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Chapter 416: The Punishment for being naughty

Because of the chaos that happened, the hospital hall was empty without anyone to be seen . Being "frightened" by the four soldiers, the people who usually came to the hospital instead headed to local clinics . The doctors and nurses all enjoyed their free time . (Xin has a universal health care system . )

After six hours in the emergency room, Ayesha's condition was stabilized . It would be a matter of time before she woke up .

When Jiang Chen was told this, the director of the hospital felt relieved .

If something happened to that girl, he was afraid that man would tear this place apart .

Leon hadn't closed his eyes for 24 hours . He put the diagnostic report on the side of the table as he wearily put his head on the table to take a nap .

But before he could fall asleep, someone knocked on the door and interrupted him

Leon got up from the table, rubbed his heavy eye bags, and said tiredly .

"Please come in . "

It was the head nurse that came in .

"Director, Mr . Jiang Chen handed in the discharge application for Miss Ayesha . "

'Oh… What? Discharge?" Leon who just processed the information almost fell off his chair . He immediately pressed himself against the chair and stood up .

"Yes, he wanted you to immediately arrange an ambulance and send Miss Ayesha to his home," The head nurse said in wry .

"How is that possible! She just left critical condition and hadn't even woken up yet . She doesn't meet the discharge standard . This is putting the patient's life on the line! If she is discharged now and her condition suddenly deteriorates to that she becomes permanently unconscious, who would bear the responsibility?" Leon said emotionally .

"But director… this is his order," the head nurse said with a wry smile .

Leon felt conflicted before finally let out a sigh .

"Grant the discharge application… Also get him to sign a disclaimer . "

"He already signed the disclaimer . " The head nurse took out the paper from the brief .

"Then he can do whatever he wants . " The director snatched the disclaimer from her hand and walked outside wearily .

Not long after, the ambulance arrived at Jiang Chen's mansion . A few doctors and nurses helped unload the stretcher while companied by two soldiers . Then they anxiously sent people inside the mansion .

The two nurses put Ayesha on the bed and injected her with the infusion again .

"If there are any symptoms, please immediately contact us . "

Because of her sense of responsibility, before she left, the head nurse still made notes to Jiang Chen .

"Mhmm . " Jiang Chen nodded with a smile .

Seeing that the important person wasn't as difficult to communicate with as she had expected, the head nurse discreetly felt relieved before she left .

The mansion door closed and the mansion returned to its tranquil state .

Jiang Chen went back into the bedroom and sat beside Ayesha .

He combed the hairs in front of her forehead and caressed the haggard face . Jiang Chen's throat moved a little before only one word came out .


Jiang Chen stood up and took out the Smart Medical Chamber from the storage dimension .

The fluid design, the pristine white color . From its appearance, this device was quite similar to the hibernation chamber; the only difference was its size being slightly bigger and the top of the chamber not having a processor used to run the virtual reality program .

Jiang Chen carefully removed the needle on Ayesha's arm and then removed her clothes .

He looked the flower buds, then followed her abs to her soft and athletic waist till he finally reached the holy land .

Jiang Chen gulped .

But then he knew that this was not the time to be distracted . He focused again .

"Medical Chamber activated, patient please lie flat inside . "

The gentle voice played . Based on its description, Jiang Chen carefully picked up Ayesha as he controlled his aroused mind and put her in .

"Please inject 300 L of nutrient liquid . "

The storage dimension opened as Jiang Chen took out five fist-sized black balls . Those were the concentrated forms of the nutrient liquid, its density was the same as steel . The cost of a single ball after the war was as high as ten crystals . So most survivors who had access to the Smart Medical Chamber would only choose to put one bag inside . Although the time would be longer, there was no difference in terms of effect . Since a cost of 50 crystals per treatment was not something typical survivors could afford .

But Jiang Chen didn't care .

If it was not for the fact that only a maximum of five could be dissolved, Jiang Chen wanted to stuff more in so she could wake up faster .

He injected 300 L of distilled water and dropped the five concentrate inside and put on the cover .

The indicator flashed green as the drum device gently buzzed . From the transparent glass, the 300 L liquid already turned an emerald green color with a thick, gel-like consistency .

"Treatment program activated . "

The breathing device was automatically attached to her and the cover of the medical chamber slowly closed to cover Ayesha's body . From the transparent part on the surface, the liquid was starting to submerge Ayesha until it completely surrounded her .

A blue laser scanned her entire body and drew out her hologram picture at the top of the chamber, revealing areas that were damaged .

"Estimated treatment time is 21 hours, please wait patiently . "

The soft announcement dragged Jiang Chen back from his astonishment towards the technology .

If every single family had one of this, clinics and hospital can all close .

Jiang Chen exclaimed in amazement as he put his hand on the surface of the medical chamber .

[Please wake up…]

21 hours passed by, Jiang Chen waited quietly beside the medical chamber .

Ding- .

A noise and the liquid level in the hibernation chamber slowly dropped .

At the same time, the door opened .

The gorgeous face with more life in it reappeared in front of Jiang Chen .

Slowly, Ayesha opened her eyes .

Her eyes met with his . Sparkling teardrops swelled in her pupils . It was the first time Jiang Chen saw such a fragile expression on her face . A lot of criticism and blaming words were stuck in his throat and swallowed down .

"My sleeping beauty, you are finally awake . " With a smile, Jiang Chen extended his trembling hand and caressed her face .

He almost lost her .

He carried Ayesha out of the medical chamber and put a towel around her . Although she said she could do it herself with a blushed face, Jiang Chen demandingly carried her in his arms and then sat her down beside the bed to wipe off the droplets from her hair .

"Don't do dangerous things ever again . " Jiang Chen felt the softness he almost lost while he said with a tone of criticism .

Ayesha buried her head .

"I can't promise you that . "


"Because, protecting you is the meaning of my existence, I am willing to- AHHH!"

While Ayesha screamed, Jiang Chen threw her on the bed and slapped her firm butt .



A whimpering noise slipped out of her throat as her face instantly turned bright red, Ayesha gritted her teeth .

With the burning sensation on her butt, she said with defiance .


"Why? You dare to ask me why? Do you know how worried I was?!" Jiang Chen said fiercely and raised his hand simultaneously .



Another whimpering noise, Ayesha twisted her body, a wronged mist covered her defiant eyes .

"I, I was thinking for you-"

"If you really are thinking for me, then while you take care of me, take care of yourself! Do you really think you dying would make me happy?! I would rather those bastards cause a mayhem here and escape than you becoming like this!"

It was the first time Jiang Chen was angry at his woman .



The intense burning sensation made Ayesha struggle . Her eyes were filled with sparkling mist .

In heavy breaths, Jiang Chen looked at the vivid "five fingers mountain" as he couldn't even endure the sight . His emotional state gradually stabilized .

He stopped and used a more gentle tone .

"Do you know why you are wrong?"

"I know . "

"Why are you wrong?"

"I… I shouldn't have tried to be brave . I was injured, I should have gone…" Ayesha's voice was mixed with a whimpering tone as she said while stuttering . The expression was just like a girl that made a mistake with her hand being slapped by the teacher's bamboo stick .

"Gone where?"

"The hospital," Ayesha said in a quiet voice .

"Mhm," Jiang Chen said calmly .

He was afraid . He was afraid that she would do something stupid for him . He didn't think Ayesha's thought process was a bit "dangerous" until three days ago when he realized his mistake .

Even if it is Superman, how much combat power would be left if he lost blood?

"Ayesha . "

"Mhmm," Ayesha replied faintly .

"Do you think the purpose of your existence is to protect me?" Jiang Chen used a calm voice .

"Mhmm… Nooo!" Just as she replied with her head buried, her head raised again as she cried in pain .

A slapping sound .

Her butt had another five finger mountain added to it . It looked painful .

Jiang Chen couldn't bear the sight anymore . But he knew that he had to do it . If he doesn't change her perspective, she would kill herself one day .

"You said, you were willing to be my bride . "

"Mhmm . " Ayesha nodded with force .

But her eyes were filled with grievances .

"Then keep your safety in your mind, okay? Just for me," Jiang Chen looked into her eyes and said earnestly .

"… Okay . "

She whimpered in a quiet voice with her head buried . She hid her face behind her dark brown hair . Her legs kneeling on the ground trembled for some reason .

With how mistreated she looked, Jiang Chen let out a sigh and didn't say anything else .

But then, an odd expression appeared on his face .

The silvery silk, the water stain on the sheets…

[This girl, she-]

Jiang Chen was dumbfounded .

He almost forgot that Ayesha was an M .

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