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Chapter 417: I need a list

Because of some reason, the lecture that was supposed to end was extended for another two hours . If it were not for a visitor, Ayesha's "grievance" would last for two more hours .

Natasha was standing outside . If it was for Jiang Chen's instruction, Ayesha wanted to lock the girl outside .

"Oh, recovered already…What happened to you?"

When Natasha walked into the mansion and noticed Ayesha's limping motion, she raised her eyebrows in confusion, but then she started laughing as she realized something .

"…" Ayesha looked at her coldly and stood beside Jiang Chen again .

Natasha sniffed the air and looked dubiously at Jiang Chen on the sofa .

"Do you not welcome me?"

"Very welcome . " Jiang Chen exaggeratedly opened his arms and showed a welcoming gesture . Then he pointed at the vodka on the table with "please," "The vodka you wanted . "

Natasha grinned and sat across Jiang Chen as she leisurely crossed her legs .

"You owe me vodka from Moscow, not vodka from Coro . Drinking hard liquid in the tropics is not a fitting scene . "

"Ayesha, lower the air condition temperature to Moscow temperatures . "

"No need, I'm not here for a party," Natasha rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen as she uncrossed her legs . "Country F's vice minister of national defense hired Arrow Military Company . The decision maker is F's presidential palace . They planned to kidnap you, and use your influence on the Xin government to force them to release the 41 prisoners .

Jiang Chen looked at Natasha, surprised .

"KGB is on my side?"

"KGB is on Russia's national interest side . " Natasha smiled .

"What do you want to obtain from me?" Jiang Chen said emotionlessly .

"It's only a friendly gesture, Kremlin thinks we have the opportunity to work closely together . " Natasha shook her head . "If there is a condition, I wouldn't have disclosed everything to you from the start . "

Jiang Chen watched Natasha without any change in expression; he didn't know what her plan was .

As he was looking at her, she was also observing him with a grin .

The eye contact lasted for half a minute before she said abruptly .

"You are a man the KGB doesn't understand . "

"It's my honor then . "

"Do you not want to know why?" Natasha chuckled .

"If you are willing to tell me," Jiang Chen said nonchalantly .

"You can always bring out something amazing . " Natasha looked at Ayesha," For example, an injury that would need a month of recovery time was healed in 24 hours . "

Precisely, it was 21 hours .

Ayesha looked apathetically at Natasha and was unmoved by her smile .

"How many rats did you put on my island . " Jiang Chen sighed .

"Only me . "

"Do you think I will believe that?" Jiang Chen glared at her .

"Up to you . " A smiling curvature appeared . The green pupils gazing into his eyes seemed to penetrate his soul .

Jiang Chen thought for a moment and then said .

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Go ahead . "

"By telling me this information, is your intention making us disrupt the landscape in southeast Asia thus accelerating UA's strategy of returning to the Asia Pacific, therefore balancing your disadvantage in Veit and Syria?" Jiang Chen didn't dodge Natasha's eyes .

Surprise flashed across the green pupils as Natasha looked quite interested in Jiang Chen .

"I want you to take the word disadvantage out . At least change it to equal . "

Therefore, not rejecting the first part?

Jiang Chen laughed .

"I don't like being used . "

"You are not being used, it just happens that we share the same interest," Natasha swayed the hair on her shoulder and leaned on the sofa with her arms across her chest, "If I don't come find you, are you planning just to let go of your disobedient little neighbor?"

"Then your purpose today?"

Natasha's lips curved up, "Kremlin is willing to provide you with some support . "

A pillow just when you need it .

Although without Russia, he also had the confidence that he could do it . However, with their support, it would indeed save him some costs .

"Oh? That's perfect then . "

"First, let me be clear . We are not going help you on boring and useless things like assassinating the ministry of national defense or the president . Although KGB has some agents in country F, it doesn't mean we are willing to take the risk for you . The most we can do is to selectively provide you with some intelligence support . " Natasha reminded him .

"That's enough . " Jiang Chen looked at Natasha with a smile, "I only need you to provide a list, the type with contacts . "


Natasha raised her eyebrows as she didn't know what Jiang Chen was planning .

But when she heard the list that Jiang Chen was looking for, her eyes lit up immediately .

"You are such a bad person . " With a grin, Natasha smiled .

"Thank you for your compliment . " Jiang Chen accepted the compliment without any shame at all .

She stood up and walked to Jiang Chen in cat steps . Then she caressed Jiang Chen's chin flirtatiously .

"Wait for my good news . "

Ignoring Ayesha's cold stare, Natasha stood in front of her and raised her head .

"You've been standing for a long time, why don't you sit for a bit . "


A hint of embarrassment flashed through her cold pupils, but Ayesha quickly controlled her emotion .

Natasha scanned her butt with other intentions before she left in quick steps .

The door closed .

Once she left, Jiang Chen asked Ayesha in a quiet voice .

"Did you leave any voice recorders?"

Ayesha shook her head .

"No . "

Jiang Chen nodded, to Ayesha's anti-reconnaissance ability, he was confident .

Jiang Chen took out his phone and opened the monitoring function, the screen quickly switched to the camera in the garden .

Natasha walked innocently to the gate of the mansion and didn't "touch" the flowers and plants along the way . But when she walked to the door, she stopped and blew a kiss to the camera .

"This girl…

Jiang Chen couldn't help but shake his head .

Ayesha gently dragged on Jiang Chen's sleeve .

"She is a dangerous woman . "

"I know, That's why I didn't do anything to her that day . " Jiang Chen referred to when he was in Donetsk .

But Jiang Chen was surprised too because it was the first time Ayesha was jealous .

She seemed to have read Jiang Chen's mind as her face turned red and she rushed to explain .

"Not because of jealousy… I'm just afraid you'll be tricked by her . "

"Haha, am I the type that can't control my lower body?" Jiang Chen laughed .


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