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Chapter 413: Bumping Shoulders with the Slim Reaper

"Fu*k! What is team B doing!"

The bearded man held up the rifle and shot back while retreating back to the deep water harbor in panic .

"Mission failed, retreat, I repeat, mission failed…" Blood dripped down from the scratch on his forehead, Srell in a black combat suit shouted into the microphone ordering team C to immediately retreat .

An unprecedented defeat . A helicopter crashed . An entire team of elites fell without any survivors . The opponent's combat ability far exceeded what they had imagined . The metal thing that popped out from under the water instantly suppressed team B .  They didn't expect this at all .

"Sh*t, is that Ironman?" A soldier with a rifle cursed while panting .

"Bullsh*t!" Someone else swore .

"Then what the fu*ck-"

"Shut up! Retreat to the boat and remain alert!" Srell in short breaths slowed down, threw a C4 on the ground and caught up with the team again .

The siren in the distance was becoming more visible .

When he estimated the location was about right, he pressed the detonation button .

Flames blew five meters high and engulfed the police vehicle rushing to their location . He scorned and threw away the detonator .

[Garbage even weaker than the Mexican police . ]

The fishing boat they prepared beforehand was parked in the deep water harbor; they purchased this from the local fishers . Xin's labor demand helped them tremendously . Without much convincing needed, they bought the fishing boat from a fisher now working in a factory . They replaced the engine with a much more powerful one .

As long as they board the boat, no one could stop them on the vast sea .

But just as the beard dashed into the cabin, his eyes were met with a black muzzle .

Before he could react, his consciousness stopped in front of a flashing light .


Type 11 pistol spit out its flame, blood and brain matter splashed beside an indifferent face . Without stopping, Ayesha ducked into the shadow of the cabin, readjustment, and pressed the trigger again . "Bang!" another headshot .

In a glimpse, two out of three died .

Just as she was about to take care of the last person, a sharp wind blew by and kicked away the pistol in her hand .

Slightly shocked, Ayesha didn't bother with the pistol that dropped on the ground . She lowered her body and smoothly wielded the dagger around her waist and stabbed in the person's direction .

Sharp metal sounded . The two blades collided .

While she had a small figure, she was injected with the genetic vaccine . Ayesha still had the upper hand .

Her hand was in pain because of the intense collision . The opponent was also shocked as he kicked out without holding back .

Ayesha agilely dodged the fearsome kick as she swung the dagger toward his standing left leg . If the dagger hit, his left leg would be done .

But that person was not to be underestimated . He used the recoil force from kicking the wall and fell back . Ayesha's slash only barely cut open his muscle and unfortunately missed his vital point .

Srell rolled to the wall of the cabin and picked up the rifle on the ground . Though before he could press the trigger, a knife pinned his arm .


With a scream, the girl had already dashed in front of him . He lifted his hand and threw the barrel in her direction .

Ayesha's movement was uninterrupted as she moved aside to avoid the hit . At the same time, her left hand reached for his wrist, and her right pulled out the second dagger, searching for his throat .

But then, a mishap happened .

Because her left arm muscles were tightened, the crudely bandaged wound on her left shoulder suddenly exploded . The sharp pain made her left hand lose its strength .

The force restraining his wrist loosened . Srell, who caught the opportunity, was ecstatic as he used his brute force and swung the barrel .


With a deep sound of pain, the barrel smashed right onto Ayesha's eyebrows and forced her to tumble . Blood dripped along her face; the dagger didn't manage to penetrate his throat . It only managed to cut his collar .

With droplets of sweat on her face, she kicked her legs without hesitation . While she was ducking down, he extended his left leg, clamped onto her throat, and pinned her against the wall .


Ayesha desperately tried to fight him off in pain with both legs kicking at his hands, but she couldn't use any power because of the lack of blood .

"Go die . "

He stared gravely at her .

Her feet left the ground as her movements became weaker and weaker .

For some reason, looking at the girl in front of him, he suddenly remembered the time he served in Afghanistan . He remembered the hell that he wasn't even willing to remember .

[Oh no, almost to the limit . ]

Ayesha's consciousness began to blur .

[Sorry… I can't anymore…]

She suddenly felt a bit sad .

How ironic .

The same day, when she was fleeing, she could use a nonchalant tone and ask him "could you give me a bullet?" She was prepared to die for him from the beginning, but now she began to fear .

[I don't want to die…]

[I… I finally got it . ]


White foam and blood began to drip out of her mouth . She began to fight back with a rush of energy . She attempted to claw away from the hand locked on her throat and despairingly kicked his legs with all her force, but the feeble limbs made everything feel powerless .


"Go die with my comrades! B*tch . "

With anger in his eyes, Srell stared at the girl .

He suddenly remembered the Taliban that shredded his comrade to pieces with the roadside bomb . When he caught the bastard, the murderer looked contemptuously at him, as if he had just completed a virtuous mission, and already put aside his life .

Still, he remembered what he did . He chopped off his hands, pinned both his arms to the wall, shot his legs, and waited until his eyes began to turn into despair before finally dripping out his last drop of blood .

Although he was brought to the military court, he had no regrets . The sensation of unleashing his anger made him addicted to the feeling . He spent two decadent years in Los Santos before he joined "Arrow" . He had stored that memory in the back of his head, but now everything flooded back .

There was nothing more enjoyable than watching the enemy die struggling .

"Hahahahaha, go die-!"

He laughed hysterically . He increased the power in his hand as he watched the despair of the weak .

But suddenly, he felt a pull on the back of his neck .

Before he could react, he was thrown out by an explosive force .

He smashed onto the door as his spine made intimate contact with the barriers outside of the cabin .

A sharp and crisp sound, his back bent back in an unimaginable 90 degrees as his spine was broken in half by the force .

His eyes almost popped out from his eye sockets . The broken spine penetrated his intestine but didn't kill him immediately . He slid down from the barrier and collapsed onto the ground .

[Is this what it feels like to suffocate…]

His lungs were clamped by his ribcage, he coughed blood, but he couldn't breathe in a single molecule of air .

At the end of agony, consciousness drifted into darkness .

At the same time, Jiang Chen who threw the mercenary back hugged the girl sliding down from the wall . He hugged her tightly in his arms as if he was holding onto a fragile porcelain doll .

Jiang Chen's eyes were covered in a crimson red, the calmed emotion almost exploded into fury again .

"Ayesha . Ayesha!"

Because of the loss of blood, she couldn't respond anymore .

Holding onto her, Jiang Chen ran out of the cabin, hopped onto the harbor, and ran to the road . When the police and ambulance saw that there was someone in his arms, they all stopped, and the doctors dashed over with stretchers .


Looking at the side of the furious face, Ayesha felt the relief of surviving through a disaster .

She should be happy, but she suddenly wanted to cry .

Although she never cried before . She was never fragile .

Tears rolled down her eyes and splashed onto his firm shoulder .

Blue and red light . A stretcher . The shaking blood bag, and the panicking face …

[Once I wake up, he will be really mad… I made the decision myself to do something so dangerous . ]

[Whatever, I'll think about it once I wake up . ]

Ayesha closed her large eyes .

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