and left the basement .

With the closing of the metal door, Han Junhua felt relieved .

Although she didn't know why he didn't do anything this time, to her, it was a relief .