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Chapter 402: Another Usage of Jumping Ropes

"Of course, our company's businesses include land reclamation and shallow artificial island construction . " Hanna smiled .

"If I want to build an artificial island south of Ange Island near the equator, could you estimate the cost?" Jiang Chen asked keenly .

"South of Ange Island?" Hanna clearly paused for a second as Jiang Chen's question surprised her .

"Is there a problem?" Noticing Hanna's reaction, Jiang Chen frowned .

"If I remember correctly, the sea territory south of Ange Island should be deep water . Normally, artificial islands are mostly created in shallow water or on natural reefs . The amount of sand and soil to create a deep-water artificial island would be astronomical," Hanna explained .

"Would it be possible to build a floating island? Just like a giant aircraft carrier . " Jiang Chen wasn't ready to give up on the idea yet .

"Floating?" Hanna chuckled and shook her head . "Then wouldn't it float away with the tide?"

"Then connect the floating island with chains, just like an anchor . "

Hanna shook her head again . "That's not possible . If it is a small island, no chains would be able to withstand the immense force of the sea . Also, even if the material existed, the material to create the island itself would be a problem . It's just like putting a one-square-kilometer steel board on the water - it wouldn't take a year for it to get torn away by the tide . Unless you create this island with titanium . . . I can't think of any better material . "

Titanium was 42% lighter than steel, but its mechanical strength was two times that of pure iron . From an objective point of view, titanium would be the best choice, but the cost…

Jiang Chen debated for a moment longer before he let out a sigh .

"Okay, looks like I still need to think a bit more . "

"I'm sorry I'm unable to help you on this," Hanna said apologetically .

Although BMA stated they had no solutions, Jiang Chen didn't give up just yet . If it wasn't possible in the modern world, it might not be as difficult in the apocalypse .

After seeing Hanna out the door, Jiang Chen returned to the gym . His discussion with Xia Shiyu about virtual reality helmets was interrupted halfway; now they could continue .

But when he went inside, he saw Xia Shiyu lying on the recliner with the helmet on .

Seeing her like this, Jiang Chen didn't wake her up . Instead, he closed the door gently .

"Why don't you use this opportunity to do something?"

Ayesha came from behind and hugged him .

"I'm not a pervert . " Jiang Chen facepalmed .

All five senses were blocked when the virtual reality helmet was active . Unless the user's environment exhibited high temperatures or other obvious changes, the safety protocol wouldn't be triggered . This was the reason why the helmet had to be worn in a private space - it was easy to be assaulted wearing the helmet in public .

"That's not what I told Xia Shiyu . " A faint smile appeared on Ayesha's face .

Jiang Chen's heart paused a beat then he turned his head . He picked Ayesha up and slung her over his shoulder as Ayesha gave a light shout .

"Oh? You're becoming more naughty . . . you dare to trick me?" Jiang Chen "fiercely" slapped her butt as it made a loud sound .


She began to kick her legs in the air . While rubbing against his firm shoulder, Ayesha let out a faint moan . She turned around and looked at Jiang Chen innocently . "I . . . I only wanted to help the both of you . "

Because of her movements on his shoulder, a cool sensation constantly brushed on the side of Jiang Chen's face which tickled his mind as well .

"Oh? How were you going to help?" Jiang Chen said with a smirk .

"I told her that… Tonight, I'll leave you to her," Ayesha said, frightened, as her eyes drifted to the gym back and forth, afraid that Xia Shiyu would wake up and see her in a difficult position .

Although it wasn't like she couldn't escape Jiang Chen's hold, she never imagined resisting him . . .

When he heard Ayesha's words, Jiang Chen facepalmed .

[You weren't helping - you only made the situation worse . ]

"Could you put me down? You can do this when no one is around…" Ayesha pleaded in a small voice .

"No, I plan to punish you . "

Jiang Chen had a wickedness to him and ignored her pleas as he carried Ayesha to the gym .

Since people must learn by example, he would punish the "student" in front of other people . At least for the next while, Xia Shiyu shouldn't wake up .

This was exhilarating .

Where did the skipping rope go? He never used it before and now he had to go find it .

The world seemed to be alive…

Perhaps because of Xia Yu's personality, she chose to be a magician known for her preciseness . But after registering the account, she didn't immediately start a mission or explore the wild, but rather, she began to tour the city as a "visitor . "

Other than the NPC who seemed to be alive, what impressed Xia Shiyu the most was that, in this world, she could see the world clearly without glasses .

It made sense since the images didn't need to pass through her cornea .

Therefore, even for the disabled, they could live in the virtual world like normal people . . . Staring at the leaves and branches swaying in the air and breathing in the fragrance of the flowers, Xia Shiyu sighed .

Seeing as it was getting late, she moved her finger in the air and chose the exit button .

Xia Shiyu took off her helmet as she sluggishly stretched her body and sat up . She felt refreshed and energized like she just took a great nap .

But then she sniffed her nose and raised her eyebrows slightly .

There was an odd smell in the air, but she couldn't distinguish what it was . It just made her heart beat faster .

"Illusion?" She muttered as she put the helmet away and walked outside .

In the hallway, she happened to bump into Ayesha with an air freshener in her hand .

The girl's face suddenly turned red and she hid the air freshener behind her back . Ayesha didn't say a single word as she briskly walked by with her head buried .

[Strange . ]

Xia Shiyu turned her head slightly but immediately shook her head and pushed her confusion to the back of her head .

[It's fine, I still have things to discuss with Jiang Chen…]