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Chapter 411: The Clash on the Expressway

The back popped open, and a soldier in a black, special forces uniform raised the rifle in his hand as the muzzle pointed directly at Ayesha in the driver seat .

The instant Ayesha saw the rifle, she released her foot on the gas and slammed the brakes while her hands turned the steering wheel rapidly .

The screeching tires left black skid marks on the ground; their car skidded to a small road beside the highway . At the same time, the rifles began to fire .


The rifles unleashed a barrage of bullets . With the jumping sparks and bullets, Jiang Chen saw with the illumination of the bullets that two shooters were inside .

The windshield shattered and glass scattered all over their bodies . The bullets also left a trail of bullet holes on the car roof . People on the street let out deafening screams as they ran for their lives and put distance between themselves and the scene unfolding in front of them . The cars on the street were also in a panic as they desperately tried to maintain control; some even slammed onto the sidewalk .


Ayesha shouted in pain as blood splattered on her shoulder and began to spread on her white shirt .


Witnessing the blood splattering, Jiang Chen's pupils violently contracted as rage filled his body . He almost uncontrollably entered Fury .

"I'm okay . "

With gritted teeth, Ayesha's hands stayed on the steering wheel as she drove the car back onto the highway .

Using a nitrogen shield in this enclosed space would cause suffocation, so Jiang Chen could only duck with Ayesha to avoid the bullets whizzing above their heads .

"Drive to the port . " Jiang Chen took out the PK2000 from the storage dimension while suppressing his internal rage .


Beyond the rubber posts beside the road was the sea . With one simple mistake, they could end up in the ocean, but Ayesha wouldn't allow that to happen . Even if the pain in her left arm was about to make her lose consciousness, she still grasped the steering wheel tightly .

Fortunately, not a lot of people took this route to the deep-water harbor; it was just their two cars in the middle of a Hollywood-esque pursuit .

The car stabilized as Jiang Chen smashed his car window open with the barrel of his gun before he took aim at the shooter .

But before he could fire, the opponent was quick to react . The shooter who climbed on top of the truck fired at Jiang Chen's hands outside his window .

The bullets barely whizzed by Jiang Chen's hands, forcing him to retract them . These people obviously received specialized training with more accurate shooting compared to average soldiers . Even Jiang Chen, who had experienced battles before, felt a sense of danger from these men .

"Fu*k you," Jiang Chen cursed as he took a heat sensor grenade from the storage dimension and tossed it out the window .

Trailed by flames, the heat-seeking grenade made a noticeable pause in the air before it redirected its course and flew to the small truck .

With flames and a large explosion, the top was blown off the truck . But these shooters were obviously prepared - not only was the truck reinforced, but even the windows were bulletproof . The truck rammed through the smoke of the explosion, remaining hot in pursuit .

Due to loss of blood, Ayesha's eyesight was beginning to blur, but she still held the wheel tightly and locked her gaze onto the curved road ahead . Jiang Chen noticed that a fine mist of sweat covered her forehead .

Jiang Chen noticed her seat was stained red; his heart was bleeding .

He took a deep breath as he lowered his head .

"Stop the car . "

"I can still do it . " Ayesha's lower lip was about to bleed, but her foot didn't release the gas .

"I said stop the car, I'm going to kill them . " Jiang Chen's pupils turned into a crimson red .

The daunting crimson red reflected his bloodthirsty fury .

Not far in the distance, a black helicopter appeared in the air as it maintained the same speed as the car . Jiang Chen noticed there was a sniper at the hatch door, aiming into the distance .

The sniper didn't shoot, perhaps afraid of hitting Jiang Chen .

They intended to kidnap, not assassinate .

"No… Your secret will be revealed . We're almost at the port – there's no one there . " The rare occasion when Ayesha went against Jiang Chen's wishes, she stuttered .

"Fu*k! Is your life more important or is the fu*king secret more important?!"

Roaring, Jiang Chen kicked open his car door .

When she heard these words, Ayesha's face instantly turned red .

But before she could relish this warm feeling, her eyes widened in shock .


Jiang Chen ignored her words as he ripped off his seatbelt .

A grim smile surfaced on his face as he jumped out of the car and dropped to the sea, ten something meters below .

"If there are fu*king reefs down there, I'll be done . "

With his eyes locked onto the sea, Jiang Chen gritted his teeth .


Staring at the splash created on the sea surface, everyone was shocked .

They didn't expect Jiang Chen to jump .

This type of courage wasn't typical of a rich person . In their heads, Jiang Chen would get out of the car and beg on the ground for their mercy, just like the influential people they kidnapped before .

The truck came to a sudden stop . The black helicopter also hovered above the area where Jiang Chen jumped . No one bothered with the car Ayesha was in .

They only had one mission: to capture Jiang Chen and use him as a hostage to force a swap . The moment the helicopter lifted off the fishing boat, it appeared on New Moon Island's radar . The force stationed on New Moon Island was on its way; if these kidnappers couldn't secure the target quickly, they would be surrounded .

"Fu*k, is that guy crazy?" A bearded man with brown skin cursed as he jumped out from the back of the truck .

Their uniforms had a small arrow representing their identity .

Arrow Military Company .

Registered in South Africa, they were stationed on the island of Madagascar across the Mozambican Strait . They were one of the most despicable private military companies in the world . Most of their members were retired NATO soldiers who participated in the Iraq war . For a generous sum, they were willing to turn on the force they served without any consideration, or they could help the CIB capture drug lords in Africa .

They were hired by the country F government .

They had to capture the primary shareholder of Celestial Trade and threaten him to pressure the Xin government to release the 41 captured F soldiers .

F finally learned its lesson . When they realized their "special force" was no match, they decisively threw out ten million USD and hired international experts to conduct this operation .

"Change of plan . Team C, move to coordinate (301,212) . " Another soldier in a helmet got out of the car and scanned the sea surface before he immediately spoke into the microphone attached to his ear .

"Roger . "

The large fishing boat docked 10 kilometers away suddenly moved to where the helicopter was hovering .

"Team A, follow me to build a line of defense . Team B, help me retrieve the package . "

"Affirmative . "

The truck stopped in the middle of the road . A soldier brought out machine guns and rocket launchers from the back of the truck while the other three made an "L" shaped barrier and set it around the truck .

The engine of the helicopter roared as it slowly made its descent .

Waves began to form on the surface of the sea because of the turbulence created by the helicopter . A soldier in diving gear with a rope attached to his back signaled his comrade before he dived inside .

"Did you find him?"

Fortunately, there were no reefs under the water - the target should still be alive .


He turned on his searchlights . The diver moved underwater while searching for the target .

The water wasn't deep, but the jagged reefs and corals obstructed some of his vision . When the light scanned the area, the Clownfish swam away to hide in seaweed, but a crab just stayed there blowing bubbles .

"Sh*t, where is that guy hiding?" The diver cursed .

The soldiers in the helicopter watched the police force appearing at the entrance of the road, preparing their rifles .

"Liam, stop playing, quickly . "

"I know… sh*t! What is that!? Ahhh!"

"Liam! What happened! Liam!"

Watching the blood gradually bubble up to the surface, the soldier in the helicopter widened his eyes . When he saw the object appearing on the surface of the water, dumbfounded, a single word came out of his mouth .


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