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Chapter 412: Tearing it Up


Because of Jiang Chen's body position when he dived in, the sea surface contacted his chest . Even considering his strength, the collision was still able to force some water into his mouth .

Bubbles rose to the surface .

He maintained his downward momentum and tried his hardest to hold his breath while swimming forward .

When his hand reached ten meters under the surface of the water and he confirmed that the people above couldn't see to this distance, Jiang Chen immediately started interdimensional travel .

The force of the water squeezing his body instantly disappeared as he appeared on the bed in the mansion in the apocalypse, completely wet .

Without stopping, Jiang Chen took out the backup T-3 power armor he kept in the storage dimension and squeezed inside .

The four turbine engines behind the armor contracted inward and closed the engine outlet . The vents around the armor were all closed and the oxygen storage system inside the armor opened . The entire power armor was closed off from the external environment, preventing any material exchange with the outside world .

In theory, neither the airdrop type or the land type power armor could be used to dive under water because the massive amount of metal in the armors caused it to sink . There was also no air inside the water, so the turbine engines in the power armor using air as force would naturally lose their function .

But while the power armor had no diving functions, it could act as a simple waterproof suit!

After confirming the equipment was operational, a grim smile surfaced on Jiang Chen's face .

"See how I will torture you all . "

Interdimensional travel, activated!

Just as he left, Sun Jiao pushed open the door .

Seeing the empty room and the wet sheets, she pouted her mouth in disappointment .

"I thought you were back for good . "

But seeing as he came back only temporarily, he must've met some trouble on the other side .

When Sun Jiao realized this, she began to worry .

"If only you could take me there . "

She sighed .

She grabbed the wet sheets before she walked out .

The water in his surroundings was emitting an even amount of pressure . Just as Jiang Chen appeared on this side, his eyes fell upon a diving mask . Although he couldn't see the expression of the person behind it, judging by the person's stopped movements, he was shocked .

The shock only lasted for a second before he immediately raised his underwater pistol .

With a trail of white bubbles, the bullet hit Jiang Chen's armor and deflected without any damage done .

Jiang Chen immediately stepped on the seabed and without pulling out his gun, he grabbed the person's face .

"Ahhhh, glooglooo-!"

With his face stuck, the diver desperately fought for his life .

The person's sounds of agony rang out, but Jiang Chen didn't care as he grabbed his head with a grim smile and freely unleashed his anger . He smashed the person's head on the reefs by the side .

"Go die!"

His head exploded like a watermelon . The nearby group of fish scattered because of the blood that began to diffuse through the water .

Jiang Chen tossed aside his corpse . He took out a knife, cut the rope on his back, grabbed the rope and looped it a few times around his own hand .

Another grim smile appeared on his face again as Jiang Chen ascended to the surface along with the diffused blood .

Just as he was about to reach the surface, Jiang Chen's left arm violently pulled the rope and leaped out of the water .

"Liam is down . "

"Cut the rope!"

"No, ascend, we'll seek revenge for Liam!" The soldier took out his machine gun, attached a hook to the helicopter door and set the machine gun on the side of the helicopter with blood-red eyes .

"Turn the head, quick!"

"Roger . " The pilot pulled up the helicopter .

The rotor blades instantly began to accelerate as the helicopter quickly climbed in elevation; the three-hundred-kilogram mass that was Jiang Chen was nothing for the mid-sized helicopter . At the same time, the pilot "dashed forward" while "rotating the head . " Using the momentum of the helicopter, the power armor at the tip of the rope began swinging in the air .

The crosshairs locked onto Jiang Chen at the tip of the rope . The soldier maintained his aim while trying to keep still from the momentum of the helicopter . He pressed fire with a ferocious expression .

"Go die, monster-!"

The bullets hit the surface of the armor . The 12 . 7 mm caliber machine gun bullets were deflected by the power armor and just left a trail of barely visible dents on the surface of the black paint .

Sparks flew everywhere . The light was blinding to the eye, but it didn't do any damage to Jiang Chen .

At the same time, a battle on the highway was already underway . Xin police cars lined up in the middle of the road while exchanging fire with the three mercenaries stationed around the truck . But in terms of firepower and experience, the Xin police force was clearly weaker than the experienced mercenaries . With their light machine guns set up behind barriers, the mercenaries quickly managed to gain the upper hand in the exchange .

Jiang Chen wanted to use the minigun on his right arm to finish the group of mercenaries, but his eyes caught the people screaming on the street in the distance as well as a few people, unafraid of death, raising their phones to record the whole ordeal . He quickly changed his mind as he put his arms above his head, pretending to be completely helpless .

"Dammit! I can't penetrate this thing!" The cold air cut his lips as the soldier roared out while he took out another clip .

"Don't bother with that thing! Bob! Cut the rope and get rid of him! Use your machine gun to take down the ground units!"

"Affirmative… Fu*k!" A few bullets flew by Bob's forehead, causing him to be immediately drenched in a cold sweat .

A pickup truck in police camouflage drove to the road not far away, and behind the pickup truck was a Type 67-2 heavy machine gun . It was the type of machine gun removed from the Pannu force's armory because Celestial didn't need such an old weapon, so it was left with the police department . It now had a use .

"Fu*k, are they the police or terrorists?!"

Bob ducked down in fear .

At the same time, the sound of bullets hitting the helicopter surface echoed inside .

The pilot immediately moved the helicopter up while dragging the annoying power armor away from Coro Island .

"The enemy has anti-air units! Team A, you're on your own!" He shouted into the microphone .

"Affirmative, head to the retreating point and meet with team C . "

"Okay! . . . Bob, why's that metal thing still hanging on there?!" The pilot turned his head and asked his comrade in the back .

"Wait, I'll cut it off now . "

"Hold on! Find a deserted island; we need to get revenge for Liam!" the mercenary beside Bob said with fierce eyes .

"Heh, great point . " Bob sneered as he retracted his knife .

When he saw the helicopter leaving Coro Island, Jiang Chen's eyes began to turn cold as a curvature appeared on his lips .

[Wait until I can't see Coro Island, it will be your death sentence!]

The mercenaries clearly didn't realize what they were dragging along; they thought it was just a "dragon scale" full-body bulletproof suit . Aside from the armor's sci-fi looking appearance, it didn't look dangerous at all at a surface level .

But soon they would feel deep regret for this mistake .

One of these wiped out an entire elite CIB agent force!

They flew around Coro Island for ten minutes before the pilot finally found an appropriate island . With jagged cliffs at the bottom, a sneer appeared on his face as he hovered the helicopter 2000 meters above the island .

Falling down from this height, the armor would definitely be shattered into pieces, even if it was made out of titanium .

"Bob, do it!"

"Affirmative . " Bob put his machine gun to the side as he took out his dagger . He smiled grimly at Jiang Chen without knowing any better . "Goodbye, buddy-"

But his expression quickly froze .

Jiang Chen took out the tactical rifle on his waist, aiming it at him .


After unleashing the bullets, Jiang Chen also pressed the trigger with the same grim smile .

A bullet penetrated the soldier's head . The knife slipped out from his hand and fell into the ocean along with him .

"Dammit! Bob is down too!"

When the pilot saw the rifle in Jiang Chen's hand that appeared out of nowhere, he felt a fear he never felt before, but since he was an experienced soldier, he immediately made a decisive choice .

"Jim! Cut the rope-"

As he said the first word, the mercenary called Jim was already doing exactly that .

But it was too late .

The helicopter tilted .

Jiang Chen jerked on the rope with his left arm while the turbine engines behind his back burst out and quickly shortened the distance between himself and the helicopter .

Jim cut the rope, but it was too late . A moment later, he met Jiang Chen at the hatch .

Jim's expression was as if he had seen a ghost!

"Here's your rope . "

Jiang Chen smiled maliciously . He lifted up his left arm, still wrapped by the rope, and punched .

The sound of steel crashing through bone faded quickly . Blood splashed onto the power armor .

"Die, Devil!" Another soldier screamed, dove onto the helicopter floor, raised his rifle and fired it as fast as he could .

Bullets bounced within the narrow space . Jiang Chen glanced at his frightened expression for a moment then instantly popped his head .

"Fu*k! Fu*k! Fu*k!"

The pilot tried to tilt the helicopter in an attempt to force this demigod out of the open hatch door . But instead, he merely dropped out the two corpses .

Sensing his intentions, Jiang Chen laughed contemptuously .

"You really don't welcome me . "

Jiang Chen abided by the pilot's wishes . He shook his head and jumped out of the helicopter .

But before he jumped out, he left a small gift .

A pulled EMP grenade .

"Sh*t! Finally got rid of him . " The pilot quickly checked the condition of the rotor blades .

The assistant pilot was curled in his seat, still traumatized .

"What is that monster?"

"Who knows! Fu*k! Those guys never said he was like this… Wait, wait, what's going on?!"

A static noise entered his ears .

The space immediately turned white . The pilot desperately shook the joystick in desperation, but it was futile .

"Fu*k! What are you doing!?"

"I, I don't know! Dammit! AHHHHHH!"

With a trail of blue flames behind his back, Jiang Chen descended slowly in the air .

As he watched the helicopter fall 2000 meters in the sky, he sneered .

But just as he was watching the helicopter crashing to the earth, he swore and slapped himself on the forehead .

[Fu*k, forgot to leave one alive!]

He shook his head with a wry smile . Jiang Chen looked back at Coro Island, which was so far away that it looked like a dot .

[Whatever, there's three more . ]

[I'll just change into the amphibious K1 kinetic skeleton and head back . Hopefully, they haven't escaped . ]

As he thought, Jiang Chen lowered the engine output while directing the power armor to land .

[How is Ayesha doing? Did she get taken to the hospital?]

There was a giant splash in the sea .

After a short silence, a trail of white bubbles came up from underneath and headed towards the Coro Island harbor .