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Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Slave Arrangement

Translator: Min
The next day, Jiang Chen checked out from the Paradise Island Hotel . He then
said goodbye to Zhao Chenwu before beginning his journey back home .
The underground sewage system's restructuring plan had already started . A
few military personnel from the Zhao Corporation had already occupied the
entrance . The busy construction vehicle, along with the workers with
polyethylene boards, demonstrated the emphasis Zhao Chenwu placed on this
trade route .
Soldiers with full combat gear saw Jiang Chen approach and signaled him to
stop . After verification of gene ID to identify that Jiang Chen was a person of
importance to the boss, the soldiers saluted and stepped aside to allow Jiang
Chen to pass .
Although they worked under a corporate structure, the private forces already
possessed military discipline and capability that made Jiang Chen gain a better
understanding of the Sixth Street’s ability . On the surface, the civil-military
was protecting the safety of the Sixth Street, but the real forces were the
private forces of the capitalists . The civil-military acted more like the police .
If these soldiers faced the Roshan, it would be an easy fight, unlike last time .
The actual construction of the underground sewage system has yet to begin .
Jiang Chen jumped on top of the mold covered concrete floor . His surroundings
were pitch black . He opened his tactical flashlight as well as the threedimensional
map on the full sensory computer . After finalizing the direction,
Jiang Chen headed home .
The atmosphere felt repressive .
After the civil soldiers had taken them to the quarantine room, a bad feeling
sprouted from everyone’s head . The examination that they all acquired X1
virus has rectified their suspension . Then a few people in white coats that
looked like doctors ordered soldiers with genetic medication to pin them on
the bed . After they had regained their consciousness, everyone’s neck felt
oddly sore .
“All of you have been injected with the slavery microchip . I don’t think I have

to explain further . You’ll be taken to your new owner in a bit, you pigs . ” Chen
Weiguo still clearly remembered the cold and condescending gaze . To the Sixth
Street, the unemployed were pigs that wasted food .
It was a conspiracy .
But no one resisted .
They were no longer new to the survivor camps . After they have accepted the
aid, freedom is only a mere wish . If they didn't work, they would receive one

nutrient supply a day . This would only prevent them from starving to death,
but a few had died anyways .
All of them huddled in a circle as six soldiers in black combat gear stood by the
side . Some have guessed that the Zhao Corporation purchased them, but with
the supplies stacked beside them, it only made them feel like they were part of
the items sold .
“Honey, did they do anything to you . ” Chen Weiguo worriedly held his wife’s
hand .
“No, I lost my consciousness after they injected tranquilizer . I feel the same
way as you guys, only a bit sore in the neck,” Zhou Jiexi wanted her husband to
remain calm as she gently held his hand and answered softly .
“The couple should spend some intimate time together . Maybe we will be sold
as slave labor somewhere . The man will work, and the woman . . . hehe,” A
middle-aged man opened his mouth, and he said grinning .
“What the fu*k did you just say?” Chen Weiguo felt the tremble from his wife’s
hand as rage filled his chest . He furiously glared at the man .
“What, do you want to fight?” The middle-aged man drowsily yawned as he
pointed at the back of his neck . “Come, I won’t fight back . Let’s see if you die or
I die first . ”
Slaves are the private property of the owner . If a fight broke out between
slaves, the usual consequence was that both parties would be executed in
public . The private forces have already noticed the disturbance, and they
pointed their guns to deter the fight . These people were properties of the boss’
valued friend . If anything happened, they would receive punishment .

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Chen Weiguo clinched his fist but had to let it go . The other slaves saw that
nothing happened and all lost their interest without paying more attention .
Suddenly, the private forces all moved . The six of them lined up and saluted to
a young man . They got on the small moving vehicle and then left .
What does it feel like to be stared down by thirty pairs of eyes?
It didn’t feel like anything special, especially when he knew he controlled their
life . The apathetic feeling to life felt particularly real .
Jiang Chen let out a breath as he got rid of the uneasy feeling from his mind .
He didn’t want to become a cold-blooded politician . He wanted to be a wealthy
man who lived a lavish life .
Unambitious is not a terrible way to experience life .
However, to accumulate wealth on this chaotic piece of land, he must have the
necessary forces . If he weren't a rich man, he would just be a prey . If he met
Huizhong Mercenaries again, he would fall victim again .
Force and deterrence were necessary, and he must get used to them .
He recollected his thought as he scanned through the jittery figures and slowly
let out a long breath .

“Okay, look at me . I will be your future master,” Jiang Chen clapped his hand as
he shouted .
His voice echoing through the dark sewage system had a strange feel to it .
“I know you guys all have a lot of questions in your mind, such as if you would
be used as a lure or carry a weapon to go fight in the front line . Fortunately, I
can guarantee that it won’t happen . ”
Jiang Chen sensed that everyone let out a sigh of relief . The thirty heart beat
related indicators have all decreased on the EP .
A pleased smile appeared on his face before he took another deep breath and
spoke out .
“You guys are lucky because I am your master and I believe you will experience
that shortly . You work for me, and you won’t starve . I can even let you guys live
a wealthy life as you have never imagined before . However…”
At this point, Jiang Chen gradually slowed his voice down and purposely

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lowered his voice as he added a sullen chillness to his tone .
“I am a kind and sympathetic person, but the only thing I cannot forgive is
betrayal . You all know the microchip installed at the back of your neck . For me,
you have no privacy at all . For traitors, there is no punishment other than
death . That’s all . ”
His words of certainty transmitted through the pitch silent underground
sewage system . The frightened, fearful, and worried pupils dilated as they
didn’t dare to make a sound .
Afraid? That’s right! That’s what he wanted to instill in their heart .
Carrot after stick, he knew that these people would be obedient . He was aware
that the moment they smelt the first bowl of congee after so many years, these
frightened and uncertain people would immediately praise him as the second
god .
“What are you all waiting for! Grab everything and let's go home!” Jiang Chen
waved his hand as the slaves stood up quivering and lifted all the supplies .
He climbed out of the exit . After he had ensured the safety of the surrounding,
he lowered the hook and cables down . People below hooked the supplies up
and lifted the stocks one by one . The production equipment were all
disassembled and stored in boxes; assembling can be done in the mansion .
He led the slaves with packs of supplies as they carefully traversed through the
deserted streets full of lifeless zombies . Jiang Chen finally saw his mansion, or
“dirt fortress” .
He pressed the doorbell . Quickly, a graceful figure jumped into his firm
embrace as she hugged his neck .
“Did you pick up girls?” The cat-like eyes gazed at Jiang Chen as Sun Jiao
examined him top down .

“Shouldn’t the first sentence be I miss you?” Jiang patted Sun Jiao's back with a
bitter smile . This girl was even naughtier . An audacious girl transforming into
a caring woman?
“You haven’t answered my question yet . ” Sun Jiao smirked as she drew a circle
on his back with her finger .

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“I swear to God, no!” Jiang Chen raised his hand and swore . At the same time,
he added a sentence in his mind .
[If the robot doesn’t count . ]
Although her sixth sense made Sun Jiao a little suspicious, Jiang Chen didn’t
smells odd so she quickly let it go .
After she had kissed Jiang Chen again, she began to order the slaves on the side
to move things into the mansion . Then started to plan on how to settle these
slaves .
The grass field in front of the mansion was circled out and used to build
temporary tents for them . The small traveler-sized tents were purchased with
Zhao Chenwu and could barely fit two people . Due to the limitation of space,
they would have to squeeze a bit, but it would still be better than sleeping
outside .
Of course, there were still rooms in the mansion, but Jiang Chen wasn’t kind
enough to let these strangers live in his home . Even if they have no ability to
fight back and kept a clean record in the ghetto, he still had trust issues .
Without the proper loyalty and allegiance, Jiang Chen could only treat them as
strangers .
Yao Yao understandingly followed Jiang Chen’s instructions and brought a
giant pot . She dumped half a bag of rice along with an ample amount of water .
Then she added some cabbage leaves and some ground pork into the pot with
two spoons of salt and a small spoon of gourmet powder .
She opened the natural gas and started to cook in the giant pot .
After a giant wooden spoon had mixed all the ingredients, Yao Yao tiptoed to
cover the pot .
She sniffed and adjusted the fire before waiting quietly for the congee to cook .
Although she didn’t understand why Jiang Chen would make such a delicious
meal for the slaves, she would support his decision regardless of the motive .
[Brother’s sympathetic look was handsome . ]
Perhaps it was the fire, but Yao Yao’s face blushed in redness .
Slowly, she was getting to the age where she had her own fantasy . .