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Chapter 389: Hang City Merchant Alliance

It was either a nuclear crater or a circular lake .

The lake reflected a light green luminescence in the night just like a sea of fireflies - beautiful but ominous .

The lake was clear but thick like a gel; the occasional wind wouldn't cause any disturbance to its stillness .

In the middle of the lake, a small mountain floated in the middle .

It was a small mountain formed by dark red chunks of meat . The blood vessels on its surface wriggled as they sent nutrients to the others parts of its body . The massive body rested on dense tentacles like an octopus or an enormous tree with deep roots in the middle of the lake .

A tree formed by flesh .

There was a hair-like structure ten meters long, about as thick as an arm, growing on top . At the tip of it was a meat bubble that could light up . It was like a bright lamp hanging on an antenna . A faint light flickered as it listened to something or called for something .

No one had visited this place for twenty years since no one could access this place - it was the forbidden territory of life .

But still, a few mutants could approach the area .

The Death Claw was one of them .

Perhaps guided by the faint light, a Death Claw slowly moved toward the nuclear crater .

It moved while it swung its spike-covered tails as its sharp claws clamped on a feeble survivor .

The survivor's face was disgustingly ugly - his festered skin had mutated spores growing on top, the high radiation levels mutated every single cell in his body . His bloated mouth moved slowly and murmured undistinguishable words . Following the movements of his facial muscles, skin began to fall off his face .

His face was miserable, but he was also solemn .

Just like it was practicing a mysterious ceremony, the Death Claw lifted him up .

Following the frightened howl of the prey, it threw him into the lake .

The thick waves spread and quickly engulfed the person .

Just like usual, after the Death Claw made a tribute, it left .

But suddenly, something unexpected occurred!

The thick liquid became turbulent as giant bubbles emerged under the surface just like boiling water . The survivor who sank into the lake was the last match that ignited the entire lake .

The Death Claw suddenly turned its head as its bell-sized eyes narrowed into a line and its gaze shifted in shock between the rising radiance and the restless chunks of meat .

At the same time, in a mansion far away, the asleep Lin Lin suddenly opened her eyes .

Her breathing was still rhythmic as if she was still in a deep sleep .

But the crimson red in her pupils was particularly visible in the darkness .

It was mid-June already, so Jiang Chen wanted to return to the modern world soon . Since everything on the wasteland had been taken care of and the last group of recruits headed to the front lines yesterday, there was no point in him going to the office . As the wife of the general, Sun Jiao would take care of small tasks for him . If there were larger tasks, Lin Lin would message him with the fourth dimension messenger .

But he still had to go to the office today as a representative from Hang city wanted to see him .

"Ha-" Yawning, Lin Lin rubbed her sleepy eyes and walked out of her room .

"Did you stay up late?" Jiang Chen, who was above to leave, asked with a smile .

"No, I don't know why I'm so tired… Hungry too . " Lin Lin rubbed her flat stomach and walked to the kitchen drowsily .

Jiang Chen didn't know why but Lin Lin had been tired for the past while . Jiang Chen initially thought she was tired the way regular humans got tired, but Lin Lin told him that digitalized humans didn't get sick .

Jiang Chen stared at her back, puzzled, but he didn't say anything as he left .

The sky was exceptionally clear today; perhaps the seasonal wind from the Pacific blew away some radiation dust that covered the wasteland . When he arrived at his office, a man in a suit was already waiting for him .

When he saw Jiang Chen, his eyes lit up as he extended his right hand .

Jiang Chen shook his hand with friendliness .

"Kong Jie, the president of the Hang Merchant Alliance Commerce Chamber . " The man shook Jiang Chen's hand for a long time as he introduced himself .

Judging by the calluses on his hand, this guy didn't seem like a merchant at all .

Although he'd never been to Hang before, Jiang Chen heard of the Merchant Alliance before .

There were quite a number of merchants at the Sixth Street who came from Hang . The electronics, tobacco, and adhesives from Hang were all top sellers here . And the majority of the merchants from Hang all belonged to the Hang Merchant Alliance . Having this many merchants as members was indicative of the power of this organization .

But between Hang and Wanghai City was Jia City, and 150 kilometers to travel was considered far on the wasteland .

"Jiang Chen, NAC general . Why don't we sit down before we talk?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"Haha, of course…"

After some small talk, the two sat down on the sofa .

Jiang Chen signaled Han Junhua to leave for now . He interlocked his fingers and rested them on his knee as he asked directly:

"It's so chaotic outside, so why is the president making a personal visit here?'

Jiang Chen didn't forget that Jia City was still in the hands of the mutated humans .

"I'm here to bring friendliness and bring crystals . And a personal reason: I wanted to see the rumored King of Wanghai City," Kong Jie said .

[The King of Wanghai? Flattering words, but I like it . ]

"Haha, is this how people in Hang refer to me?" Jiang Chen laughed .

"Of course, the merchants that returned from the Sixth Street all praised you . A dictator who recognized the importance of merchants and who could follow the rules of the game he established . To be honest, when we heard that the Group of Ten Council was replaced by a dictator, we assumed the worst and thought we lost the brightest market, but you proved us wrong," Kong Jie said with humor .

Seeing that Kong Jie was still not getting to the point, Jiang Chen's eyebrows raised as he continued:

"It's an honor to receive such praise from your merchants; the Hang merchants will always be our friends . But I think before we flatter each other, we should get to the point . "

Kong Jie laughed .

"To be honest, before I came, I had a great proposal . "

"And now?" Jiang Chen asked .

"I changed my mind . "

"Could I hear the proposal you abandoned?" Jiang Chen leaned on the sofa as he stared at the president with a shrewd face .

"My proposal was for both parties to send out a force to take out the nail that's blocking our trade route . "

"What about now?" Jiang Chen laughed .

"Now I realized that you don't seem to need us - you can take out the nail yourself . "

As he said that, Jiang Chen sensed a trace of concern hidden deep in his eyes .

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