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Published at 7th of May 2018 05:50:21 PM

Chapter 415: Smart Medical Chamber

The buns on the table were a bit cold, and the back of the egg was somewhat dry . It has been a while since he faced an empty dinner table . The person that always brought him delicious breakfast was in the hospital . The doctor said that she was no longer in critical condition, but it would still be a lengthy recovery process .

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The gun wound triggered acute inflammation, the blood loss pushed her body to the limit as she had constant fevers .

Two days passed by and she still didn't show any signs of waking up .

Whenever he thought about the frail face, a sharp pain would penetrate his chest .

He took a bite of the egg stuffed inside the bun and frowned .

He put down the bun back onto the plate and brought the plate back into the kitchen, he stuffed the food as terrible as his mood into the trash . Then took out the frozen pizza from the fridge and put it in the microwave .

He brought the steamy pizza back to the dinner table and expressionlessly turned on the TV . Then he picked up the pizza with a fork and stuffed it in his mouth .

He didn't feel like eating, so he tried to put his anxious attention on the TV .

The morning news was on .

It happened to play the gunfight that occurred three days ago and had a glimpse of the iron armor being dragged away .

A UA military expert who wished to remain anonymous commented that the single soldier armor's usage in actual warfare is limited . The increased defense as the cost of hiddenness perhaps could block normal bullets, but it would be futile against anti-armor snipers or cannons . The combination of tanks with infantries is enough to make up for the lack of defense of infantry force, there is no reason to spend high cost to develop the "useless" single soldier armor…

Some experts also questioned the authenticity of the video, especially the fact that the crew on board the helicopter were reluctant to cut the rope .

As to the effectiveness of anti-armor sniper to power armor, Jiang Chen never tried it before, but it shouldn't be possible . Since the power armor in the apocalypse could withstand a few shots of the sniper .

The TV is a great thing to waste time on . As he watched TV, he mechanically stuffed pizza into his mouth before he finished feeding himself .

He put the plate into the dishwasher and glanced at the time, he wanted to take a nap .

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But then, the phone rang .

It was Xia Shiyu .

"I saw the news… are you okay there?" Xia Shiyu was worried .

She didn't know that the protagonist in the news was Jiang Chen .

"I'm okay . " Jiang Chen stiffly forced a smile and tried to use the least suspicious voice he could muster .

"Your voice is making me worried, are you sick?" Xia Shiyu raised her eyebrows .

"No . Oh… you should have arrived in Xiangjiang yesterday . I had something to do and didn't get to call you, sorry . "

"No, it's okay . I don't mind . " Xia Shiyu's face turned red as she could only use her cough to hide the panic in her heart .

Jiang Chen's words made her remember the kiss at the airport .

She didn't know what kind of courage she had to make that move . When she got off the airplane at Melbourne, her heart was still pounding furiously .

"The selection of the internal test users have been completed . They will arrive early July, so you'll have to take care of them . " Xia Shiyu jumped to another topic .

"Mhmm, leave it to me . " Jiang Chen didn't sense Xia Shiyu's mental state and nodded .

"What about Ayesha, is she doing okay?"

"… She, she is sleeping . " Jiang Chen made up a not fake lie .

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Xia Shiyu paused as she was slightly bitter and jealous, but she couldn't do anything about it . She knew that once she left, the two would definitely start living their intimate and shameless life again .

She just didn't want to torture herself by thinking about the problem .

"Okay . You… Mhmm, don't overdo it . "

Jiang Chen took a moment to process as he sensed the jealousy that drifted all the way from the other side of the ocean . He couldn't help but smile…

"Don't overdo what?"

"Don't overdo, that . "

"What's that?" Jiang Chen pretended not to know .

"It's, it's that…" Xia Shiyu's face was completely red, her lips trembled, and only a word squeezed out of her mouth, "PERVERT!"

She hung up the phone .

Jiang Chen shook his head with a smile .

It was only a while before his mood became better and he cheered up again .

"I'll go visit Ayesha in a bit… Mhmm, it's almost the end of the month, I'll go to the warehouse first and send food-" Jiang Chen suddenly stopped .

The apocalypse .

Right, the apocalypse! He almost forgot about that side!

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He slapped his forehead and walked out in quick steps .

Grains, wheat, flour were piled into a small mountain, as well as fresh meat, preserved meat and all kinds of canned food, and added to that were dairy products and salt . This batch of food had the cost of over half a million USD . Part of the food was produced at Xinlong Food Processing Plant relocated to Pannu Island, while some were from Australian farms .

Followed by the increased amount needed to be transported, Jiang Chen hired a professional in Australia to assist Cassan who chewed on sugarcanes at the door . This ensured that food would stuff the warehouse to its fullest on the second last day of the month .

After spending ten minutes moving the warehouse full of food to the apocalypse . Jiang Chen returned to the mansion in the apocalypse . He directly looked for Lin Lin and explained to her his intention .

"Ayesha? Is that the girl I saw last time?" With a finger pressed against her bottom lip, Lin Lin asked .

"Mhmm . She is wounded and still unconscious now, is there some all-purpose medicine or something?" Jiang Chen asked .

"There is no all-purpose medicine . " Lin Lin rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen and said with an attitude, "It's hard if I don't know where she is injured or if her brain is damaged…"

"It's not the brain . ' Jiang Chen shook his head, "It's a gun wound, but because of the loss of blood and the wound rupturing there is a bacterial infection… and hypoxia . "

When Lin Lin heard Jiang Chen's words, it made her jump up . [How severe was the wound?]

But it was all good .

Since there were all external injuries, without any damage to the brain region, it shouldn't be too hard to heal .

"Smart Medical Chamber, I remember the community center at the base has around seven or eight of them . That thing is extremely effective in repairing normal damage to human tissue . Based on the severity of the injury, float in there for a while, and she should be okay . How behind is your medical condition over there?" Lin Lin ridiculed .

"Why don't you just look through the history textbook . "

While Jiang Chen said that, his tensed heart calmed down .

He didn't even know the base had something amazing like this which was his mistake . He always heard that people were injured at the base, but didn't see anyone recovering on a bed . No wonder this was the case with such advanced technology .

"Be aware, before lying inside the Smart Medical Chamber, the special nutrient liquid must be poured . That should be in the base's warehouse . Remember not to forget . "

"Thanks . "

"No worries, just bring me some mango pudding back-"

Suddenly, Lin Lin covered her mouth and began to gag .

Jiang Chen was startled by her abrupt action, and he immediately asked her, "Are you okay?"

"Nothing . Just some small problems in the past few days… might be better after a while . " Lin Lin dodged Jiang Chen's eyes as she replied ambiguously .

"What exactly is the problem? Explain . " Jiang Chen grabbed Lin Lin's shoulder and stared into the differing color pupils with seriousness .

Lin Lin blushed at the "fervent" sight . She twisted her body and turned her burning face away .

"It's getting hotter, fool . "


Jiang Chen asked in confusion, but he didn't receive the appropriate response .

She buried her blushing face and pushed him out of the door without explaining anything .

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