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Published at 18th of April 2018 04:10:21 AM

Chapter 395: Politely Refusing

The seafood buffet was put on the table . Sitting on the sofa, drinking champagne, the three began to enjoy the delicious meal .

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During the meal, Jiang Chen had a great conversation with his old friend . Alcohol was a great way to get someone to talk . Since they got along before, right now, they chatted about everything .

"Also, when do you plan to get married?" Jiang Chen asked nonchalantly .

"Get married? It will depend on how Feifei feels, I'm willing to anytime," Yang Yuan looked a bit drunk as he held Su Fei's hand and said affectionately .

Su Fei's face was covered in a red hue .

"Wait a bit longer, we're not in a rush . "

"Haha, that's true, no need to rush . " Yang Yuan waved his hand .

Although he was a master graduate, Su Fei just finished her undergrad and was about 22 years old in age . There was no rush to get married at her age .

"Don't forget to invite me when you get married, I'm waiting to drink the celebratory wine . " Jiang Chen laughed .

Chu Nan didn't invite him when he got married which, to this day, bothered him .

"Of course," Yang Yuan said with the scent of alcohol coming through his nose, "At that time, we'll host a banquet on the beach and invite Old Huang and Old He along . "

"That's a must, I'll take care of the plane tickets . "

"No need, I can still afford that…"

The champagne's alcohol concentration was not high, and because of the fruity taste, it was lighter even compared to beer . But after several bottles, Jiang Chen felt intoxicated . Looking at Yang Yuan, who normally couldn't drink, he still finished a few bottles to the point where he fell asleep and began snoring .

Intentional or unintentional, Su Fei changed to a different sitting position beside her boyfriend with her legs crossed . The position was fine, but it was not appropriate for someone sitting across .

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And with how smooth she looked, Jiang Chen didn't believe it was unintentional .

Jiang Chen let out a hidden sigh, he only felt sorry for his old friend, but he wouldn't say anything . Just like how the three roommates all knew what kind of person Fang Yuanyuan was, they didn't tell him either .

Sometimes, it didn't have to do with right or wrong, but once you point it out, you would be in the wrong .

"Brother Chen's alcohol tolerance is great, let me propose a toast on behalf of Yuan . " Su Fei raised her glass at Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen laughed and toasted with her .

"It's getting late, old Yuan is already drunk, I'll leave now . "

"Not going to stay a bit longer?" Seeing Jiang Chen get up, Su Fei tried to convince him to stay .

Yang Yuan was already lying on the sofa and began snoring . Seeing the smile on Su Fei's face that was asking him to stay, Jiang Chen, of course, understood her intention .

"No need . I still have some business to take care of this afternoon, I won't disturb you any longer," Jiang Chen thanked her and rejected the offer .

Su Fei was not pretty to begin with . Even if she was, Jiang Chen would NTR his friend .

Seeing Jiang Chen already say that, Su Fei didn't insist .

"Okay, let me walk you to the door . "

She warmly sent Jiang Chen to the door as she watched Jiang Chen walk onto the road . When she saw the bodyguard respectfully got off the car and opened the door for him, envy flashed across her face . She was not envious of the car, but the respect on the bodyguard's face .

That's the feeling of being in upper-class society .

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She then remembered the foreign girl called Ayesha .

She was jealous of that girl . Why is her boyfriend so rich and powerful…

Turning around to look at her drunk boyfriend, she let out a sigh and closed the door .

Sitting in the car with the mild sea wind blowing across his face, Jiang Chen gazed at the horizon in the distance .

"Sir, where are we going to next?" The bodyguard driving asked .

"The pharmaceutical plant," Jiang Chen answered concisely .

Because he was drunk, he didn't want to say anything, he just wanted to quietly let the sea wind blow on him so he cleared his mind .

But not long after, the bodyguard spoke again .

"Sir, do you need me to turn on air conditioning?"

"No . "

Seeing Jiang Chen was a bit annoyed, but out of safety consideration, the bodyguard carefully asked .

"Sir, your seatbelt-"

Jiang Chen put on the seatbelt in annoyance .

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"Can't you be like Ayesha-"

The bodyguard was perplexed, "Sir?"

"Nothing, sorry, I'm drunk . " Jiang Chen blew out a breath mixed with the scent of alcohol and waved his hand .

With just one look and sometimes without even needing one, Ayesha could acutely read what he needed . And because of this gentle caring, the understanding without words, it made him fall in love with her .

Of course, it was too much asking a man to know him like that . Just regarding service, the bodyguard of Celestial Trade was impeccable .

"Sir, you don't have to apologize to me," the bodyguard said in a quiet voice .

" . . . "

After a half an hour drive, the car stopped at the gate of the nutrient supply manufacturing plant .

On the way, Jiang Chen had mostly sobered up . Just as he pushed open the door and was about to step out, he paused .

"Is there something wrong?"

"Mhmm… That old friend of mine, arrange him a bodyguard, the type with a car . "

[Buddy, this is the most I can do for you . ]

"Okay, sir," The bodyguard said .

Jiang Chen nodded and headed to the gate .

Although security at the door recognized Jiang Chen's face, the rule set by Jiang Chen himself was "pupil recognition only" must be adhered to, so the security went up to confirm his identity .

After looking into the camera for 1 second, the verification process was complete .

The two soldiers saluted and backed away .

He entered the lab of the plant and found Zhan Shoujie, taking samples of the produced product .

"How much nutrient supply did the plant produce?"

"30000 boxes, stored in the warehouse . "

A box contained 100 tubes of nutrient supply, the first month, therefore, had a production rate of three million tubes of nutrient supply which was quite impressive . With a profit of 5 USD per tube, this month's profit alone was 15 million USD .

Although it didn't look like much, this was just the start . Once the market expands, Jiang Chen would ask Zhan Shoujie to ramp up production . The 2 . 1 billion fat people on the planet were all his potential customers .

"Could we sell these?" Seeing the proud expression on Jiang Chen's face, Zhan Shujie had to interrupt and ask .

"Don't worry, people will be desperate to buy it . Don't worry about sales, I will be hiring professionals to take care of it for me . "

"That's perfect . " Zhan Shoujie nodded .

He was a technician, so he could easily ensure the quality of the products, but he was not an expert in sales .

"The nutrient supply in the warehouse, package 15 sets of 20 tubes for me . These 300 tubes will be used as sample products during our negotiation . The quality must be good and it'll be best it was recently produced . "

"No problem . Do you want it now?" Zhan Shujie asked .

"Before you get off work, there will be people picking it up tomorrow . "

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