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Chapter 388

Chapter 388: Virtual Reality Helmet Prototype

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At the end of the hallway in the community center was a large office modified from a conference room . The discussion behind the half-closed doors didn't seem to stop; it looked quite busy inside .

Although the reorganization that happened a while ago affected most departments, this was the only department that hadn't changed .

A board carved with words hung on the wall crookedly: <Godly Land Game Developing Department>

Right now, the makeshift office was jam-packed .

"The mission brief is completed . Old Zhang, are you done with the text?"

"Done . Wait one moment, I'll send it to you . "

"Models Code C10087 to C10129 NPC have been completed . The rest would be here, and a total of 17 AI must be inputted manually, take a look…"

The conference room was separated into individual offices with boards . Fifty programmers with dark eyebags worked in front of the hologram computers and continued to refine the virtual reality MMORPG .

In front of a hologram computer, Du Yongkong scanned through the lines of code . As the director of the game, he didn't need to personally type the code like the programmers - he only needed to audit the work of each team and direct game development .

The work sounded simple, but it wasn't easy at all . The work of fifty people was audited by only him . It was easy to see the impact his workload had on him from the deep eyebags on his face .

But he didn't mind the tiring work, or rather, he enjoyed it . He was just a chief engineer before the war and never acted as a game director . But life pulled a big prank on him as he finally got his dream position after the war .

He hadn't shut his eyes for 24 hours already . After he audited the last line of code, he was planning to nap for a bit on the table, but he happened to see a surprising person .

With Jiang Chen at the door, Du Yongkong's eyes lit up as he immediately got up to greet him .

After catching up for a bit, Jiang Chen finally got to business .

"Don't be so nervous, I'm just here to take a look . Also, did you finish the server?"

"Already done . " Du Yongkong nodded . The humble programmer didn't know how to flatter people, so he just kept smiling and smiling .

Although he looked a bit comical, Jiang Chen really liked simple people like this .

"Let me see . "

"No problem! Please follow me . " Du Yongkong bowed respectfully and led Jiang Chen to the adjacent junk room .

The condition of the junk room was typical of a programmer as there were unorganized paper boxes stacked together . Considering the tidiness of the room, Du Yongkong's expression looked awkward as he scratched his head .

"It's okay, I don't mind . Just let me see the prototype of the helmet . "

"Ah, okay, heh . " Du Yongkang laughed, rather embarrassed, as he began to dig through the boxes . He moved away a few boxes filled with papers before he managed to drag out the box that contained five virtual reality helmets .

Looking at the helmets in the box, Jiang Chen felt an inexplicable excitement .

If vessels and cannons were a source of romance for men, then virtual reality helmets were the source of romance all netizens longed for . Jiang Chen could say with confidence that for anyone who read web novels or played MMORPGs or single player games, there wasn't a single person who didn't dream of the ability to use a virtual reality helmet to write their own story in the world created by 0s and 1s .


"You're not a soldier, just call me boss . "

"Okay boss . " Du Yongkong laughed timidly as he scratched the back of his head . "Is this what you wanted?"

Jiang Chen took a helmet from the box as he carefully observed it in his hands .

It had a tainted crystal surface along with a bluish-black polyethylene shell, resembling an aerodynamic motorcycle helmet . At the back of the helmet was a "small tail" covered in scales, the length was close to neck length, and it could connect one's neural network through microcircuits, interfering with the brain field .

It weighed around 1-2 kilograms, slightly heavier than a motorcycle helmet . But it didn't matter since the helmet was activated when the user was in REM sleep mode . Therefore, not a lot of people would choose to play this game while standing up .

"How much molybdenum does one virtual reality helmet require?" Jiang Chen asked .

"Without accounting for improper production material waste, around 300 grams," Du Yongkang said affirmatively .

"300 grams?" Jiang Chen fell into deep thought as he stroked his chin .

Therefore, one ton of molybdenum could produce at least 3000 virtual reality helmets . Once he solved the molybdenum mine problem, this could be produced on a large scale . Of course, there was no rush since before this could be launched officially, Jiang Chen planned to conduct an internal test with some volunteers in the modern world to optimize the game .

Since it was an MMORPG from a different era, the degree of cultural acceptance from the 21st century would differ from the 22nd century; he didn't want to decrease the quality of the game because of lack of attention to cultural appropriateness .

"… To produce 100 prototypes, the logistics department took apart a chamber to gather enough molybdenum . Why would we not use the chamber as the platform in the game? Compared to this outdated technology, the more advanced chamber would be better in both performance and comfort . "

[What? Took apart a chamber?]

[That's a big loss…] Jiang Chen cursed in his mind, but he didn't show any of it on his face .

"Performance? Would playing the game with the helmet make the game lag?"

"It won't lag . Lag won't be displayed in the game with rather simple physics," Du Yongkong said .

"Then it would be okay . This type of fantasy game doesn't need to have a realistic physics model . Don't take apart any more chambers though; I only need the one hundred helmets for now," Jiang Chen said .

Du Yongkong nodded . Seeing that Jiang Chen wasn't going to change his mind, he didn't speak any more . He was only making a recommendation for his boss; there was no reason to argue with the boss over it .

"Then that's all . I'll get people to transport the server and the helmets in a bit . Also, I almost forgot, did you add security measures to the helmets?" Jiang Chen patted his own head and asked hastily .

"I did - the molybdenum gold dense lead barrier can prevent any scanning . Also, if anyone attempted to open the helmet, the internal security circuit would forcefully overload and destroy all the graphene circuits and chips inside the helmet . It would become a piece of junk…"

But would anyone really want this outdated technology? Du Yongkong muttered in his mind with skepticism .

Jiang Chen happily patted him on the shoulder . "Haha, good job . Go find Wang Qin in a bit . All the game developers will receive 50 crystals . This is the reward for your hard work!"

"Thank you Boss!" Du Yongkong was ecstatic .

50 crystals were equivalent to a NAC knight's basic salary for a month .

He didn't have any more doubts about the boss' decision .

Who cares? As long as the boss was happy .