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Chapter 421: Exchanging Intelligence

Xin's agent training was all being conducted on the deserted island . Other than boats hauling over necessary supplies every week, the island was separated from the rest of the world . Because of this, in the next 80 days, Jiang Chen didn't have the opportunity to see his adorable Ayesha at all .

But while Ayesha was busy training the female agents, Jiang Chen didn't sit around .

A force of agents alone couldn't make up the entire intelligence department .

Logistics, organizational structure, phone monitoring, customs monitoring… All these would require employees . Of course, while Barkary did most of the work in the formation of these functions, Jiang Chen was also involved in the process .

And the formation of these departments would require the cooperation of internet companies, customs, police and other government agencies, in addition to Jiang Chen's abilities to encourage cooperation between these agencies .

Also, Jiang Chen logged into the email provided by Xie Lei . After he downloaded the file, he brought it to Yao Yao in the apocalypse .

Although there was no password book, due to the computational power of the supercomputer as well as the techniques known by artificial intelligence, Yao Yao only spent two days to complete the deciphering of the file, or rather, "archeology . "

Based on what Yao Yao said, it would take a long time, but it wasn't tiring .

After he read through the deciphered document, Jiang Chen had a frown on his face .

Willie society was indeed monitoring him and started doing so approximately three months ago . As to the reason, it wasn't explained in the document . It only vaguely stated that the purpose was to record the sea activity of Celestial Trade as well as the supply consumption of New Moon Island .

Because the leak was only present for a short period of time without even reaching New Moon Island, the information leaked was all non-sensitive information .

On the other hand, Willie society as an organization had a weak presence in East Asia . Since the organization started off as a NATO puppet used to cause trouble for the Soviets, its major area of operation was mostly in Kane nowadays . If they wanted to penetrate Xin, that would be a wild dream .

After they confirmed the identity of the spy, Jiang Chen transferred the information of the spy to Ivan and captured the mole inside Celestial . But Ivan, unfortunately, told him that the person quit a month ago . Based on the information at customs, the person left the country soon after he resigned .

One month ago happened to be when Xie Lei obtained the information . Perhaps realizing his identity was exposed, the spy immediately fled when he received news that the information leak was uncovered . When Xie Lei sent the information about the email, the spy had escaped already .

There was nothing they could do other than urging Ivan to investigate all the employees carefully . Jiang Chen granted the usage of a small amount of truth-telling serum at critical times to prevent the infiltration of spies again .

It would be a lost cause, but necessary nonetheless .

After these incidents were dealt with, it was nearing the end of July already . Based on the information from Xia Shiyu, the virtual reality's internal test spots were nearing the end of the distribution . The first group of internal test players would arrive in Xin by the end of July at the latest . With that completed, Jiang Chen was prepared to go back to the apocalypse .

But before he left, he planned to teach F a lesson .

He had been waiting for the list Natasha promised him .

Now, there was finally some progress .

At the door of the mansion .

"Where's your little beauty?"

"She's busy . " Jiang Chen welcomed Natasha inside and smiled .

"For example, training agents at a secret base?" The tip of Natasha's lips curled up as she said this dubiously .

"Who knows?" Jiang Chen neither denied nor agreed .

"We suspect that three Russian citizens went abroad for a special position," Natasha said with narrowed eyes .

"Possible . Although Celestial Trade hired a group of agents, all applicants are adults who maintain their civil abilities," Jiang Chen said, without revealing any information .

It was up to him in Xin to say who was legal or not . Based on Xin's laws, other than the law stating 18 was the legal age, the court could use a source of stable income as a criterion for granting legal status or not . When they arrived in Xin, the future agents would automatically become Xin nationals .

"That's fine; I'm not here to look for people," Natasha said as she stuck two fingers out and took out a list in front of her chest then handed it to Jiang Chen with a grin . "The list you wanted . "

Jiang Chen reached for it, but Natasha moved her hand .

With eyebrows raised, Jiang Chen looked at her questioningly .

"Are you not going to express something?" Natasha teased .

That look seemed to be hinting at something .

Unless his brain was shut down, Jiang Chen wouldn't choose to engage in a deep conversation with a KGB woman .

He curved his lips up . Jiang Chen didn't do as Natasha wished . Instead, he took out his phone .

"Give me your email address . "

Natasha looked skeptically at him and told him her email . Soon after, an email was sent to her phone .

"This…" When she opened the email, her eyes were instantly astonished .

"A Willie society agent with identity confirmed escaped from Xin to France a month ago . The rank in the organization is currently unknown, but I think the KGB might be interested . Also, this password book is related to some documents from Veit . You mentioned we can cooperate in intelligence . " Jiang Chen just sent the picture and information of the Willie agent as well as the password book Yao Yao created by deciphering Natasha's email .

Although Xin didn't have the ability yet to capture the mole that escaped, a cat that could stretch its paws there would be more than enough .

Jiang Chen found the polar bear also interested in Willie society .

"Of course I'm interested, our agent will warmly welcome him for a shot of vodka in the Black Dolphin Prison . Also, thanks for your password book, this is a great help . " Natasha smiled and then walked briskly to the door .

Black Dolphin Prison, the infamous prison . Jiang Chen mourned for the poor guy for half a second .

Although he didn't get to read more about KGB's influence in Western Europe, from Natasha's reaction, the KGB seemed to be confident with capturing the agent whose identity was exposed .

Natasha was walking to the door but stopped in her tracks as if she suddenly remembered something . She turned around and added:

"Also, the ships and submarines you purchased will arrive in December . You can now organize the crew to receive training in Moscow . You have to take care of your own accommodations and food . "

"They will be there in seven days . "

"Also, to create trouble for your neighbor, do you need Russian weapons?"

"No, we already solved the weapon problem . " A smile surfaced on Jiang Chen's face .

Since it would cause a problem for the UA ally, it was more fun to use UA weapons .

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