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Chapter 369: The Rare Quantum Computer

When Jiang Chen returned to the surface, he immediately found Xu Lu and explained to her his idea of deepwater mining .

"Deepwater mining?"

Xu Lu looked at Jiang Chen, puzzled . All detectable mines on earth have been mined clean . Even if the mantle beneath the deep sea a few kilometers below still has undeveloped deposits, because of the high cost of mining and the severe damage to the geological environment, the operation would be impossible to conduct .

Also, the existence of space elevators significantly reduced the cost of space . 22nd century's mining operations were all focused on space mining . It was fair to say that deepwater mining was as outdated as coal power generation .

"That's right, deepwater mining technology, preferably an automated system . Is that possible? Jiang Chen asked .

"It is certainly possible since it is an outdated technology… But are there mining deposits along the coast of Wanghai?"

"You don't have to worry about that, as to where to mine, I have my plans . " Jiang Chen laughed .

Since Jiang Chen has already spoken, Xu Lu nodded and agreed .

"Okay, I will establish another research team to focus on the replication of the deepwater mining technology . However, currently there is only one quantum computer, if there is an increase in the project's progression, it will slow down the research speed of other projects . "

Jiang Chen was lost for a moment as he didn't know what research was currently being conducted and the reliance of the research on quantum computers in the 22nd century . A lot of people born after the war didn't understand either, but since Xu Lu came from before the war, she knew some elements of it .

Acutely, she read the confusion on Jiang Chen face as she concisely explained the reasoning .

Quantum computer's power calculation ability is precise enough to simulate the physical environment at quark level which would allow a lot of experiments to be simulated in a pure math state . It was not only easy to eliminate the possible interference in the experiment, but it could also simulate a chemical reaction that usually takes a few days to complete in less than a second . Of course, that's only one of its functions .

When Xu Lu explained this, Jiang Chen finally understood why all the countries in the modern world dumped endless amount of money in the bottomless pit known as the quantum computer . Once completed, without any exaggeration, the country's research speed would exponentially increase .

While a lot of organizations and countries all bragged about completing the initial stage of the quantum computer, with IBM and Google as the frontrunners, they were still far from the actual quantum computer . Also, although they are using quantum algorithm, the computer's computation speed can't even surpass traditional computers .

Before material science had its monumental breakthrough, any bragging of the development of the quantum computer was merely gloating . Just like without the invention of reinforced concrete, it was impossible for skyscrapers to be built .

"What's the ideal ratio of one quantum computer to project teams?" Jiang Chen gave it some thought and said in an undertone .

"From experience, the ideal ratio would be ten project teams to 1 quantum computer… But right now it is not feasible . "

There was only one in the fallout shelter with 17 projects all using it . With an additional project in deepwater mining, crowding would be an understatement .

"Is there production technology for the quantum computer?" Jiang Chen asked .

"Yes, but we don't have the production capability," Xu Lu said with resignation .

It made sense .

Jiang Chen also revealed a smile with deep resignation .

"Okay, since another research team cannot be added, the people on the surface shouldn't do nothing . Although it is hard to complete research without the quantum computer, they can still easily handle wasteland technology retrieving and information gathering . "

"Okay . " Xu Lu nodded .

Rural area, north of Wanghai .

A man walked along the cracked concrete road .

A grey hood covered his face . However, from his torn clothes, he seemed to have experienced an intense battle not long ago .

Because of the war, infrastructure such as bridges was mostly destroyed by the blasts, the Binjiang Bridge that stretched across Long River was broken into several segments, but it didn't bother him .

While throwing a claw out of his right hand, he leaped over unimaginably and agilely swung across .

Both feet stomped onto the ground .

He gathered his balance and let out a breath . After he crossed the river, it would no longer be a part of Wanghai territory .

The screeching howl of Death Claw came from the distance not far behind his back, but it quickly faded .

He attached the claw back on his belt and took off his hood .

"Phew, of course, it won't chase . "

The face, it was Lin Chaoen .

A hologram map appeared two inches in front of his eyes, the mechanical eyes slightly turned as he directed his vision to the west .

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Wanghai rural area's zombie concentration was extremely scattered, but the density of mutants was relatively high . However, the mutants seemed to be different from the ones inside Wanghai; they didn't seem to demonstrate aggressiveness, at least not to the digitalized human .

A Death Claw was wandering among the shambles, hunting for food . When it passed by Lin Chaoen, it only sniffed its nose before he gave up on the prey made out of metal and silica gel .

A few survivors, hiding in the dark, fearfully looked at the Death Claw pass by Lin Chaoen . They were baffled at the fact that the Death Claw didn't attack this man .

His electronic eyes scanned the survivors, but he chose to ignore them and headed to his destination .

Aside from the two groups of bandits who wasted a few minutes of his time, he had a smooth journey .

He headed west for two hours before he stopped in front of a warehouse .

A man with a cigarette in his mouth walked out of the shadows . Along with him were a few soldiers holding rifles . From the symbol on their uniform, they were from the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce .

"You are late . " The man with the cigarette blew out a ring of smoke .

"Got caught up along the way," Lin Chaoen apologized .

The man glanced at the blood yet to dry on his face . He didn't ask for the reason as he took out his cigarette from his mouth .

"Then let's start . "

Lin Chaoen didn't answer him . He walked around him to the door of the warehouse .

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He put his finger on the circle on the warehouse panel .

"Fingerprint identification?" The cigarette man asked .

"Electric signal identification . " Lin Chaoen corrected him concisely and backed away a few steps .

The door opened, exposing the items stored in the warehouse .

The man's pupils contracted .

A full warehouse stuffed with B-grade steel . By crude estimation, there were at least 1000 tons .

"It's hard to imagine how rich you are . " Greed flashed across the man's eyes .

At the Sixth Street, the price of one ton of B-grade steel was already 100 crystals . 1000 tons would sell for one hundred thousand crystals!

But he thought about what his boss told him as the greed in his mind began to cool down .

"It's the wealth of my father, purchased before the war . " He looked at the cigarette man as Lin Chaoen didn't seem to mind the expression change on his face . Then he said emotionally, "Like our agreement, half of the steel's usage will be determined by you . The other half, I need you to follow my demand and produce the parts I need . "

After a pause, a noble smile appeared on Lin Chaoen's face .

"Of course, if I don't see what I want to see a month later, some unfortunate events may occur . "

That smile was cruel .