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Chapter 370: The Second Crusade

Jiang Chen currently had no better ideas in regards to the quantum computer . He could only do his best to collect more information .

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Before he left, he said a few words to Xu Lu . He especially emphasized the research of military technology, the technology of the recovery of man-made islands, space elevator, and synchronous space station .

Jiang Chen headed to the Sixth Street by helicopter .

After about ten minutes of flying, the helicopter arrived above the Sixth Street .

With an aerial view, the Sixth Street was indeed different compared to before .

After Chu Nan became the acting general, he immediately tightened the control of the army and established strict rules . He also extended the free trade policy used by the Group of Ten . Even with a military dictatorship, the government didn't use any authority unlawfully . Compared to before, the military government led by him was fairer and more just .

The benefits of his action was evident .

Not only did the survivors from Wanghai city begin to migrate toward the Sixth Street, but even survivors in nearby cities also followed suit . While they increased the labor force, they also brought the technology necessary for the Sixth Street .

The skyscrapers in the Inner Circle and the buildings in the Outer Circle began to look more prosperous . Jiang Chen noticed while being in the air that the underground sewerage entrance was now a part of the newly built wall of the Outer Circle .

Other than that, small camps were surrounding the Sixth Street and scattered across the ruins . The camps were mostly built by businessmen stationed at the Sixth Street . Due to the price of land gradually increasing in the Outer Circle, they built their factories and camps outside of the wall . They paid taxes to the military government, follow the Sixth Street's laws, and accepted protection from the patrolling team .

The small city was like a seed, spreading on to the barren land and bringing forth the birth of a new sprout known as civilization .

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The guide on the ground waved his signal sticks, notifying the helicopter it was safe to land .

After coming to a complete stop, Jiang Chen jumped out of the helicopter and saw Chu Nan already waiting at the door .

When the helicopter first appeared on the radar, Chu Nan immediately rushed over .

"I haven't seen you in a while… How long has it been?" Jiang Chen exclaimed to his old friend .

"Half a year already . Do you want to check my place out?" Chu Nan laughed .

Compared to everyone else, he went through the most significant change . Jiang Chen recalled that when he first freed him from the basement, he still had naïveness on his face . But now, he was calm and reserved .

"Of course, it is convenient," Jiang Chen gladly accepted his invitation .

An ordinary looking car stopped in front of them . The driver saluted and opened the door for them .

It was a ten-minute drive before the car arrived at the council building . At the top of the council building was the offices of the military government, and two of the rooms were Chu Nan's home .

Chu Nan warmly invited Jiang Chen inside, and they sat on the sofa . Zhou Xiaoxia in casual clothes walked out to pour water for them . Just by looking at her, the former lone traveler's mental state seemed to have recovered drastically . Although he didn't know if she has regained her memory, at least she didn't live in the misery of the Huizhong Mercenaries anymore .

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The two chatted and began to discuss the development of the Sixth Street .

"Because of the influence of economic growth, the total population of the Sixth Street grew from 53,021 last quarter to 82,102 this quarter . The number of factories increased from 37 to 239; the number of registered merchants went up from 301 to 2000, and there are 29 new mercenaries, 105 hunting teams, and 421 scavenger groups . "

"These are explosive numbers . " Jiang Chen couldn't do anything but praise him .

Chu Nan nodded . "Economic growth primarily benefited from the crusade last fall .  The population growth was attributable to economic growth and political stabilization . "

"And your wise decisions," Jiang Chen mocked . "

"Haha, it is your wise promotion," Chu Nan said humbly .

"Haha, don't give me that, your achievement is your achievement . "

Chu Nan didn't reply, but the smile on his face indeed showed proudness .

Chu Nan cleared his throat as he continued, "After the good news, there is the bad news . "

"Oh? What's the bad news?"

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"The survivors that escaped from Jia city to the Sixth Street brought information from the west . This spring, the mutated humans attacked the Defenders from the Seventh Area . With the funding of the Dusk Church, they captured Jia city . Because of this, the number of trade routes decreased by 60% from Hang city, and the routes entering Wanghai from the southwest were practically blocked . "

After he listened to Chu Nan's report, he raised his eyebrows .

Jia city lied in between Wanghai and Hang city . If the mutated humans captured this area, the merchants between Wanghai and Hang must be affected . Compared to the bandits without an organization, the organized mutated humans were obviously more concerning .

"And your opinion is?"

"Organize the second crusade with the goal of freeing Jia," Chu Nan said succinctly .

A rather aggressive proposal .

"The second crusade? What's there to take away from the mutated humans?" Jiang Chen was somewhat surprised by the proposal .

"Do you still remember their equipment?" Chu Nan with a smile looked at Jiang Chen .


Other than heavy machineguns, and the armor on their body…

D-grade steel!

Jiang Chen suddenly realized .

"There are ample amount of steel reserves in the mutated humans' head . There was enough to turn them into armors and treat them as moving fortresses . The last crusade for the source of bacteria brought crystals here and ignited the fire of industrialization . And this crusade will bring the steel that will be necessary to fuel the flame of industrialization .

Needless to say, it was an attractive proposal .

Although Jiang Chen could solve the problem of iron ores, C-grade steel required more than just iron; there was a high requirement for rare metals . The mutated humans' C-grade steel was there and available; it was undoubtedly a good choice .

"When are you planning to act?" Jiang Chen asked in an undertone .

"Departing in the fall, finishing by winter," He answered quickly .

This guy clearly has been planning this as he even had a strategy in place . Departing in the fall and finishing by winter, it would leave an ample amount of time to prepare while finishing the battle before the mutated humans gain the advantage during winter . It was also the perfect timing to eliminate the obstacles before the next spring for the trade routes .

Even excluding economic reasons, the mutated humans were a big concern . Even if the Sixth Street didn't send out a force in the fall, there was no guarantee that they would not invade during the winter .

But it was approaching June, was there enough time to prepare the crusade?

Jiang Chen began to deliberate this in his mind .

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