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Chapter 379

Chapter 379: New Asia Corporation

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After a week of preparation, the internal reorganization of the military government began .

In the morning, under the statue of the Mother of Death Claw, Jiang Chen read the reorganization plan to all the survivors of the Fishbone base .

First was the political structure .

The reorganization plan clearly defined the Fishbone base as a military organization . The sole military government will control all jurisdiction and divide the territories into two administrative zones .

One is the economic zone, open to all survivors . It will be stationed with a military government force, established at "election" policy with a parliament . The parliament possesses a degree of rights to create laws, but the military government has the right to veto any laws based on national interest . At the same time, the military government would send out directors to oversee the economic zone . Just like the current structure of the Sixth Street .

The other is the military zone, closed to non-military personnel, following a militarized management system, and execute the slave to knight citizen structure . Everyone must swear their allegiance to the supreme leader and absolutely obey his command . Other than slaves, all citizens and knights will receive vacations of varying length, and they have the option to live at the economic zone during this time . But within the military zone, there is only order and obedience . The military zones were the Fishbone base, Shenxiang colony, and Camp 27 .

This model divided the hoe and sword but kept them dependant on each other . The tax revenue and source of soldiers would provide the necessity for the military zones, in turn, the factories at the military zones would form an independent company to export the excessive production capacity to the economic zone's market . Therefore, while it maintained the economics at the Sixth Street, it also retained the combat ability of the military zone .

Also, to ensure this model operated with stability, while Jiang Chen announced this decision, he also provided another benefit policy to the survivors at the military zone which was a salary model . Other than the slave class, all other classes will receive a salary per month . The citizens would receive 10-20, the knights 50, and based on the functionality of the roles, the number would increase .

Before the Fishbone base only provided food and not salary, but following the economic growth of the neighboring Sixth Street, continuing their tradition would cause the soldiers at the bottom to have other thoughts . So Jiang Chen used this opportunity to introduce this policy . Although it meant that the military government would have a salary expense of hundred thousands of crystals per month, but compared to the food business and the tax from the Sixth Street, Jiang Chen could afford to pay this .

To the people loyal to him, he didn't mind that they lived a great life .

Then, it was the arrangement in management .

The highest position in the military government was general, and Jiang Chen would be taking the role . The highest administration unit position was the office of the general with Jiang Chen personally nominating people to form it . The office of the general's primary duties was to oversee the operation of other departments as well as the adjustment, promotion, and termination of all governors of each zone .

The cumbersome departments were all rearranged with the newly reestablished administration department to manage all administrative and construction tasks in the base, while the logistics department was responsible for the production and distribution of all supplies . The administration department was appointed to the previous construction leader Lu Huasheng, and Wang Qin remained as the leader in the logistics department . The two leaders directly report to the general .

Then it was the reorganization of the command structure .

To avoid confusion in military command, Jiang Chen formed three corps as well as the relatively independent hunter corp and the soldiers in the base .

The first corp commander was Cheng Weiguo, the second corp commander was Wang Zhiwu, and the third corp any commander was Zhao Gang . The number of soldiers per corp was set to 1000 for now and was formed with soldiers and armor units .

The hunter corp commander was Ma Zhongchen, and he will be leading 200 soldiers . The units were primarily comprised of scouts and snipers . They were primarily assigned to special missions as well as supporting the other three company's operations during combat time . The soldiers were mostly lone travelers or Qingpu survivors from before . Their ability to survive alone was higher compared to regular soldiers . Working alone would maximize their value, and hence a separate corp was formed .

As to Tiger, power armor, as well as other heavy armories, they were distributed to the three companies based on needs . The helicopter was assigned to the hunter corp to increase its mobility .

Out of the 323 knights, the ones with a military position were distributed to each as lower level commanders . They were all injected with honorary chips .

As to the specifics of the corps construction, Han Junhua meticulously completed it for him as she created a command structure from top to bottom . Jiang Chen left everything for her to complete by trusting her ability, and she did not disappoint .

Therefore, the soldiers would never be in a situation of not knowing what command to listen to .

At the same time, as to the name of the military government, the reorganization plan also clarified further .

At the same time, as to the name of the military government, the reorganization plan also clarified further .

Since it resembled a country being formed, Jiang Chen could no longer use a canned food name as the name of the military government . Therefore, based on the opinion of senior officials and Han Junhua, he chose the name New Asia Corporation as the name of the military government, or in short, NAC .

From the name alone it was enough to demonstrate a corner of Jiang Chen's ambition .

These were all contents of the reorganization plan .

In the era where civilization existed, the aggressive and invasive political body would obviously not form . But on the wasteland without any human rights and morale, there were no problems .

Everyone was thirsty for a strong voice to create laws that must be followed on the wasteland . Even if it was flawed, at least it could bring the stability people desired .

But needless to say, the majority of survivors were unwilling to be restrained . They long for stability, but they may not be willing to give up freedom because of it .

As to how to balance freedom and order between the survivors, only time will tell .

"Since the command structure is refined, I can start preparing for recruitment," Chu Nan standing in front of Jiang Chen's office said .

Because of the significance of this reorganization, as the acting general of the Sixth Street, he would have to personally make a trip back . Of course, his position now was the governor of the Sixth Street, but other than the name, his duties didn't change .

"How many people do you think we can recruit?" Jiang Chen asked .

"It would have to depend on the price we are willing to pay and the number of people," Chu Nan said .

"It would have to depend on the price we are willing to pay and the number of people," Chu Nan said .

"Plan to recruit 3000 people with five-year contracts . All recruits would automatically receive lower citizen status and enjoy a salary of ten crystals per month . After the six months of training, all recruits that pass the test will officially receive the status of NAC soldier and be promoted into an upper citizen with a salary increase to 20 crystals . Try to complete this before mid-June . Is it doable?" Standing beside Jiang Chen, Han Junhua said concisely .

It was the salary level of the regular soldiers at the three companies . Although the salary could not attract people with the ability to join, it would be attractive enough for people with low income to join . Especially once promoted to the upper citizen, there would be no restriction on supplies, even people with medium level income would be tempted .

Chu Nan deliberated in his mind before he nodded .

"It's possible . "

"Also, to the lone travelers, mercenaries, or hunters with outstanding abilities, if they are willing to join the hunter corp, NAC will offer them a salary of no less than 50 crystals . The contract will be for five years as well . Are there any questions?"

Chu Nan shook his head . "Not regarding recruitment, but I do about the defense at the Sixth Street . "

"The defense of the Sixth Street will be the responsibility of the third corp . "

"What about the other two companies?"

"The first corp will be stationed in Shenxiang town, responsible for border defense . At the same, Cheng Weiguo will be responsible for training the new recruits . "

Chu Nan agreed . Cheng Weiguo has trained new soldiers before . It would be best for him to continue .

"The second corp is responsible for the defense of camp 27 and Fishbone base; hunter corp will await orders at the Fishbone base . "

"Also, I have another proposal . " Han Junhua looked at Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen nodded as she had discussed this with him a few days prior, it was not a bad time to bring it out .

"Also, I have another proposal . " Han Junhua looked at Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen nodded as she had discussed this with him a few days prior, it was not a bad time to bring it out .

When she received the acknowledgment from Jiang Chen, Han Junhua continued .

"The current militia at the Sixth Street is uncontrolled by the military government, I think they should be controlled . "

"That's impossible . " Chu Nan forced a smile . "Mercenaries, hunters, and scavengers have already become an inseparable part of the Sixth Street's economy . Not even accounting for that, we don't have the ability to incorporate them . "

"Not incorporating," Han Junhua crossed her arms and said emotionlessly, "Just better management . For example, use the military government's name to establish the mercenary association, record the information of all mercenaries, hunters, and scavengers on file, and rank them based on their credibility and mission completion record . For these mercenaries, they would have easier access to the missions and no longer need to worry about the delay in payments . For businesspeople, they would also no longer need to be concerned with questionable helpers . For us, we would obtain the sense of them belonging to the entire Sixth Street civil force . "

Therefore, to retain their credibility, the mercenaries with questionable backgrounds would act less reckless . The capitalists that bully and trick the scavengers would be more prudent with the existence of the mercenary association .

Without considering the security aspect, just from a purely economic aspect, the proposal had many positive implications .

Also, if it was necessary, he could charge a commission for all missions . Jiang Chen added that in his mind .

Chu Nan was silent for a long time .

He then looked at Jiang Chen, exclaimed and congratulated him .

"Looks like you found a great advisor . "

Jiang Chen revealed a bright smile .

"I think so too . "

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