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Chapter 399: The Shocked Xia Shiyu

Chapter 399: The Shocked Xia Shiyu

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His finger pressed the screen a few times, selected an international number, and put his phone back to his ear .

 The call went through shortly .

"Where are you now?"

"Frankberg," Xie Lei used a voice that implied: Where else could I be?

"Orthopedics?" Jiang Chen joked .

Xie Lei paused as he didn't know how to respond .

He clearly didn't know the joke behind the "orthopedics in Frankberg . " (Note 1)

"No, I am at Munich hospital to take care of my sister . She just received treatment three days ago . "

Regarding the brother and sister, Jiang Chen kept an eye on them since he paid for all their expenses . The blind sister was receiving treatment in Munich while the brother, Xie Lei, didn't just sit around . After three months of military training in Niger, Ivan sent him to Frankberg . While he studied computer science at the University of Ber, he took care of his sister .

"Is your sister getting better?"

"Much better . The doctor said her condition is a miracle and she'll regain her vision in two months… Thank you," Xie Lie spoke with sincerity .

"No problem, it's great for the soul to do some good deeds once in a while . Especially if I gained the loyalty of a hacker," Jiang Chen joked .

"That's right, my life belongs to you now," Xie Lei said calmly .

"That's enough joking around, you get to keep your life . Although I need you to help me with something . "

"What is it?" Xie Lei asked .

"Mhmm, this is what happened . A backdoor program was installed on Celestial's server . Although I could easily take it out, I want to know which rat installed it . The only reliable information we have is that the data was leaked to an IP in Iceland, but even I know that Iceland is only a jumping board to someplace else . I need you to determine where the data was actually sent and it would be best if you could find out who the spy is . Could you do that?" Jiang Chen said .

"No problem . " Frivolous confidence, the trademark of a teen, appeared on Xie Lei's face .

He was the third-best expert in the Hua Hacker Alliance . After a long period of extensive studies, he was confident that his abilities were even better than before .

"Okay, you can be cocky after you complete the task . Do you need an airplane ticket?" Jiang Chen asked .

"No, I can work anywhere as long as there's internet . Give me access to the server and don't alert the spy yet . " Xie Lei shook his head .

"Okay, then I'll leave it to you . "

Jiang Chen hung up .

A dubious smile appeared on his face as Jiang Chen texted Ivan to grant server access to Xie Lei .

And now, the cat-catching-mouse game had begun .

Ayesha made lunch . With Jiang Chen's mom's careful guidance, her cooking skills became drastically more refined . Xia Shiyu, who hadn't eaten her dishes for a few months, enjoyed a feast .

When Jiang Chen looked at her, shuddering, Xia Shiyu took a moment to realize how she was feasting on the food . Her face turned red as her actions became more reserved .

Ayesha stared at the two of them and smiled but didn't say anything . Her sapphire pupils cast an intrigued light .

After lunch, Ayesha took the plates to the kitchen . At Xia Shiyu's request, Jiang Chen took her to the gym on the first floor .

A server rested in the corner of the gym . Aside from the server were two motorcycle helmet-sized virtual reality helmets in the room . When she saw them, Xia Shiyu briskly walked up and placed a helmet on her head .

Her hands explored the helmet for a while but she couldn't figure out how to use it .

Jiang Chen couldn't help but smile at the scene and walked over to her .

"How do you open this thing?" Xia Shiyu asked rather helplessly as she held the helmet with both hands .

"Don't rush to open it yet; I think it's better for you to find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down . "

Xia Shiyu was hesitant after she heard Jiang Chen's words . "Does… virtual reality affect the physical body?"

"I wouldn't say 'affect' - your real body will be in deep REM mode . If you stand up while you're using it, you might fall down . "

[I see . ]

Xia Shiyu nodded with understanding and noticed a recliner by the side .

When she lied down, Jiang Chen gave her further instructions .

"The helmet is activated by voice, just say 'start' . "

Xia Shiyu took a deep breath as she repressed the excitement in her heart .

Ready to witness history, she used a clear voice .

"Start . "

The dark screen instantly lit up .

Countless 3D light particles rushed to her eyes . Xia Shiyu was tempted to move back, but she quickly realized it was just a picture on the screen .

"I thought it was the type that didn't require a screen…" When she saw the interface, Xia Shiyu was evidently disappointed .

But she was relieved almost immediately . The almost-otherworldly neural connection virtual technology couldn't have been mastered so easily; to be able to achieve even this much wasn't bad…

"This is only the starting screen, the exciting part is yet to come . " Jiang Chen's words made her look forward to what was next .

She was highly skeptical but decided to trust him . Xia Shiyu wanted to speak, but on the screen in front of her, a series of popup boxes appeared along with a clear system message in her ears .

"Pupil verification system initiated…"

"Registered as a user . "


"Genetic code is registered, please set the username . "

Staring at the text in the middle, Xia Shiyu inhaled deeply .

"Shiyu . "

"User registration complete . Welcome, Ms . Shiyu . Your ID will be locked to your pupil information - it cannot be deactivated or registered again in principle . Your privacy will be absolutely safe in the virtual world . I wish you the best virtual experience . "

<Caution: Please ensure the body is in a flat position when connected to virtual reality . Please do not use when drinking, drunk, or in public… conditions . >

She looked at the "Activate" logo in front of her as she tried to calm her pumping heart . Xia Shiyu said:

"Activate . "

After receiving her command, the image on the screen began to fade gradually . It was followed by mild music and suddenly, Xia Shiyu felt a tingling sensation in her neck as her consciousness began to leave her body .

It felt like diving - her sensations were covered by a thin veil, but her sensations still felt so clear .

"This is…"

Xia Shiyu stared at her hands blankly and scanned her surroundings .

Because of her astonishment, she forgot how to speak .

Yes, she didn't know how to express her astonishment .

The white cubic world she was in was empty, but she felt so fulfilled . 0s and 1s flashed on the wall and added a sci-fi dimension to this world .

She stood in the middle of the cube and stared at the interface that gradually surfaced in front of her .

She reached a finger out and touched the half-transparent interface .

She felt a cold sensation .

Ripples spread out from her fingertips and rushed to the walls of the room .

The wall shattered . Just like a window being opened, a vivid picture was presented in front of her .

There were endless rice fields, towering mountains that extended beyond the clouds, great sails that broke through wind and waves, and magnificent walls that stood like a giant cliff…

<Godly Land>

And she was standing on top of a hill .

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