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Chapter 414: Rage

Outside the emergency room .

Jiang Chen sat silently in the chair with a gloomy expression on his face .

No one dared to approach him other than the soldiers in kinetic skeletons . The fluid-looking armor covered their chest, and the sleek helmet shielded their head . The soldiers with rifles on full alert protected him in the middle . They examined anyone approaching with sharp eyes… If anyone dared to approach in the first place .

An assassination in public .

With an accident like this in broad daylight, Ivan didn't say anything and handed in his emblem himself, but Jiang Chen tossed it back at him .

Ivan was not to blame . New Moon Island was hundreds of kilometers away from Coro Island . From start to finish, the whole incident took place in ten minutes . The mercenaries entered the border disguised as tourists, and the weapons and equipment they used were all smuggled into Xin with fishing boat marked with Xin's flag .

Although Jiang Chen was furious, he didn't blame anyone . Unleashing his anger on his people was the most foolish and useless choice .

The doctors and nurses in the hospital passed him anxiously, fearing to anger the demigod that is clearly fuming .

Then, a soldier with a rifle turned from the corner and stopped in front of Jiang Chen . He leaned forward and whispered .

"Four pedestrians wounded; one person pronounced died in the hospital . Eight police wounded; two pronounced died in the hospital; four police died because of C4 explosion…"

The cold casualty numbers didn't stir any emotion in Jiang Chen's heart . After the soldier finished, he only said emotionlessly .

"Who's the perpetrator?"

"Reliable evidence indicated that the perpetrator is Arrow Military Company . Xin's Ministry of Foreign Affairs already protested against the Madagascar government to punish the perpetrator…"

But everyone knew that these protests were useless . It was not that Madagascar didn't want to take care of these problems, but because their military force would not even win against the battle-trained soldiers .

Because of this, the emerging nations maintained the stance of keeping an eye open and an eye closed to the illegal militants' misdeeds internationally . As long as they didn't cause trouble domestically, they would not question their legality .

"I'm talking about the actual perpetrator . "

"…Sorry, we didn't manage to capture anyone alive . But the boat fled in the direction of country F's territory, and our boats were blocked by F's coastal guards at the border . " The soldier lowered his head .

The fishing boat that released the helicopter immediately fled to Xin's border . Although New Moon Island sent out fast boats to chase them, when they escaped into country F's borders, Celestial had to stop pursuing .

Country F's coastal guard freely allowed the militants to enter . It was almost certain that country F was the perpetrator behind this kidnap mission . The only problem was the lack of evidence, and it was virtually impossible to find proof hiring mercenaries to do the dirty deeds .

Jiang Chen closed his eyes .

He was reflecting on his mistake .

The army stationed at New Moon Island could protect Xin like a steel fortress, but he ignored the work in intelligence . Willie society's spy already reminded him, but he didn't think too much of it . Only till now did he realize the severity of the problem . Xin's national security was as penetrable as a piece of paper . And the immigration policy would continue to deteriorate the security of the country . He somehow overlooked this problem before .

He must establish an intelligence department fast before the national security worsens .


The corner of his eye glared at the closed doors . Jiang Chen felt twisting pain in his heart .

[Fool, why were you trying to prove yourself with wounds… so what if a few rats ran away?]

At the corner, Zhang Yapin with flowers walked over .

He looked at Jiang Chen face full of gloom and let out a sigh .

"Tulips . Help me give these to the wounded . Sorry…"

"I'll form a national security department as soon as possible," Jiang Chen said expressionlessly .

Zhang Yapin paused, sighed .

"That would be best . "

Zhang Yapin patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder as he didn't know how to comfort him . He left the flowers on the chair before turning around .

"Execute," Jiang Chen said apathetically .

Zhang Yapin stopped, turned around, and looked at him in disbelief .

"Died of fire, 41 captives all died . "

"Are you insane!"

"The circuit board is outdated, the fire equipment lacked maintenance, and there were security disturbances at Xin that day . Just release the statement and send your condolences . "

"That's impossible! It's too much of a coincidence! I know you are sad, but we don't have evidence to prove that country F did this . Even if they if they did, we can't seek revenge by executing the prisoners of war . We are a civil society! The international image we finally managed to create-"

"You do it . " Jiang Chen tilted his head and ordered a soldier .

"Yes . " The soldier nodded and left .

Zhang Yapin blankly stared at the soldier leaving, he opened his mouth wanting to say something, but he knew the soldier would not listen to him .

[This lunatic, what would killing a few prisoners of war do? The international society would all stand with country F . 41 lives! Captives without any weapons! The despicable crimes against humanity! Even if they started a war, people would think it would be with a cause . ]

Or rather, if Xin did execute the prisoners, it would be the exact response country F was looking .

"Wait," Jiang Chen said .

The soldier stopped and turned around .


After deliberating for a moment, Jiang Chen slowly closed his eyes, "Just wait a bit . "

"Yes, commander . "

Zhang Yapin let out a sigh of relief . He felt as if he was about to collapse .

"Thank god, you finally regained your rationality . "

Jiang Chen glared at him and didn't say anything .

[Is that so?]

He suddenly felt that it was not only too low to execute the prisoners of war, but it was also too easy of a punishment for them .

A curvature appeared on his lips, and his eyes flashed with coldness and apathy .

Zhang Yapin watched the silent Jiang Chen as he felt a chill down his spine .

A video filmed by tourists appeared on Youtube .

The video shook violently, but a helicopter dragging "Ironman" could still be barely made out . " People on the helicopter fired at the "Ironman" with the machine guns, but it didn't manage to do any damage .

The video stopped after the helicopter dragged the armor away from Coro Island . It didn't manage to capture the iron armor from being pulled out of the water nor where the helicopter headed . People were speculating about the identity of the "Ironman", the cause, and the ending .

No one knew the ending, but the cause could be traced .

People connected it to the gunfights at the city of Coro that day . A lot of the media believed the two were connected .

But because of the gunfight, the government of Xin tightly controlled the information . They only revealed it was two groups of criminals attempting to rob a bank to divert the public opinion from the truth . Although there were a lot of skeptical information, people had to accept this as the truth and build off of the facts by using their imagination .

Because the fight between the iron armor and the machine gunner was very Hollywood-esque, the truth behind the story was completely hidden and mysterious . Also, the government's lack of disclosure to the event caused the view of the video on Youtube to be extremely high, and it became a hot topic on the web . Even the actor of Ironman, Robert Downy Jr . wrote a joking status on Facebook .

Burp, I was drunk last time, who saw my armor?

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