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Chapter 409: It was not a Secret after all.

[The Golden Apple? The fu*king Golden Apple again . ]

Two clues intermingled in his head .

Based on the Golden Apple symbol on Carmen's ring, Rothschild may have some connection to the Golden Apple .

Based on Natasha's words, Willie society was also connected to the Golden Apple .

Then Rothschild must be connected to the Willie society somehow!


Jiang Chen frowned but immediately rejected the thought .

The Rothschild family was Jewish and even supported the founding of Israel . Considering what Natasha said, the Willie society consisted of Neo-Nazis . Therefore, the two groups had to be in an eternal rivalry .

[So, are they competitors then?]

Jiang Chen closed his eyes; his deductive skills were only mediocre at best . Without any more clues, this was the only conclusion he arrived at .

Natasha definitely didn't provide him with all the information . Jiang Chen wasn't even sure how much they know about the Golden Apple .

"Have you heard of the Golden Apple?" Natasha asked .

"The apple that Eve and Adam ate?" Jiang Chen disguised the shock in his mind and spoke with a smile .

He wouldn't tell Natasha what the Golden Apple actually was, just like how she must've held back some information from him . It was better to play the fool now; his instincts told him that a lot of people were searching for the Apple .

It was obvious as to why everyone wanted to control the mystery behind the Nazi's technology .

Natasha's question may have been a test to begin with .

Although Jiang Chen really wanted to explain to her that the knock-off Golden Apple was at best a one-way radio that received certain information based on a specific time frame but didn't possess the ability to communicate with the future… No one would accept his explanation anyways .

"… You need to catch up on your history; the Golden Apple originated from Greek Mythology, not the . " Natasha glared at him and took a sip of beer .

"Is that so? I will remember your words . It's getting late, time to sleep . " Jiang Chen got up and headed inside .

"Hello? About the arms - are you going to buy them or not?" Natasha turned her head and shouted at him with her mouth reeking of alcohol .

"Submarines and vessels – I'll only buy these two, nothing else . "

Jiang Chen closed the door .

. . .

[Submarines and vessels, those are going to be hard to secure…] Natasha frowned .

Although they were included as part of the arms sales project, they were usually only sold to their allies .

[It was better to contact the ministry of national defense…]

Natasha took out her satellite phone .

What she didn't know was that Ayesha, in the next room, was monitoring her calls under Jiang Chen's instructions .

Jiang Chen had a great sleep that night .

What woke him up from his dream was the sound of the tide shuffling and the tickling of his ear .

He opened his eyes and saw a pair of sapphire-like pupils .

It was Ayesha .

She was kneeling beside the bed, watching him quietly .

"Are you a cat?" Jiang Chen caressed her face with a smile .

It was rumored that cats would observe their owners while they slept . Although he didn't know if the urban legend was true or not, Jiang Chen thought Ayesha gazing at him was cute .

Ayesha closed her eyes as she leaned her head against Jiang Chen's warm head and gently asked:

"Should we go see the sunrise first or eat breakfast?"

"Let's see the sunrise first," Jiang Chen said then sat up on the bed .

After a few routine stretching exercises, he walked outside with Ayesha .

When he was outside, he was surprised to find that Natasha was already up . And by the looks of it, she already took a morning jog .

"I'm really curious – considering how sluggish your routine is, could you still beat me now?" Looking at Jiang Chen with eyes still half-closed, Natasha joked .

[Funny, do I need to exercise to beat you?]

Jiang Chen ignored Natasha and walked out on the beat, took a breath of fresh air, faced the turbulent waves and shouted .


This loud roar felt so delightful . With Natasha rolling her eyes, Jiang Chen laughed presumptuously then took Ayesha to go wake Xia Shiyu up .

The four of them then headed to the east beach to watch the sunrise and returned to the cabin for breakfast .

Right now, the satellite TV in the living room was playing CNN's morning news .

The news was reporting on the open trial records of the supreme court of Xin regarding the captured country F soldiers . 41 F soldiers who disguised as pirates and trespassed on another country's territory shocked the world; it made the world understand how shameless a country could be . The 59 casualties were unfortunate but deserved . Xin's government was willing to return the soldiers' bodies back; they would mockingly place country F's flag on the 59 caskets .

The Han media had the biggest reaction and the most unified response . They stood firmly with Xin and criticized F's hideous actions, and they also stated that F's actions in the south sea were unreasonable .

Because CNN had an ideology in line with the Liberal party, while they questioned some of the actions of Xin, they mostly mocked F's unlawful "government-organized pirates . "

Aquino called for two press conferences that day - one international while the other would target the domestic population in an attempt to change F's image, but it was futile .

"I can't believe your security is actually pretty good . I remember F used to conduct joint military exercises with the UA before . " Natasha stuffed some buttered toast into her mouth while she chatted casually .

"So what? My soldiers are superior to them," Jiang Chen said nonchalantly .

[It's because of technology . ]

M4A1's bullets couldn't penetrate the polyethylene blast board of the kinetic skeleton, but the Reaper assault rifle could penetrate most of the walls they used as cover .

"No wonder you just need submarines and vessels . " Natasha grinned before she gobbled down the last piece of toast .

"So? What's your verdict?" Jiang Chen asked .

"I'm not the one calling the shots . I can only relay information, so I passed your request to the Kremlin . " Natasha crossed her arms and leaned into her chair .

[Is that so?]

The tips of Jiang Chen's mouth imperceptibly curled up .

He listened to her phone call with the Kremlin last night . Her superiors' orders for her were to try to persuade him, even if she had to sacrifice her body to better understand his connection with the Golden Apple .

Therefore, the Russians obviously understood the "use" of the Golden Apple .

Since Willie society was investigating him, the KGB became interested in him as well – this was the only explanation .

Also, Jiang Chen heard from yesterday's conversation that the Kremlin already agreed on the arms sale because they really needed money . And Jiang Chen was a person with money who wasn't "picky" and willing to pay for their inactive vessels .

They were right - Jiang Chen really didn't care about the outdated technology their vessels and submarines contained since he could make modifications . For example, he could replace the engine, missiles, anti-radar equipment, and add life-detection devices .

"I'm really curious if Xin knows that the head of security for Russian diplomats is a KGB agent . What kind of expression would president Zhang have?" Jiang Chen said with a joking voice .

"It would depend on what expression you want him to have, right?" Natasha glared at Jiang Chen as she grinned back .

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes .

It wasn't a secret after all .

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