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Chapter 408: Arms Sale and Conditions

When the three ladies returned, it was almost nine o'clock .

The pursuit of beauty was a natural tendency for women . When they found out that the hot springs could slim down their figures in addition to whitening and contracting their pores, they all agreed unanimously to stay there a bit longer, so it was late when they got back .

After they dragged their weary bodies back to the beach cabin, all three dived into the bathroom to wash off the sand and seawater from their bodies and change into new clothes . Then Natasha, still unsatisfied, proposed another BBQ on the beach .

Xia Shiyu and Ayesha rejected the idea at first because it was easy to gain weight from eating at night, but Natasha didn't care for their opinions . Seeing as no one was going to accompany her, she set up everything by herself in front of the hut and took out food from the fridge as if it was her house .

In comparison to Ayesha and Xia Shiyu who were both full, she didn't eaten dinner yet .

Because Xia Shiyu couldn't resist the temptation of BBQ meat, she forced herself to sleep . On the other hand, Ayesha had mental fortitude and ignored the smells carried by the wind . But Jiang Chen's resistance was much weaker as his eyes lit up when he smelled the meat .

Because he didn't need to worry about his weight with his body superior to that of Superman's, it wouldn't be a problem even if he ate a cow .

"Sigh, it's so nice to be rich; being an agent means you have to worry about being shot every day . " Natasha chewed on the BBQ while chugging down a cold beer as she swung around her wet blonde hair .

"You make it sound like it's so easy to be one . " Jiang Chen made a skewer disappear as he grinned .

Russian BBQ was like Turkey's roast meat, but it was his first time seeing the meat mixed with orange juice and red wine . Mixed with garlic, even if the meat was relatively big, it was delicious nonetheless .

"I just have to marry rich . " Natasha' lips raised as she put her bottle to the side .

Jiang Chen glanced at her flat but athletic abs; he didn't know where all the food she ate went .

"Then that wealthy man's life would be miserable; his wife is a KGB agent, so he must prevent himself from doing anything naughty outside . "

"Is that so? To men with ability, I don't mind how many women he has . " Natasha glanced at Jiang Chen's beach shorts and said aggressively, "But without ability, it's better not to bring trouble on oneself . "

[Fu*k, why don't you try to see if I have the ability or not, I'll make you… Mhmm, I can't fall for her tricks . ]

Jiang Chen's arousal was quickly suppressed .

He paused for a moment before changing the topic .

"Earlier, you said I'm being monitored . "

"That's right, being monitored by me . " Natasha's chuckled .

"Be serious . " He glared at her .

"Let's first talk about the arms sale . " Natasha also diverted the topic .

"Is this an added condition?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows .

"Not exactly, but since you want us to share our intelligence with you, at least convince us that we're standing on the same frontier together . " Natasha leaned on a wooden post while she stretched her legs out sluggishly .

"Can't I stay neutral?' Jiang Chen ignored her seductive position and smiled .

Natasha tossed her hair behind her back as she audaciously burped, then she looked mockingly at Jiang Chen . "Neutrality is the dumbest choice, especially when you have NATO allies surrounding you . "

"You do make a good point . " He laughed . "Then should I accept the friendly gestures from the UA or stand with you? You guys have been dragged into a mud pit in Eastern Europe and aren't in the best state due to the problems in Syria . "

The meaning was obvious: [You guys can't even hold your own - what makes you attractive enough for me to stand with you?]

"You won't join the UA as long as you're not dumb . " Natasha shook her head .

"Oh? Explain . "

"Country F is an ally of UA, but in establishing a strategic balance in the Asia-Pacific, did F manage to gain a lot out of it?" Natasha said with a grin .

"So, we choose not to stand with anyone," Jiang Chen said dubiously .

"You're like a beautiful girl with an ambiguous attitude towards your pursuers . But have you considered that since you're a needle stuck in the second island chain to block China, the UA will keep compromising with you? There are two methods to conquer a woman; one is to use flattering words, the other is to use force . " Natasha gave a derogatory but easy-to-understand analogy .

"Is that so?" Jiang Chen scoffed .

[Funny, I haven't even taken out your nuclear weapons yet! If it wasn't for Xin being in a state of economic development to avoid unnecessary international problems, Xin could be a part of the nuclear club right now . It's a bit too early, but once I establish a few nuclear silos in the Pacific, even the five thugs will have to be afraid . ]

Natasha noticed that Jiang Chen was silent . Thinking that he didn't believe her, she laughed, "Don't forget what happened in Kane . "

"What happened?"

"If the UA is willing, they only need one billion USD to form a 'civilian force' equipped with tanks and artillery in Xin . " Natasha wolfed down another skewer .

To Natasha's words, Jiang Chen only laughed .

"I will consider your arms sale, but our stance to maintain neutrality internationally will not change . Arms sales in Hua have a much lower barrier compared to you guys . If you insist on adding conditions then I hope we can form a partnership in other areas instead . "

[Whatever, it's not like you're the only store . Only Iran and India are willing to do arms business with Russia . Who's more eager to expand into the international arms market? Natural gas and crude oil from Eastern Europe are no longer highly sought after . Without arms sales, what do you have to feed the almost bankrupt arms plants?]

Natasha's eyebrows raised as she said expressionlessly .

"If you purchase Han firearms, the UA will be tense . "

This was indeed true - compared to Russia who had nothing to do with South Asian affairs, an arms sale from Hua would have a higher chance of crossing UA boundaries . But Natasha clearly ignored a key point:

"We are a private company; we don't represent the country of Xin . "

This was a shameless excuse .

The mercenary Xin hired had nothing to do with the Xin government . Although everyone knew that Celestial was Xin's unofficial army, the army was not controlled by the government after all .

After a long silence, Natasha spoke with her eyes narrowed . "You are devious . "

"Thank you for your compliment . If you are interested in doing business without conditions, can you first tell me how you are monitoring me?"

Natasha spoke a name which made Jiang Chen surprised .

"Willie society .

"Willie society?" With shock in Jiang Chen's eyes, he frowned . "Aren't they only active in Eastern Europe?"

"Who told you they're only active in Eastern Europe?" Natasha continued, "Their eyes are all over Europe . We call them Neo-Nazis; NATO refers to them as reformed 'good friends . " What's important is not how they made history but the role they play now . "

"What role do they play now?"

"The disruptor of Eastern Europe," Natasha said emotionlessly . "NATO provides them with funding, intelligence support, and even weapons, attempting to use these Nazis to prevent us from unifying our people-"

"But what does it have to do with me?" Jiang Chen frowned .

South Asia and Eastern Europe were two completely distinct places .

"That's what we're curious about too . " Natasha turned to look at Jiang Chen . "What does it have to do with you?"

Jiang Chen paused then asked:

"Do you not know either? I thought you could give me answers . "

"KGB's influence is nowhere near as strong as before . " Natasha sighed . "Willie society surfaced in the Gorbachev era . During that time, we could no longer even look after ourselves; there was too much bloodshed in our domestic conflicts… For so many years, our agents only managed to obtain one keyword . "

"What keyword?" Watching the waves, Jiang Chen asked nonchalantly .

"The Golden Apple . "

Jiang Chen's pupils instantly contracted .

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