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Published at 27th of March 2018 11:30:17 PM

Chapter 371: Shell Grains

"If we do fight, what's our probability of winning?"

Jiang Chen thought Chu Nan would give him an accurate response, but he shook his head .

"Hard to say . "

"Why?" Jiang Chen asked .

"From the current command structure, even if we mobilize more troops, it would still be hard to win . " Chu Nan was straightforward .

"Changing the command structure… Do you have any recommendations?"

Before he headed back last time, Jiang Chen had been thinking about this problem, but he didn't really have an idea . He has established the administrative structure, but the militarily one… To be honest, other than knowing how to play a few strategy games, he was completely illiterate in military knowledge .

"I don't know too much about military command . Didn't you capture a Colonel? She probably knows more than all of us," Chu Nan said .

A glimpse of awkwardness flashed across Jiang Chen's face as his eyes drifted to the side .

"Ahem, she still hasn't given up her loyalty to the organization . "

With a slight frown, Chu Nan pondered, "That shouldn't be possible, is there something wrong with the chip… Do you need me to help you?"

"No need, I can take care of it," Jiang Chen quickly rejected the proposal .

Chu Nan took a moment to process before he looked at Jiang Chen dubiously .

"Allow me to be honest, it is not wise to have compassion for the captive . Her knowledge is extremely critical to your cause, I hope general can consider seriously . "

"I will . " Jiang Chen gave a vague answer, "I will do my best to reform the command structure . Do you have a preparatory plan for the crusade?"

Seeing that Jiang Chen didn't want to continue on the topic, Chu Nan knew it was best to talk about something else, "Of course . First, is military resources . We can use the bank to distribute war bonds in order to fund the war . The payment will be the supplies obtained from the mutated humans . Then we will use the gathered funding to purchase from the major military factories for weapon and ammo, this will inject some life into the stagnate military industry . At the same time, the funding will be used to hire mercenaries and hunting teams, as well as pay for the salary of the soldiers reporting to duty . "

"Not a bad plan . " Jiang Chen praised .

A war that wouldn't cost a single cent, but would instead make money . Using the citizens' money to pay for the military bill of the Fishbone base, and using the orders to promote economic growth . It was a brilliant move .

"What about the soldiers? How many soldiers can we mobilize?" Jiang Chen continued to ask .

"Approximately 1000 soldiers . "

A sufficient number, Jiang Chen nodded, pleased . Including the 1000 slaves Jiang Chen purchased, he will have 2000 soldiers . Once training is completed, the Fishbone base's military personnel will more than double .

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"Then the preparation for the crusade will be up to you, if there is nothing else, I will head out now . "

Jiang Chen stood up .

Seeing that Jiang Chen was about to leave, Chu Nan also stood up and walked him to the door .

Although he still needed to take care of some things, Jiang Chen was not in a rush . It has been more than a year; he wanted to see how developed the small city has become .

After exchanging departing words with Chu Nan, Jiang Chen strolled through the Inner Circle before he headed to the Outer Circle .

Compared to last year, this place did indeed become more prosperous .

The buildings along the side of the streets were all renovated, a lot of them were bulldozed down and rebuilt into three or four story high buildings . Just by standing here, ignoring the yellowish green radiation dust, it didn't feel like the wasteland at all .

Busy crowds; a variety of items . The lone travelers with rifles on their backs negotiated prices with the store owners while soldiers in carbon-nano combat suit maintained the order of the market . Other than the everyday clothes worn by the Wanghai survivors, there occasionally would be someone with drastically different looking clothes . Some were from Luzhou 400 kilometers away, some were from the Wu city, some were even from the North Alliance Area .

While they brought crystals and goods, they also brought missing technology . For example, a useful smart mechanical dog that could carry up to 100 kilograms of supplies in all terrains eased the scavengers from carrying all the garbage . Another example was the silk from a species of mutated spiders . The silk could be produced into the chemical adhesive and used as a replacement to the commonly used adhesive . A lot of private factories already absorbed such technologies and started to manufacture these new goods .

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The former ghetto was already bulldozed down with apartment buildings being built . Most were private properties with a small portion owned by the military government as shelters . There were no more malnourished prostitutes . What replaced them were legally operated entertainment centers and sex workers dressed appropriately . There were no more refugees on the street waiting for their death . As long as the person was able-bodied, they could find a job in the Sixth Street .

The difference here compared to one year ago was the idea of civilization .

"Don't miss the opportunity! Fresh shell grains! Take a look!"

A merchant's shouting drew Jiang Chen's attention .

A not-so-spacious store was crowded with people . Two mercenary-looking workers were packaging the grains on the scale . The merchant in animal fur shouted while accepting payment from the customer and handing them the bags of shell grain .

"Shell grain?" Jiang Chen looked at the bags of grains in surprise .

He got closer and asked the merchant .

"How much is this?"

"One kilogram for three crystals, no haggling . " The merchant didn't recognize Jiang Chen's face, so he must be an outsider .

[It is similar to the price of a bag of instant noodles; slightly cheaper than rice . ] Jiang Chen thought .

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"Where are these things being transported from?" Jiang Chen asked .

The merchant looked at Jiang Chen cautiously and didn't respond right away . He only said, "Are you going to buy it or not? If you are not, then move . "

Jiang Chen didn't mind his rudeness as he took out three grain-sized crystals and threw it in the merchant's hand .

"Give me one kilogram . "

When the merchant saw the crystals, a smile quickly appeared on his face as he handed him a bag of shell grains with both of his hands .

With the bag of shell grains in his hand, Jiang Chen stood there for a while before he walked to the warehouse area .

When he arrived, Zhao Chenwu had been waiting at the door for a while . Beside him was another person, Hu Youde from the giant pit .

Hu Youde's eyes lit up when he saw Jiang Chen and quickly went up to greet him .  

"Mr . Jiang, we meet again . I brought the slaves you wanted . "

"Where are they?" Jiang Chen looked around . There was no one else in sight .

"Ahem, of course, it is not here . Slave business is usually done at the shelter outside of the wall . It is a rule set by you," Zhao Chenwu walked up and explained to Jiang Chen .

Could be a rule established by Chu Nan . Jiang Chen didn't know .

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