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Chapter 391: Economic Sanction?

To Jiang Chen's surprise, the skies were clear at the wasteland, but when he returned to the modern world, it was pouring rain .

The grain-sized rain droplets splashed on the windows and made harsh sounds along with the violent wind . The leaves on the palm trees outside were all blowing to one side and the waves in the sea were rolling thunderously without any sign of humanity .

Perhaps Ayesha heard a noise in the bedroom, so she slinked into Jiang Chen's room like a quiet cat .

Her clothes right now were particularly eye-catching, or rather, whenever she was home, her clothes were always eye-catching . She had just a loose white shirt on with two smooth and perfectly shaped legs swinging out underneath . From a psychological perspective, this style not only drew the curiosity of the husband wondering whether she was "only" wearing a shirt, but it would also tease the husband as he watched the legs swinging .

Combined with a cold expression and passionate sight…

Okay, Jiang Chen admitted, if it weren't for the fact that his clip was completely empty, he would've leaped onto her and did her on the spot .

Jiang Chen stood up, laughed and helped her button up one button .

"Come out with me for a bit . Uhh, do you need to change first?"

"There's a typhoon outside . " Ayesha kissed Jiang Chen as she said gently .

From her voice, Jiang Chen could sense a hint .

"Typhoon? Is it serious?"

"Around three hundred kilometers away from Coro Island and the wind magnitude is level 13… The news recommended reducing travel . "

[It shouldn't be too serious then . ]

Seeing as Jiang Chen didn't respond, Ayesha said in a faint voice, "It's been almost a month . "

Jiang Chen, of course, knew what she was referring to, so he touched her forehead with his and smiled .


With her face blushing, a curve appeared on Ayesha's mouth as she buried her face in Jiang Chen's hug timidly .

Jiang Chen changed into somewhat formal clothes before he came into the garage and opened the black Sonata's door . In this hideous weather, he obviously didn't want to drive his Lamborghini .

Seeing as Jiang Chen got into the car, Ayesha, already sitting in the driver's seat, started the car and drove into the pouring storm .

Because of the storm, they drove slowly . It took them half an hour before they arrived at the presidential palace and entered the underground garage . After examining their identities, the security courteously allowed them to pass .

When Jiang Chen arrived at the president's office, Zhang Yapin was in a heated debate with his lead advisor and vice president . Zhang Yapin stopped for a second when he saw Jiang Chen at the door and came up to greet him .

"Welcome Mr . Jiang, what brought you here?"

The vice president and lead advisor weren't too displeased when their conversation with the president was interrupted; they merely examined Jiang Chen with a few curious looks .

Jiang Chen shook hands with Zhang Yapin before he asked:

"Are you busy now?"

"Diplomatic problem . Haha, gentlemen, it's already lunchtime . Why don't we wait until 2 before we start our discussion again?"

The lead advisor and the vice president exchanged glances before they nodded .

"No problem . " "I agree . "

The two left, leaving only Zhang Yapin and Jiang Chen in the office . Zhang Yapin walked up to the coffee pot and poured two cups of coffee before he sat down on the sofa and gestured Jiang Chen to give the coffee a try .

"Blue Mountain Coffee . "

"Thank you . " Jiang Chen took a drink and leaned back on the sofa .

"Okay, I guess you're not here just for me to make you coffee . " Perhaps he'd been busy for the past few days, but Zhang Yapin's voice was fast .

After a few months of experience, the young president finally gave off the vibe of a politician . Although Zhang Yapin didn't say anything yet, he knew Jiang Chen must be here for something .

Seeing as Zhang Yapin was so direct, Jiang Chen didn't bother making small talk anymore . "Ocean resources development license and mining license - help me take care of these . "

"You're planning to mine? I remember that there's only a low-reserve cooper mine in Pannu Islands," Zhang Yapin said with a frown .

Jiang Chen shook his head . "Not above the sea surface, I want to mine under the ocean . "

"Underwater mining?"

"That's right . The location is south of Ange Island; it won't affect the local ecosystem there . "

"…Okay, I'll take care of this for you . " Although he was skeptical whether Jiang Chen could mine, Zhang Yapin still nodded . "Anything else?"

"I have nothing else . " Jiang Chen shook his head . "But you seem to have something . "

Zhang Yapin had a bitter smile and took a sip of his coffee .

"The attempts by country F to use the excuses of disrupting area stability and illegally detaining hostages to impose economic sanctions on Xin along with Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia and other neighboring countries . For example, increasing export taxes to Xin would greatly increase the cost of living for ordinary citizens . Also-"

"What's the reaction of each country?' Because he didn't understand the situation, Jiang Chen interrupted him as he cut straight to the point .

[Illegally detaining hostages? Fu*k? How thick is your skin to dare to say this?] Jiang Chen cursed in his mind .

"Because of the stance of Hua, the south sea countries all stand with country F while New Guinea expressed neutrality on this issue, but it wasn't a big deal - we didn't have significant trade with those countries . "

"The problem is Australia?"

"That's right . " Zhang Yapin nodded .

Australia was the major trade partner of Xin; 80% of the products sold in Xin supermarkets came from the ports of Australia . If Australia favored country F, it would be detrimental to Xin's economy .

"Based on the new arms deal between Australia and country F, F would purchase an out-of-service warship with a displacement of 3600 tons . While Australia didn't express their stance yet, based on the fact that F could use this deal as leverage, Australia has a high chance of favoring country F . "

Jiang Chen crossed his legs and deliberated .

Zhang Yapin's expression looked rather helpless since a small country like Xin had no voice internationally . If Australia favored country F, Xin couldn't do anything about it .

"Cancel the trial in mid-July and release the 41 soldiers without conditions…? But that's impossible since we already announced the trial date to the international and local media . The international media also all submitted coverage requests to our supreme court already," Zhang Yapin said while rubbing his weary eyes .

The fact that things had developed to this point meant that there was no possibility of turning back . Once the 41 soldiers were convicted of their crimes, country F would lose all face internationally, and the "strong stance" employed by Aquino would become a complete joke .

If a small country could slap you in the face, how well does your strong stance work? It was already embarrassing for the invasion to occur, but without remedying the problem, Aquino would have to face the wrath of the soldiers' families as well as skepticism from his own citizens .

But country F's actions still made Jiang Chen surprised; the incident with the mercenaries still hadn't taught them a lesson .

"The ruling party of Australia is?" Jiang Chen asked in an undertone .

"Liberal party . "

"What about the opposition party?"

"Labor party… Is there any problem?"

"Good, just leave this to me . " A smile suddenly emerged on Jiang Chen's face as he stood on the sofa .

"Leave this to you?" Zhang Yapin was puzzled .

"A problem that can't be solved through foreign diplomacy can be solved politically . Don't forget - I'm a businessman and there are no boundaries for businessmen . "

After Jiang Chen finished the coffee on the table, he left the completely confused Zhang Yapin and walked out the door with large strides .

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