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Chapter 393: Transporting Ores

"You incompetent fool! What are you doing! You negotiated for half a month, and this is the result you give me?"

Since half an hour ago, the roaring sound in the F president's office didn't stop .

Aquino threw the stack of documents on the minister of foreign affairs' face furiously; his chest pumped up and down violently .

F's naval units were most dependent on imports . The only two "Hamilton" class patrol ships were all the scrap junks of UA . It was quite funny that every time in an arms sale, the F minister of defense would beg for the UA to retain the equipment on the ship, but it would always be rejected .

Now that the Australian government finally agree and indicated that they were willing to retain some of the equipment and weapons, the navy vessel that was about to be theirs is now gone? Aquino wanted to use this boat as his stake in the negation in the south sea!

The minister of foreign affair also felt horrible . The Australian president already agreed, but today when they were preparing to discuss the details of the agreement, they unexpectedly began to toughen up on some of the key problems .

Overnight, they suddenly changed their stance, this caught F representatives there to negotiate completely off guard .

The lead advisor looked at the upset minister of foreign affair and took a deep breath .

"Mr . President, we should phone the Capital--"

The door was suddenly pushed open as a member of parliament walked in, in quick steps .

"The "Octopus" typhoon passed by the coast near OSL city, multiple buildings including a hospital suddenly collapsed when the typhoon passed through . Currently, there are 31 confirmed casualties…"

"Fu*k!" Aquino shouted in frustration as he walked to the door in quick steps .

With the series of problems coming at him and the media just criticized him for his weak diplomatic ability, he didn't want them to say he put in a lack of effort on the rescue .

"The Capital--"

"Get the minister of foreign affairs to negotiate, I need to be at the area in five hours…"

It was a disaster when the typhoon passed through, but the weather had cleared up .

The thunderstorm washed about the dust in the air as the air was fulfilled with a fresh fragrance . The dew on the palm trees outside the window reflected a bright crystal color and reflected the redness rising from the east .

In the morning, Jiang Chen sat in front of the table while reading the morning news . Based on the meteorologist, the typhoon named "Octopus" was moving westward along the Pacific ring of fire, it scraped by the east side of F and headed towards the south along the coast .

After putting toast, eggs, and coffee on the table for Jiang Chen, Ayesha leaned forward and kiss him on the cheek and then sat beside him .

Jiang Chen smiled at her before he focused on the TV screen again . When he saw the number of cities affected, his eyebrows raised .

Ayesha seemed to have read Jiang Chen's thought as she gently asked, "Xia Shiyu is in Xiangjiang, is she okay?"

"I'll give her a call in a bit . "

Ayesha nodded, picked up the utensils, and began to work on her own breakfast .

It was already mid-June, deepwater started at the beginning of the month . BHP followed the agreement signed with Jiang Chen and shipped one hundred thousand tons of iron ore and twenty hundred thousand tons of aluminum ore to the deepwater port at Coro Island .

This batch of ores would be used to support industrial production on the wasteland, so the earlier, the better . After breakfast, Ayesha drove Jiang Chen to the port at the south end of Coro Island .

Typically speaking, imported goods such as ores would be shipped in 20 feet containers . Because of the maximum weight permitted per container, a container could only transport 20 tons of iron ore . Jiang Chen first had no exact concept to the thirty hundred tons of containers, but when he arrived at the port, he was flabbergasted .

The ten thousand something containers stuffed the not so spacious port fully . The bored port manager and his team had to work overtime because of this batch of goods . Therefore, when they saw Jiang Chen, they were certainly not in a good mood .

But Jiang Chen didn't speak much with them as he called Zhang Yapin and told him to give them all a vacation . After confirming that they all left, Jiang Chen told Ayesha to guard the entrance of the port before he started the lengthy transport process .

To prevent the warehouse from blowing up, Jiang Chen had to go back and notify Sun Jiao . Then they drove to the steel plant located in Shenxiang . After getting rid of the workers there, they placed the transport marker on the empty land used to store raw materials at the back of the steel plant .

It was not until noon did Jiang Chen finish the entire process .

"I'm so fu*cking tired…"

Jiang Chen slapped his hand and walked out of the now spacious port .

He already made up his mind to establish a steel plant at Ange Island, at least to process the raw materials a little, or bring steel processing from the apocalypse to the modern world, it was too inefficient to transport ores .

Also, the Fishbone base must build a bigger warehouse to accept a large quantity of resources .

When he got in the car, Ayesha asked .

"Where are we going now?"

"The ferry terminal, I have to go Ange Island in a bit . " As he said, Jiang Chen took out his phone .

She nodded and started the car .

Xiangjiang .

Because of the orange storm alert, Future Technology was on break today . Xia Shiyu stayed in the apartment and didn't even step her foot out of the door . Watching the grain sized raindrops, her sight moved back to the TV .

"… Behind me is a public hospital in F's OSL city . From the outside, it is clear that the surrounding area is in shambles . F has already deployed military efforts to conduct rescues in the area…" On the screen, a reporter in a raincoat looked frantic .

Country F? Pretty close to Pannu Islands .

Xia Shiyu's geography was not the best, she only remembered the approximate location of Pannu Islands .

[I wonder how he… Eh? Why do I have to think of him?]

Xia Shiyu covered her somewhat burning face, at the same time, she grabbed the remote on the table and switched the channel .

She didn't like to watch the news .

In her memory, she only paid attention to the news two times . Once when Jiang Chen went to Iraq, the second time now .

Suddenly, the phone began to ring .

Xia Shiyu walked to the bedroom and picked up the phone charging on the nightstand . When she saw the incoming caller's name, her heart beat a little faster . Coincidentally, just as she wanted to confirm he was safe, he called first .


"How is it over there?"

When she heard Jiang Chen's caring voice, she felt warm inside .

"It's raining pretty hard here, how about you?"

"It has been raining for the past few days, but it cleared up in the morning . The typhoon is now heading in your direction, be safe, and stay inside . Mhmm, you didn't go to work today right?" Jiang Chen asked her .

"No . "

"That's good . " Jiang Chen laughed .

[What do you mean that's good? Which boss urges their employees to take vacations…] Xia Shiyu muttered in her mind .

"Also, after you finish the tasks on hand, take some time to go to Xin . "

"To Xin? Can I ask if it is some weird project?" Xia Shiyu sighed .

"Rather than weird, I would say it is astonishing . "

"Astonishing? What exactly is it?"

"Virtual reality MMORPG, have you heard it?"