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Chapter 380: The Mercenary Association

It was deep into the night . Most of the people were already asleep .

But the Fake Leg Bar located on the business street was crowded .

The mercenaries and the hunters sat together and drank the three crystals beer made with shell grains . They played poker, and they gloated about their rewards . The scavengers scattered at the corners chatted about the good looting spots they found . The females in revealing clothes leaned sluggishly against the bar counter while they waited for their prey .

Zhou Guoping as the bartender stood at the counter and wiped the glass cups . He would occasionally chat with the familiar females . This boss/bartender was renowned among the people that lived on the knife's edge . To the people that caused trouble in the bar, none of them had a happy ending .

Everyone tried to guess his identity . Some people even gave him a street name "The Bald Bartender" .

Of course, no one would have guessed that his real identity was a spy planted by the actual controller of the Sixth Street .

"Old Li, you just returned from Liuding, did you have fun there?" A mercenary in mutant fur asked his old friend while burping .

"Same old . It was so boring that it made people want to sleep . " The mercenary with a buzz cut took a gulp of his beer and waved his hand .

Compared with the prosperity of the Sixth Street, Liuding's glory gradually began to fade .

"Is that so? Haha, what about your goddess at the Screw Bar? I remember she was your crush . " The mercenary on the side patted Old Li on the shoulder and laughed .

"I haven't seen her . Probably not around the Wanghai area anymore," the mercenary known as Old Li said with frustration .

"Hopefully she has not been captured by some bandits and is being used as a sex toy . " Someone blew a whistle .

"If you don't want to have a drink of toilet water, I recommend you close your d*mn mouth . " Old Li stood up with a gloomy expression .

The other mercenary didn't back down, but rather he blew a whistle to provoke him .

"F*ck . Old Li, he is only joking, just let him go like a fart . " The mercenary on the side immediately dragged him down and discreetly pointed at Zhou Guoping who had stopped cleaning the glasses .

While the Old Li still looked pissed, he sat down . He followed his friend's finger . The mercenary with a foul mouth also retracted his neck and sat back down .

Anyone that fight here probably doesn't want to live anymore .

Zhou Guoping glared at them as they settled down . He then continued to wipe the glass in his hand but mocked them in his mind

[Dumb*ss, your goddess probably has been played in so many different positions by a rich and powerful . ]

It was certainly a dramatic story . Chu Nan had already worked his way up to become a governor of the Sixth Street, and he still was the boss of the bar . He didn't even accept the notification to attend the reorganization plan .

Although among the small characters, the name "The Bald Bartender" was renowned among the circle . But only he knew the exacts, as even compared with Zhao Chenwu, who surrendered to Jiang Chen, he was one class lower .

To be honest, he was afraid of encountering Chu Nan . Since he did touch Zhou Xiaoxia when he was a bandit in the Huizhong Mercenaries . While Chu Nan didn't seem to mind, Zhou Guoping knew well that he was probably worth less than a tenth of what Chu Nan is worth in the boss's heart, it would be easy for Chu Nan to take him out .

Once the Fishbone base controlled the Sixth Street, the presence of the bar meant to collect intelligence became less and less important .

Just as he was zoning out, the messenger he put below the bar buzzed .

Like the usual, Zhou Guoping put the towel and glass aside and glanced at the messenger . When he saw the words on the screen, he took a moment to process it before an ecstatic expression appeared on his face .

Half a year later, the boss finally remembered him .

Zhuo Guoping left the job to the other workers as he put on a coat and left the bar without wasting a second .

To be honest, to the people with blemished morals, Jiang Chen didn't want to give them important duties . But after careful deliberation, the only subordinate that has worked with the mercenaries on a regular basis was Zhuo Guoping .

So the position of the mercenary association leader was best fitted for him .

Currently, Zhuo Guoping stood in front of Jiang Chen's table as he waited for instructions with his head lowered .

"You are pretty fast . " Jiang Chen laughed .

"Of course, I can't make you wait, I came immediately after I received the message," Zhou Guoping said while trying to flatter Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen took out a document and put it on the table .

"Don't be nervous, it is something good . Take a look at this document . "

Zhuo Guoping laughed obsequiously as he took over the document . He scanned through a few lines before he stopped .

"Mercenary association?"

"That's right . The leader of the mercenary association, I want you to take the position . " With hands cupped together on the table, Jiang Chen smiled .

"Thank you bo-, Thank you, General!" Zhuo Guoping was so ecstatic that he almost called out the wrong name as the flattering action was only missing him kneeling down .

"Okay, save the obsequiousness for later . This is your job . I already assigned the building of the association, it will be built across from the Sixth Street bank . Your job will be to establish it . I want to see results in a week's time . "

"I will complete the task!" Zhuo Guoping promised while pumping his chest .

"Then go . "

Zhuo Guoping bowed and turned around . But when he reached the door, he stopped as if he had remembered something .

"Also, that Fake Leg Bar-"

"I will find someone to take your position . Your primary responsibility will be the mercenary association . "

"Yes . '

Zhuo Guoping exited the door courteously .

Half a minute later, Jiang Chen leaned in his chair and smiled at Han Junhua who was observing everything .

"What do you think about giving his position to someone like this?"

She only used two seconds to think .

"Just by ability, he is the best candidate . "

Reputation among the mercenaries has more appeal compared to an unknown character . If it were Cheng Weiguo or Zhang Gang that acted as the leader, it would be hard to even form the association .

"What other aspects?"

"If I could read people's mind, I wouldn't have lost to you," Han Junhua answered honestly .

Jiang Chen didn't disagree .

"Then lady luck is on my side . "

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