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Chapter 419: The new Ghost Agent Recruits

Something worth mentioning was that the teens and young adults were easy to trick .

A society with great social benefits allowed people to be fed without needing to work, but it could also kill a person's drive . Why would so many foolish people run to IS to become sex slaves and soldiers? People in most developing countries thought it was incomprehensible foolishness . But from a different perspective, most were searching for excitement to appease the adventurist spirit hidden in their genes .

Of course, Jiang Chen was recruiting agents, not terrorists .

In seven days, Celestial Trade received a total of 437,401 applicants from all over the world . Just like what Jiang Chen expected, most of the applicants were from western Europe, some were from Russia and even South America . Because of the influence of tradition, applicants from Asia and the Middle East made up only a small percentage . Due to the lack of internet infrastructure in Africa, the number of applicants from there was nearly zero .

Jiang Chen was pleased with this result . It would be against his intentions if he tricked his own people .

After seven days of deliberation, Ayesha chose 117 qualified applicants from the four hundred thousand applicants and forwarded them to Celestial Trade . Immediately after, Barkary responded to the applicants and arranged plane tickets along with necessary documents .

These people boarded different flights and finally arrived in Melbourne before taking a chartered flight to Coro Island .

The third day .

Under the bright sunshine, around one hundred lively figures walked out of the Coro airport . They had colorful luggage, wore beach clothes and slippers, and looked like a planned field trip group from a high school .

They had varying skin colors, but most of them were white .

The high number of foreigners simultaneously showing up at the airport made locals turn their heads . Even with the increasing number of tourists, this was not a common occurrence .

On the street not far away, Jiang Chen asked Ayesha while facepalming:

"Why did you just choose girls?"

Ayesha tilted her head and used a defensive tone:

"Didn't you tell me to do as I wanted?"

Although Jiang Chen didn't mind, in Ayesha's traditional culture, a qualified wife could not have excessive contact with men other than her husband, let alone lead training where contact was common . Therefore, even if 80% of the applicants were male, she stubbornly chose a hundred females out of the remaining 20% .

Because Jiang Chen trusted Ayesha so much, he didn't even ask for information about the selected applicants beforehand .

Jiang Chen was speechless as he let out a sigh, his head throbbing .

"Okay . That's fine, just train them well… All in all, I'll have to count on you for this since I have to return to the other side soon . "

He was prepared to make a speech to the new recruits, but upon seeing all the chatty girls, Jiang Chen lost interest . He left Ayesha in charge and took off by himself .

Staring at Jiang Chen's back, Ayesha nodded with seriousness .

Her serious expression meant that the new recruits would suffer .

Jiang Chen didn't realize that the "Ghost Agents" who could make people tremble in fear were surprisingly born on this ordinary morning .

When the girls got off the plane, they waited at the spot instructed by the email .

For a lot of them, it was their first time leaving the country . Everything here seemed so refreshing to them . They exchanged names on the plane already, but now, they gathered in small groups taking photos and discussing how to spend their 80-day "vacation . "

Celestial Trade didn't make them wait for long - three buses appeared in front of them soon after their arrival .

Six female soldiers in kinetic skeletons and an indifferent looking girl walked up to them . Ayesha called their names off her list . She crossed off the seven people who hadn't arrived, divided the remaining people into three groups, and assigned seating plans .

While cheering, the girls loaded their luggage and boarded the bus as if this was a field trip . Then Ayesha and the six female soldiers all boarded their bus and signaled the first bus to start moving .

Ayesha sat at the front of the bus in silence as she glanced at the talkative girls . Although the girls had yet to understand the situation, when they arrived on the island, she would make them understand that this was no joke .

An Asian girl who was sitting beside a window quietly gazed at the scenery outside . In contrast with the rowdy crowd, she looked quiet and a bit left out of the group . The black hair falling over her shoulders looked silky . With her glasses, she really looked like a dedicated student .

"My name is Penny . I'm from California, what about you?"

Beside her was a blonde white girl who was chewing on bubble gum . She looked at her with a grin . Judging by her appearance, she seemed to have recently graduated from university .

"Zhu Yu, Michigan," Zhu Yu said softly .

Penny's eyes lit up .

"Michigan? My grandma from my mom's side is from there too . I spent three years there… You don't like to talk?"

Zhu Yu smiled peacefully .

"Not exactly . I just don't know what to say right now . "

"You could say a lot of things… For example, why did you choose to be an agent?" Penny attempted to make small talk .

Zhu Yu titled her head as she thought . "Because I want to live a life without studying… What about you?"

"Me?" Penny laughed . "I want to live a life that doesn't involve having an endless amount of parties to attend . Of course, there's also the fifteen thousand salary . "

Zhu Yu smiled but didn't speak .

Compared to her introvert personality, Penny was an extrovert .

"Also, what were your test scores?"

Penny was proud of her test scores as all three subjects were above 80 . For her, a fresh university graduate, it was an unimaginable achievement .

"91,98,100," Zhu Yu answered honestly .

Penny looked at the high-school-looking girl with an expression like she just saw a ghost .

"God, do you Asians know all the answers from the moment you're born?"

Zhu Yu only smiled and didn't respond .

She received too many compliments like this in school . The reason why she chose to leave home for this place was to escape her planned-out life .

Although she was an adult now, she had to use a lot of courage to make the decision to leave the life planned out for her by her parents . But she believed that this decision would pay off .

What she didn't know was that, within two short hours, she would start to regret her decision .

Before signing the contracts, Celestial Trade repeatedly reminded the applicants that the job wasn't a joke .