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Chapter 406: The Relaxing Time on the Beach

It has been over half a month since Xia Shiyu arrived at Coro Island . She had spent a relaxing time there, but it made life tough on Jiang Chen . Because the two girls slept together, Jiang Chen basically had no intimate time with Ayesha .

The only thing that made it worthwhile was that Ayesha and Xian Shiyu's relationship got a lot closer . Perhaps because they slept on the same bed, the faint hostility Xia Shiyu had toward Ayesha faded after a half month of meshing together .

All in all, the three people lived harmoniously together . Xia Shiyu spent the day working at home, Jiang Chen stayed out among islands, and Ayesha would sometimes drive for Jiang Chen, occasionally visit Jiang Chen's parents and do the chores in the mansion from time to time .

The busiest half month passed by . Jiang Chen and Xia Shiyu both had free time . To treat himself for his hard work, Jiang Chen proposed a vacation on his private island .

To Jiang Chen's proposal, Xia Shiyu only hesitated for a moment before she agreed . After such high-stress work, the rare trip to the beautiful southern island would be a waste if not enjoyed now . Since she lived most of her life among the noise of the city, the proposal was indeed attractive to her .

As to Ayesha, she never had any opinions on Jiang Chen's proposals . She was timider than a small lamb .

Therefore, the two days' vacation had been agreed on .

Other than the nine islands, hundreds of deserted islands also spanned across Pannu Islands . Some of them looked only as big as a house with a single wave capable of flooding the entire island . Some of them were as big as New Moon Island, only uninhibited due to the lack of access to fresh water .

This inhibited island was 170 nautical miles to the east of Coro Island, one of the islands was sold to Jiang Chen from Xin government . The island was one square kilometer big with dense vegetation in the middle of the island and was surrounded by beaches on all sides . Other than the wooden cabin on the beach, there was no other facility on the island .

Jiang Chen intended to retain the original scenery of the island .

"You certainly know how to enjoy life," Xia Shiyu exclaimed .

She lied soothingly on the recliner . Staring at the waves mixed with white bubbles and feeling the saline sea wind that swayed her hairs, she sucked on the cold orange juice . It was like living in heaven .

Xia Shiyu felt all her weariness leave her body . Her mood couldn't have been better .

"I'll take that as a compliment . But to be honest, this is my first time on the island too," leaning on the chair with his arms under his head, Jiang Chen said sluggishly .

"Oh really?" Xia Shiyu turned her head .

The sea blue two-piece swimsuit fitted perfectly on her figure of perfection . Although she didn't intentionally show off her body, her gorgeous face was revealed without anything obstructing it . The water droplets left on her body after playing among the waves sparkled on her smooth leg, just like a lotus after the morning dew .

"What are you looking at . " Sensing Jiang Chen's gaze, Xia Shiyu felt her face burn . She put on a straight face and said with some harshness to hide the panic in her heart .

Under the sunlight that made people lazy, Jiang Chen answered without processing it in his head .

"A hot girl . "

"…" Xia Shiyu bit her lower lip and turned around to hide her burning red face .

Looking at the door, Ayesha had a smile on her face .

Their progress was far better than she had expected…

The sun began to slide down the east coast . Under the ray of the dusk, Jiang Chen began to set up the BBQ on the beach, took out the ingredients and beer that was chilled on the boat, and began to prepare for a bonfire party .

As he chugged the cold beer while biting on the crispy and golden skewers, Jiang Chen was thrilled by the experience . On the contrary, Xia Shiyu was more reserved as she ate the skewers bite by bite, enjoying the delicacy .

As to Ayesha, compared to eating, she seemed to enjoy being eaten… Mhmm, that sounded weird . Correction, she enjoyed watching the happiness that flowed out of Jiang Chen and his praises when he ate her work .

After a nice dinner, they cleaned up the garbage, and the three fooled around on the beach for a while before they lied back down .

Peace returned to the beach .

As Jiang Chen stared at the sun slowly descending, Jiang Chen abruptly asked .

"Are you leaving the day after tomorrow?"

Xia Shiyu was silent and then nodded .

"Mhmm, I have been away for a while, I have to be there for a lot of things . "

"It's been hard on you . " Jiang Chen sighed .

"Not at all . " Xia Shiyu shook her head and watched the same dusk . "Although tiring, not hard . "

To be able to prove her worth was something she dreamed of doing, why would she think it is hard? Or rather, it was an exhilarating experience to be able to witness the growth of an internet empire in her own hands .

The dusk glided a golden edge on her face . The faint smile on her face made Jiang Chen hold his breath .

It was not her stunning beauty, but something even brighter .

But then, Ayesha suddenly stood in front of Jiang Chen and put him behind her .

"What's going on?" Jiang Chen asked .

"Helicopter . ' Ayesha's eyes narrowed as she gazed at the sky . Her eyes became alert and flickered with cautiousness .

Following Ayesha's sight, he also discovered the black dot that surfaced in the distance .

Not long after, the edges of the helicopter become more and more clear .

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows at the miniature helicopter . He didn't remember buying this model . He became more alert and prepared to take out his weapons from the storage dimension .

But when he saw the person at the side hatch, his loosened up, sighed, and sat back down .

"By the looks of it, the higher being doesn't want me to have a good vacation . "

As he muttered, he drank the last drops of his orange juice .

. . .

Frankberg, the library of the University of Ber .

The dusk had long been gone, but the library was still bright from inside out .

A teen with a relatively attractive face sat at the corner of the library and concentrated on the laptop in front of him with his fingers typing furiously on the keyboard . Other than the laptop computer, a couple of German computer textbooks laid on his table along with a cup of black coffee .

When he pressed the last button, Xie Lei let out some of the air in his chest and sunk into the chair .

It has been half a month . The opponent hid carefully, and their skills were impressive, but they finally exposed some information . After breaking through a series of firewalls, Xie Lei finally managed to capture the real IP masked behind layers of fake IPs .

The IP was located in Poland .

After Xie Lei captured the real IP, he didn't alert the opponent . Instead, he used the opportunity when the opponent relayed information back to send the Trojan program to their computer . The Trojan program would not do any harm to the computer, it would only package some of the documents in the computer discreetly and discreetly transfer the information back to his computer .

Watching the progress bar on the screen, an egotistical look appeared on his face .

"Let me see who you are . "

As Xie Lei muttered, he reached for the coffee on the table .

But when his finger touched the cup, a couldn't be helped expression surfaced .

The coffee was cold .

He looked up at the clock on the wall, he mumbled .

"Already 8?"

He'll just do the rest at home…

He was a bit hungry . Seeing that the progress bar was complete, he stood up, put the laptop on his back, and headed out .

But just when Xie Lei went downstairs, he caught a glimpse of two black vehicles parked outside .

Four men in black suits and shades walked out and headed to the front door of the library .

"Did the library do some donation program again? But it's already so late . " Xie Lei mumbled to himself and didn't mind these people .

When he passed by the men in black, however, he felt a chill run down his spine .

It was as if a venomous snake was staring at him .

Fortunately, the feeling faded away in a glimpse .

Perhaps because he looked too young, the sight of the men in black stopped for a second before they left as they began to scan in the library .

But just in that one glimpse, Xie Lei felt his entire back was drenched in cold sweat .

[Dammit, what kind of people did that guy mess with?]

Xie Lei left the library and cursed in his mind . Instincts told him that the men in black were definitely not friendly individuals . They were probably looking for him!

IP location was reversibly trackable, and he didn't have a clue! With how fast they responded, they had been monitoring him for a while .

If he stayed in the library, the consequence would be unimaginable .

Also, he was lucky that he used the library's wifi…

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