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Chapter 405: Immigration Wave

No . 1 Wanghai High School .

A young-looking math teacher with glasses was packing away his stuff in the office . Three days ago, he handed in his resignation letter . Today, the principal finally agreed .

"Guangpin, you're really not going to work here anymore?" The director stood beside him as he said reluctantly .

Li Guangpin was a teacher they hired three years ago . Although he was just an undergraduate student at that time, he demonstrated excellent teaching ability . With the philosophy that math can be fun, he employed a humorous but rigorous teaching style . Not only did he manage to increase a class with mediocre math scores to the best class today, but he also gained the respect and love of all the students in the class .

This type of teacher, not a single person would be willing to let him go . And because of that, the principal dragged out his resignation for three days before seeing that he had made up his mind and finally signed the letter without any other choice .

"Director Wang, you don't need to try and convince me anymore . " Li Guangpin smiled and stuffed a pen a student gifted him into his bag .

Director Wang let out a sigh . "Okay, I'll stop trying to convince you . "

Perhaps upset by the fact that a school executive personally tried to persuade him, a teacher correcting homework in a low voice said bitterly .

"Private high schools have better benefits, how could the small No . 1 High School hold your glorious presence . "

The voice was not too high, but not too low .

Director Wang's expression didn't look good, but he didn't say anything as he just pretended he didn't hear anything . Private schools acquiring talents from public schools had been giving the school executives headaches, but they could do nothing about it . Since "People walked up, water flowed down," talent could not just be retained by culture . Private school's salary and bonus structure are much better than public schools . It may be more tiring but was undoubtedly more attractive to young teachers with ambition and ability .

When he heard his coworker's words, Li Guangpin paused for a second, but he didn't mind and only smiled .

Although Wu Jiefeng had some conflicts with him in terms of awards, since they were no longer people from the same world, he didn't let it bother him .

"I'm not going to a private school, I'm going to teach overseas . "

"Overseas?" Director Wang was shocked .

"Mhmm, a few high schools in Xin posted positions, and I happened to pass the interview . They wanted me to come as soon as possible . " Although he used a casual voice, from the smile on his face, however, he was proud .

When they heard Li Guangpin's words, the teachers who were working on their own things began to chat amongst themselves .

"I saw the posting too . It is through a video conference with a salary of 4000 USD a month!" A male teacher whispered .

"Really?" A female teacher said, shocked .

4000 USD was 24000 RMB in salary, and it was just a starting level salary! To the average teacher at a public school, it was an astronomical number!

"It shouldn't be fake, Xin government is doing the hiring . They wanted to solve the lack of talent in their schools and hospitals, so they are offering a competitive package to oversea teachers and doctors . The news even went on Future 1 . 0's headline .

"Xin is this rich? Weren't they in a war before?" A Han teacher was skeptical .

"That was half a year ago . With the new government, they introduced a series of stimulating economic measures . They want to build Pannu Islands into the Hawaii of the west Pacific!" A slim male teacher said very vocally .

He was the type that enjoyed reading the news . Seeing how uninformed his coworkers were, he began to sell what he knew .

"Also, Xin introduced a labor immigration policy . Anyone with a work visa could apply for Xin nationality once they have worked two full years in Xin . "

"Old Li, once you get the green card, when we go visit you, you can't pretend not to know us . " A teacher that had a good relationship with Li Guangpin joked .

"Of course . Haha, once I settle down, I will invite you all over . "

Li Guangpin said goodbye to his colleagues .

Only one person in the entire office was gloomy; head uncomfortably buried, and eyes filled with jealousy . Wu Jiefeng would not tell other people that he saw the job and applied . But unfortunately, he was eliminated in the first round .

Similar scenes happened all over Xin .

It all originated from an immigration promotion video on Youtube . The entire video had three central ideas . The place was stunning, filled with work opportunities, and just waiting for you to go!

Then, the video was reposted by Future 1 . 0 news channel and hence spread across the country . This began a frenzied amount of reposting and comments . Compared with the lack of response in UA and Europe, the citizens of Hua had a favorable impression of Xin .

As to why?

It was because of the cultural similarity .

The only other country in the world that used Han as its official language . The Han society obviously felt close to Xin . People may fear the culture difference from immigrating to the UA or Europe, but it would not happen in Xin .

Especially when the place was filled with job opportunities, beautiful sceneries, a loose political structure, the desire to immigrant was even stronger . Another important thing was, the cost to immigrate to Xin was low .

Without the need for a lot of money, people could immigrate without money!

Two types of immigration policy were open; investing immigration or labor immigration .

Investing immigration had a policy of possessing property over one million or providing at least ten work positions in Xin . They would only need to submit proof to the Bureau of Immigration before they could directly obtain Xin nationality .

The labor immigration was even more accessible . Xin needed a tremendous workforce with an education background greater than high school . Any of the foreigners with a proof of work could immediately obtain a work visa . As long as they work over two years in Xin, they would obtain permanent resident status while enjoying the same social benefits as citizens . Work for five years, and they could obtain Xin nationality .

For companies looking to hire enough people, Xin even pushed a special policy . Any of the companies requiring labor could post its hiring needs on Xin's minister of foreign affair website to ease the process .

In the country where everything was in its infancy, anyone could find a position that belonged to them . Han's curiosity and longing for Xin were just like European's longing for America in the 18th century .

The day the immigration policy was made available, Xin's embassies received a total of 4410 immigration applicants with two-thirds coming from Hua . It wouldn't take long before the lack of a labor force that's disturbing the growth of Xin would be solved by the gradually heated immigration wave!