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Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Game Development
Translator: Min

His anxiety was unjustified as Jiang Chen’s voice was calm and gentle .
But to Du Yongkong’s ears . . .
“I like the title boss . ” Jiang Chen smiled as he pulled out a resume and cut
straight to the topic . “Du Yongkong, age 30, male, computer major, previously
worked as the chief technology officer at Walkman Technology . Is this
“Yes…” Du Yongkong carefully answered, uncertain about the meaning behind
Jiang Chen’s words .
“That makes things easier then . ” Jiang Chen got right to the point and threw a
Huawei phone to him . “You’re going to develop an operating system for me on
this thing . It shouldn’t be that difficult for you, right?”
“This is an order . I want to hear you answer with certainty . ” Jiang Chen didn’t
waste time with any bullsh*t . He bought these people to work for him, not the
other way around .
“Yes, yes . ” Du Yongkong quickly nodded without any attitude that indicated his
former executive position at a top company . Such a laughable dignity had long
vanished in the cruelty of the apocalypse . Jiang Chen now controlled his life,
and his only option was to serve him .
When Jiang Chen saw Du Yongkong’s perplexed look, he smiled and walked
over to pat him on the shoulder . He didn’t care about the overwhelmed
expression on Du Yongkong’s face as he continue to explain .
“You don’t have to be reserved . Do a good job, and I won’t let you down . ”
“I understand, Boss . ” Du Yongkong sensibly lowered his head .
Jiang Chen nodded before he continued, “I have some requirements . Let me
know if you have any difficulties, but you’ll have to solve it, understand?”
“Yes . ”
“Good . ” Jiang Chen was pleased with Du Yongkong’s certainty . “I don’t know
about operating systems, so I only care about the results . I need you to develop
an operating system that has two times the processing power as this system
called Android . At the same time, don’t change any of the requirements so that

it remains compatible with all Android and iOS system software . Ask me any
questions you have right now since you won’t be seeing me a lot . I want to see
a reliable result by next month . ”
Finishing, he handed him an iPhone that was also brand-new .

Du Yongkong took it and fiddled around on the screen for a bit before a forced
smile appeared on his face .
“What? Is this too difficult for you?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows .
“No, this is too easy . ” Du Yongkong waved his hands in denial . He was afraid
that his boss would fire him for this kind of easy job that didn’t exist even
before the war .
“Hmm? Then explain . ” Jiang Chen was quite curious .
Du Yongkong adjusted his glasses as he displayed the phone with the air of a
professional before he started to explain .
“First, this old operating system should be a product from 150 years ago . The
hardware operating efficiency as well as the human-computer interactive
design are full of flaws . ”
“Oh? You’re saying that the human-computer interface of the iPhone is bad?”
Jiang Chen couldn’t help but laugh at the statement .
Du Yongkong snuck a look at Jiang Chen’s expression and when he saw that he
wasn’t angry hearing about the flaws of the two operating systems, he began
to explain more in-depth with renewed courage .
“Regarding hardware operating efficiency, although the logic seems faultless,
there exist unnecessary areas . To put it simply, a logic that can be covered with
just one plus one, due to the limitation of the programming language as well as
the algorithm, becomes muddled when the processor must do some
unnecessary actions . For example, by defining A equals one, B equals one, and
then calculating C equals A plus B to output C equals two as the final result .
This old processing method not only wastes memory, but it also decreases the
operating efficiency of the equipment tremendously . ”
“Oh? Then how will you take care of it?” Jiang Chen asked curiously .
“This is an easy fix . The ultimate problem lies in the limitation of the
programming language . Although both systems have its pros and cons, they
can’t escape the boundary of the lower level programming language . If D++ is

can’t escape the boundary of the lower level programming language . If D++ is
used to program it, some small adjustments to compatibility will solve the
problem . The antique known as the phone would have its operating efficiency
increased by threefold, and the power consumption would also be cut in half .
At the same time, because the drain on the hardware is lessened, the hardware
life would also be extended for a prolonged period . ”
Jiang Chen gasped for air .
This was ridiculous! The hardware operating efficiency increased by three
times? Could it also be compatible with apps from both systems? These two
features alone were already insane . That meant that even with a terrible
phone, they could easily run games previously available only on the iPhone .
This system would start a revolution in the phone gaming industry!
Phone game developers spent an endless amount of effort to decrease memory
usage . To optimize the game, they often had to remove features that enhanced

gameplay and catered towards the general audience . But if this operating
system was introduced, everyone’s phone performance would increase by
three times! At that point, the creativity of developers could be fully unleashed,
free to create worlds of imagination that could run on every computer . It was a
technological revolution . iOS and Android would never be able to compete .
“Regarding human-computer interaction, I recommend maintaining the
status quo since I’m already accustomed to this interface . ” Jiang Chen paused .
Even if he controlled this man’s life, he didn’t want to expose his identity to
someone who had yet to prove anything .
“Trust me, Boss, my design will be much more advanced than this ancient
human-computer interaction method . ” This former chief of technology officer
was a different and more zealous person when touching on the topic of
technology . “Yes, using the touchpad to perform human-computer interaction
is still mainstream even to this day, but this ancient operating system is
inherently different from the operating system used by present-day
entertainment systems . ”
“What’s the difference?” Jiang Chen asked curiously .
“Artificial intelligence!”
“Artificial intelligence? Can you create it?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows .
“If it is basic artificial intelligence, I’m confident I can create it in a month’s

“If it is basic artificial intelligence, I’m confident I can create it in a month’s
time since all the data is stored in the library’s database . I only need to transfer
it . ” Du Yongkong patted his chest .
“If artificial intelligence isn’t difficult, then why isn’t it on the full-sensory
computer?” Jiang Chen asked with some confusion . If it was so effective, there
was no reason to not use it on the full-sensory computer .
“Hmm, that’s because the Artificial Intelligence Act prohibited the
development of artificial intelligence . If everything was given to machines to
do, everyone would be unemployed . ” Du Yongkong shrugged . “The artificial
intelligence operating system was popular for a time before it was replaced by
an equally impressive neural operating system . Before the war, artificial
intelligence was only limited to the nuclear power plant, the water treatment
plant, and other government-run infrastructure . ”
“I see . You talked about basic artificial intelligence . Are there no risks?” Jiang
Chen voiced his worry of the artificial intelligence programs potentially
mutating within the modern-day world’s internet and developing into a
malicious program . He was reminded of the movie <I, Robot> that portrayed a
world ruled by artificial intelligence .
“Boss, you are worrying too much . ” Du Yongkong sighed, guessing at Jiang
Chen’s concern . “The program is fundamentally a stable program . Even if they
were intelligent, they could never possess emotion or desire . At a basic level, it
can only be what you’ve programmed it to do . Its intelligence responds to what
you’ve taught it before . For example, if you hit it, it will not fight back . Its
interest is neither hurt nor would it sense any danger . Unless you specifically

tell it ‘if someone hits you, fight back . ’ Only in this case would it respond with
an action . Self-coding is something only intermediary artificial intelligence
possesses . As for emotions, that’s something only advanced artificial
intelligence would have . Even before the war, it was a theoretical concept . ”
Artificial intelligence was fundamentally a more advanced program .
Only after hearing the explanation did Jiang Chen finally feel relieved .
“Okay, you’ll be fully responsible for everything . You’re free to try anything
you want . Also, you have to keep in mind that you must ensure the security of
this system! I don’t want to hand this phone to someone only to have them
crack the entire operating system and create something similar . ”

this system! I don’t want to hand this phone to someone only to have them
crack the entire operating system and create something similar . ”
Security was of the utmost concern . Jiang Chen didn’t want to see the
operating system he brought over to be cracked into an open source within a
few days . Especially if the D++ language was exposed, he would not be able to
explain it .
The best way to program it was to have it be like a black box that only
exchanged information with an external source but did not accept any data
extraction .
Du Yongkong hesitated for a brief second before he smiled and promised .
“Boss, don’t worry! The program I develop will not be easily cracked . Walkman
Technology Corporation’s games were all secured by me . Take <Star Storm 7>
for example . It released before the war, but no one in the world has been able
to crack the game yet . For an operating system of this level, this is a piece of
cake to me . ”
This certainly seemed to be the case .
If someone in the modern world had the ability to crack software made by the
chief technology officer from 150 years in the future, it meant that he was also
a time traveler . Jiang Chen would do anything to kill him, but of course, such
scenario would be impossible .
“Good, if you can do it, it’ll be an outstanding achievement! Work hard; I
promise you’ll be able to eat meat every meal!” Jiang Chen laughed as he patted
Du Yongkong’s shoulder .
Hearing about the meat, Du Yongkong was ecstatic . He would never have
dreamed of this before . With a taste of the rewards, Du Yongkong immediately
reaffirmed that he would finish in no time . It was no surprise that he used to
be in management; he was technically skilled but also masterful in kissing ass .
Jiang Chen didn’t dislike such clever people .
“Lastly, for Future Technology’s logo, make it look cool so that people think it’s
futuristic , but don’t overdo it . ”
“Yes! Boss!” the guy belted out .
Jiang Chen nodded his head, pleased at Du Yongkong’s confidence . He waved
his hand to signal him to leave .


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