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Chapter 420: Spartan's Training

The three buses arrived at a hospital, and the girls were injected with an anti-virus vaccine there . After they were injected, however, they lost consciousness . Faintly, they heard people ask them if they worked for any intelligence service before, and they all responded truthfully .

When they woke up, they realized they were on a boat .


Penny screamed as she checked her clothes . After realizing she hadn't been violated, she seemed to calm down . The other girls on the boat all had the same reaction; any girls woken up from unconsciousness would first check their clothes .

"What happened?' Zhu Yu had a frown .

Although she was an introvert, in this unclear abnormal situation, she still felt a sense of panic .

Then someone started to have a mental breakdown .

"I knew it . This is too weird! They said they were hiring men and women, but only women were selected . I knew there was something fishy about that! I want to go home, dad… . " A blonde girl kneeled on the ground crying while grasping her own head in agony .

People started to stare at her .

Needless to say, fear was contagious, especially in an enclosed space .

One girl started crying, another was pounding on the window screaming, someone else tried to turn on their phone but the signal was clearly jammed .

"The door is locked . "

Zhu Yu came back to sit beside Penny .

"Why're you so calm? Maybe we will be sold as sex slaves to Africa . " Penny's voice carried a hint of trembling fear .

Even if they were sold, it wouldn't be to Africa .

"Because there's no use in panicking . " Zhu Yu shook her head and sat down .

She was also afraid, but when she realized that being afraid wouldn't solve anything, she quickly calmed down .

What the girls in the cabin didn't know was that their actions were all being recorded by the camera and viewed by Ayesha in the control room .

Other than the camera, the EP on Ayesha' left wrist also displayed everyone's heartbeat .

When they were injected with the truth-telling serum, an electronic collar was put on them . Until the private doctor Jiang Chen hired was familiar with spine neural injection technology, their electronic collar would be replaced with slavery chips .

Ayesha was recording every person's reaction in this crisis situation while focusing on each person's development . This training knowledge was all obtained from her studies in the virtual reality training chamber .

Because of the limited number of training chambers, the new recruits' primary training method would be physical training combined with the effects of the genetic vaccine; the virtual reality helmets would be the secondary method .

After five hours of travel, the vessel docked at an island .

The uninhabited island was five square kilometers in size, located at the easternmost edge of Pannu Islands . The island was covered in dense vegetation and had a hill in the middle . There was a hotel on the island which was now converted into a military camp .

Six fully armed female soldiers opened the cabin door . Directly in their fearful eyes, they pointed their guns at the girls, forcing them to board the boats heading to the island . After ten trips, all 110 people finally reached the island .

When they arrived on the island, Ayesha, in a captain uniform, appeared in front of the recruits . When they saw it was a girl in charge, everyone felt relieved, but their emotions also exploded .

"Where's our luggage?" A blonde European walked up and questioned Ayesha in front of her face .

Judging by her shirt exposing her belly and her pair of sunglasses, she seemed to be here on vacation .

"You'll get it back after 80 days of training," Ayesha said expressionlessly .

"80 days? You dare to confiscate our luggage?! You can't do that! I want to go home . I'm quitting now!" The blonde girl, who was half a head taller than Ayesha, spoke aggressively .

"The terms were clearly stated in your contract - the moment you became an agent, you gave up your previous nationality and joined our group . You'll obey the order of the group, even if it means making personal sacrifices . "

The beauty's face instantly turned white; her lips trembled in fear .

No one read the contract word by word, and even if they did, they merely thought those were typical clauses in a normal contract . Just like new soldier recruits, although their contracts stated that they might die, they wouldn't necessarily be sent to their deaths .

"Th-that contract . That's illegal! You don't have the right-"

"This is Xin; it's legal under Xin's law," Ayesha said apathetically .

"You! Let me go!"

The beauty dashed up and wanted to strangle Ayesha's neck .

But Ayesha merely glared at her before she used one hand to clamp on the beauty's hand decorated with nail polish then swept her legs out from under her .

It was a fluid motion .

Before the beauty could react, she felt her world spinning around her then she was slammed to the ground . At the same time, a pistol was pointed at the back of her head .

Witnessing this scene, a deafening scream erupted from the crowd as they moved away in fear . But behind them was the sea; they had nowhere to go . The boat that delivered them had already left, and the entire island was cut off from the rest of the world .

The beauty's teeth shook, unaware that sand had slipped into her mouth .

"No, no, don't kill me, I'm sorry!"

"The captain has the right to execute any deserters . This is a warning . " Ayesha pressed the trigger .


The beauty, curled up on the ground, quivered at the bullet hole two inches away from her face .

Pungent smoke was still coming out of the bullet hole .


An even louder scream came from the girls on the beach, but Ayesha watched everything expressionlessly .

The mission Jiang Chen gave her was to train a group of agents capable of completing any mission; she would do anything to accomplish this .

"Tie her to the tree . Let her go after 24 hours . " Ayesha used a volume everyone could hear as she ordered the female soldier beside her .

"Yes, Ma'am!"

The female soldier walked up in front of everyone and dragged the beauty, struggling to escape, to the coconut tree on the beach .

Ayesha closed her eyes .

She wasn't a cruel person, but when the occasion called for it, she wouldn't have any excessive mercy either .

Even if Jiang Chen ordered her to kill everyone here, she would do it without any hesitation .

"This deserted island is 200 nautical miles away from Coro Island . If you think you can swim there, I'll remind you that you may encounter sharks along the way . I believe you have all noticed an electronic collar around your neck by now - it will record your location information and heartbeat . To the person who is trying to cut it off with a nail clipper, you can stop now . Any attempt to destroy the collar will trigger the self-destruction mechanism, just like this .

As she spoke, Ayesha tossed a collar on the ground and threw a dagger at it .

The sharp dagger cut through the collar and it blew up in everyone's face .

"Although the amount of explosive is small, it is more than enough to take a person's head off . Any betrayal will trigger the self-destruction mechanism, so please follow the terms of the contract you signed about your commitment to loyalty . "

"You will receive 80 days of training on the island . During this period, you have no freedom or rights; your superiors' orders are absolute . "

"80 days later, you will obtain your new identity and officially become a member of the National Security Bureau of Xin . You'll transition into different roles based on your performance . Fifteen thousand USD per month will allow you to have endless Martinis just like Bond . To live that life, it is a given that you have to suffer now…"

Zhu Yu listened to Ayesha's orders and let out a sigh . It sounded like she was reading off a script .

Like she expected, these people were serious .

They followed the six female soldiers acting as the assistant trainers to the hotel on the hill then picked up the keys to their rooms . The girls were excited when they saw the luxury hotel – based on the design, it was probably a five-star hotel .

But by the second day, all their excitement vanished .

They crawled in mud and over uneven rocks and reefs with their hands tied behind their backs, did push-ups beside the beach, and did sit-ups on the burning sand . If someone couldn't withstand the training, the punishment was ten laps around the beach . The electronic collar would record their location information, so any shortcuts or slowing down would be faced with severe punishment .

Although the training was torturing, Ayesha knew clearly that without this training to hone their endurance and will, they would kill themselves during their missions . Although she didn't experience this training herself in the real world, the training in the virtual reality training chamber was no less taxing on her mind .

The training chamber could not be revealed to the public, and the virtual reality helmet wouldn't familiarize people with pain accurately enough, so they had to train physically .

At night, when they dragged their weary bodies back to the hotel, they were forced to put on the helmet and use it to learn all kinds of theories and practice working with weapons .

When they first saw the famed virtual reality helmet, everyone widened their eyes in astonishment . Especially when they realized the helmet's technological superiority to modern-day VR equipment, their amazement was inexplicable .

But Ayesha didn't give them the leisure to appreciate the helmet after they put it on; the virtual reality training started immediately .

Weapon usage, combat simulation, theory training .

The things learned during sleep would save a lot of time and ammunition .

Other than their cruel training, the girls had to endure disgusting food . It wasn't that the chefs' cooking skills were terrible, but rather, there was no chef on the island .

Every meal was something called Grade-A nutrient supply . Different from the nutrient supply sold on the market for weight loss, it was the "imported" stuff brought by Jiang Chen . Although it didn't taste like anything, it was enough to provide the calories and vitamins needed .

But the fun of eating was no longer there .

The only thing that comforted the girls was their one-hour routine bath before they slept .

The bath water had some kind of odd stuff that looked green . Although the color looked suspicious, it was surprisingly relaxing to bathe inside . The tingling sensation produced felt so good that they wanted to moan .

After their bath, everyone discovered in surprise that their sunburned and cut skin was repaired to be smooth again . The black pigment and toxins in their body seemed to have dissolved in the bathwater since the bathwater turned a dark green by the end .

Other than that, their sore bones became refreshed again as if they received a new skeleton entirely . This kind of relaxation was ten times better than sleeping .

As to what was inside the bathtub, it was the nutrient liquid normally used inside the training chamber . It was also the most expensive kind at 40 crystals per kilogram .

These grain-sized particles were commonly used in the training chamber . Not only would they increase body coordination and reflex, but they could also allow the abilities learned in virtual reality to sync with their real bodies . But even if the nutrient liquid was used alone, it was a great product to alleviate soreness, remove toxins, and strengthen the body .

Jiang Chen invested heavily in these agents .

He knew that the investment would absolutely pay off .

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