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Chapter 372

Chapter 372: Mining Resources Deposition Map

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The three came to the slave trade area at the Outer Circle . After Jiang Chen paid the twenty thousand crystals, the one thousand slaves were transferred under his name . Escorted by Fishbone soldiers, the slaves in shredded clothes walked in the direction of the underground tunnel .

They will be brought to the Fishbone base and receive three months of military training . If they successfully pass, they will be promoted to lower citizen . For the people that can't pass, they will be transported to the colonies for production work .

Hu Youde gave an elaborative bow after he received the crystals from Jiang Chen and then left with his back hunched .

"I bought something from a store at the Sixth Street… Do you know where these came from?" After he dragged Zhao Chenwu to the side, Jiang Chen took out the bag of shell grains .

"Shell grains? I know about this . It was not until my trade fleet left the province of Suhang did I realize the wasteland was far bigger than we have imagined . In Jinchu land 600 kilometers away, the survivors there all grow these types of crops . Only recently did these crops arrive here . " Zhao Chenwu stared at the bullet shell sized grains as he forced a smile .

"How's the production quantity of these?" Jiang Chen asked in an undertone .

"The production quantity is substantial, but there is a strict requirement for soil quality . Only soil with both radiation and contamination below 20 could be used . Thus no soil in Wanghai fits this condition . Even in Jinchu, there is not a lot of land that can produce this crop . Although the plantation tower can grow this, the cost would be high .

Zhao Chenwu paused and grabbed a few grains out of the bag .

"The starch of this type of shell grain possess a few types of special plant proteins because of its compact structure . If it were cooked into rice, usually the outside would be overcooked, but the inside would still be undercooked . Therefore, this type of shell grain would usually be used to make flour and then mixed with a special type of butter produced by mutant meat to make bread or cookie, or even alcohol . My trade fleet saw those in Wu city . Of course, when I saw that they could produce food… To be honest, I was surprised . I originally thought that only the Northern Area Alliance and some of the fallout shelters could produce food, but somehow people managed to discover an edible mutated crop . "

Radiation brought too many surprises to this land . Similar to no one knowing what monsters would walk out from the nuclear pit, no one knows what treasures are hidden inside . When the plants from the old world could no longer grow on this piece of soil, new plants of the new world replaced them and prospered .

"Would this type of mutated plant not accumulate toxins?" Jiang Chen was confused .

In his impression, the reason why most of the plants on the wasteland land could not be used was due to the toxins in the soil accumulating in the plant itself . It was the reason why mutated fruits were not edible and could only be used as ingredients for nutrient supplies .

"The shell grain is unique . The toxins are accumulated in the shell of the grain so it can be edible without throwing it into the organic converter . " Zhao Chenwu let out a sigh .

This was not good news . With the crop flowing into Wanghai, it would impact the monopoly that the Fishbone base and Zhao corporation have in the food business . Although the taste was nowhere comparable to rice, for the poor that could not afford rice, it was a good substitute .

Seeing that Jiang Chen was silent, Zhao Chenwu proposed .

"I recommended Chu Nan increase the tax on shell grains . "

"Oh? His response was?" Jiang Chen asked .

"Free trade . " Zhao Chenwu shrugged helplessly .

"He has the same idea as me . "

"Okay, since this is your business . " Zhao Chenwu saw that Jiang Chen was not moved, sighed, and didn't insist .

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Protectionism was meaningless other than making the poor unable to afford the top grain, even if they didn't eat this, it was unlikely they would purchase the food they couldn't afford anyway .

Subjectively speaking, the shell grains existing in the Sixth Street would be helpful in boosting the population . Only with enough food could it feed more people . From a long-term perspective, its entry is more beneficial .

After he departed with Zhao Chenwu, it was getting late . Therefore, Jiang Chen decided to stay the night at Paradise Island hotel .

The next morning, Jiang Chen took the helicopter back to the Fishbone base .

One thousand slaves stood at the square in front of the community center, under the statue of the Mother of Death Claw . The slaves' clothes were all replaced with Fishbone's uniform . Although they were not at ease with what was happening, they didn't have room to resist with a rifle pointed towards them .

Cheng Weiguo was on top of the temporarily installed podium and was lecturing the new recruits . He then announced the rules of the Fishbone base as well as the training plan for the next three months .

Jiang Chen avoided the square and returned to the mansion before he went to Yao Yao's room .

The bedroom door was open when he walked in . The loli was working on a mechanical helmet .

"Ahh, big brother is back, is there something you need me for?" Yao Yao's eyes immediately lit up with stars when she noticed Jiang Chen . She took off her welding mask and turned around in joy .

Her thin legs dangled on the side of the chair as they matched perfectly with her pink dress .

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"Mhmm, there is something . What is this?" Jiang Chen rubbed her head .

"A brainwave signal converter device . If sister Xiaorou could put it on, she could walk without a wheelchair," Yao Yao's large eyes as she said in happiness .

"Really? Then thank you Yao Yao . "

With a shy blush on her face, Yao Yao smiled . "It is all Lin Lin's work, I only worked on the database and chip processing . "

Lin Lin? He didn't think she would care so much for other people . Jiang Chen was delighted by the thought .

"Big brother has something that Yao Yao can help with?" Yao Yao blinked her crystal-like eyes as she scanned Jiang Chen's face .

"Mhmm . Sun Jiao copied the library's database to your place right? Could you search for me if there are mining resources deposition maps in there . "

"Mining resources deposition maps? Let me look for them . "

The white stocking covered feet was just long enough to reach the slippers on the floor . Yao Yao slid her chair to the other computer table as she rapidly typed on the screen . A blue loading bar appeared in the middle .

Half a minute later, 37 search results popped up .

Jiang Chen stood behind her as he confirmed map by map, but he didn't see anything he wanted .

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"Why are these all production output data… No specific deposition information?" Jiang Chen forced a smile .

"… Sorry, I didn't manage to help you . " Yao Yao lowered her head in disappointment .

"No, it is not Yao Yao's fault . Perhaps this geological information is too sensitive and not recorded in the city library's database," Jiang Chen comforted her .

It made sense . How would these key information appear in a library open to all everyone?

"…if it is not in the library, would it be at the Wanghai Geology Ministry?" Yao Yao suggested . She didn't want to just give up .

Ministry of? That's a good idea .

"Could your computer search for the location of it?"

The map on the EP was only an aerial map . It could only recognize stations, airports, hospital or other prominent landmarks .

"No problem, leave it up to Yao Yao! The library's database has city maps from before the war… Here it is . " As she said this, Yao Yao already dragged out the map and presented it in front of Jiang Chen .

"On the outskirt of the city center?"

Jiang Chen with a frown stared at the red dot on the map .