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Chapter 426: The Open Ceremony on the Cruise

From Wanghai to Melbourne, then boarding a luxury cruise from the port of Melbourne to Xin .

The luxurious cruise contained a self-serving restaurant, bar, pool, gym, net cafe, store, medical center, club, and a luxurious grand hall big enough to serve 2500 guests . With twelve levels and exquisite interior design, the place was not just a six-star hotel, but also a giant amusement park .

Inside the grand hall of the cruise, every single one of the 2000 players attended . Everyone here was a diehard fan of Future Technology .

When selecting players, although it was stated to be equal in opportunity, Future Technology did include some indicators for guidance . For example, players with longer play time in New Era were more likely to be chosen; the same was for players with higher VIP .

Other than the 2000 players, the remaining people were staff members on the cruise and the employees of Future Technology . Because it was not a news conference and only a ceremony for internal testing, Xia Shiyu rejected the media's request and just arranged three Future 1 . 0 news reporters to record the ceremony and conduct some interviews with the players .

Full tables of champagne, courteous servers .

In the grand hall, the luxurious atmosphere made Wei Wendong gasp for air . Although his income was close to tier one celebrities, people who play games typically stayed at home without spending too much time outside . Before he came, he prepared a rather expensive suit, he felt it didn't match the environment .

But when he saw the players around him completely stunned, he quickly got used to the feeling .

Compared to the other poor suckers, he was an elite among them . A lot of people wore just a T-shirt in the middle of the grand hall; they were the definition of not understanding the atmosphere .

Among the players, he surprisingly saw a lot of familiar faces .

For example, a pro player from the Conquerors guild, and a streamer on the same platform as him

Since only 1500 spots were open globally, the remaining 500 spots were all gifted by Future Technology to guilds with influence or to streamers with high influence .

Just as he was about to chat with the people he knew, the lights suddenly dimmed .

People began to whisper to each other while waiting for the official start of the ceremony .

Then, on the previously dimmed podium, a spotlight suddenly appeared . Jiang Chen in a suit walked in confident strides from the back of the stage to the podium . The light followed his footsteps and presented him in front of the crowd .

Jiang Chen came emptyhanded to the stage . But behind the podium was a giant 1050 inch screen and in the middle of the screen was Future Technology's logo .

When Wei Wendong saw him, he widened his eyes .

Jiang Chen!

Jiang Chen was known as the Bill Gates from the east, the president of Future Technology .

"Wow, look, look, it's Jiang Chen!" A streamer with big boobs gently covered her mouth as she dragged on to the new friend she just met and exclaimed with excitement .

"… So young . " A female pro gamer blushed .

"The president of Future Group is personally here," a player said in shock .

" . , . . "

The players below the stage all took out their phone in excitement and snapped photos of Jiang Chen .

To the excitement of the players, Jiang Chen smiled along and said in a joking voice, "You can take photos, just remember to turn off flash, or else once the internal testing is over, I won't give you a signature . "

Because Jiang Chen spoke in Han, a lot of international players were confused, but those who understood laughed .

The female player with flash on turned off the flash with her face completely red .

Seeing the atmosphere was appropriate, Jiang Chen signaled everyone to quiet down .

It was not the first time he came up without a script .

Perhaps he was used to people being in awe, with the 2000 something people in front of him, he didn't feel any emotional fluctuations .

He calmly adjusted the earpiece in his ear and smiled at the players . "To all the players attending this ceremony from all over the world, welcome!"

Just as he finished his sentence, the triangular logo on the screen exploded, the explosion formed into millions of dust particles and turned into words .

Those were translations in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, and Arabic!

The international players were all complaining in their mind that they didn't understand Han . But when the words were displayed, they finally felt relived .

Then, their eyes widened .

Real-time voice translation!

It had been a technical challenge to be able to conduct real-time voice translation through a computer . Although Microsoft launched a software called Touch-Talk, the software was weak for long and fast sentences . But the technology displayed by Future Technology was obviously not on the same level as Touch-talk .

It not only could accurately translate in a noisy environment, it could automatically translate to reflect the tone of the message!

"Where is the applause?" Jiang Chen smiled .

The stunned players were dragged back into reality and all gave Jiang Chen a thunderous applause .

When they thought about it, they were no longer shocked . Since it was a tech company that created an artificial intelligence like Little White, it would not be too tough for the artificial intelligence to do this .

Jiang Chen stood on the stage and waited for the applause to stop with a smile . He then continued, "Today, Future Technology will bring everyone an era-defining technology . Let us witness this historical moment together…"

Jiang Chen raised his right hand . Light particles emerged and became concentrated in his opened palm and formed a motorcycle helmet . The people below the stage all had their eyes wide open and shockingly witnessed this moment .

Hologram technology!

…Okay, it was not a fascinating technology . But it was indeed a stunning performance by Future Technology, the helmet hovering in Jiang Chen's hand seemed to really be there .

"Virtual reality . Future Technology has always been striving for innovation, whether in software or hardware . I know all of you shouldn't be unfamiliar with virtual reality games, even when you are dreaming, you still fantasize about having a pair of wings to take you anywhere, to be able to be part of an exciting adventure on a continent filled with swords and magic . "

He stared at the faces with expectation and enthusiasm and smiled pleasingly .

"Now, I am pleased to announce to everyone, this is no longer a fantasy, it is a now a reality!"

Everyone held their breath with excitement and hope emerged from their eyes .

"Now, let us first see a video, and get to know the virtual reality helmet named "Phantom . " Jiang Chen walked down from the stage and sat on the open seat reserved for him .

The translation on the giant screen faded, just like waves on a lake returning to peace .

Immediately, a man with a figure similar to Jiang Chen appeared in the middle of the screen, he put on the helmet and lied on the bed .

The scene flashed, in the blink of an eye, it changed from God's view to "Jiang Chen's" first-person perspective and was observing the inside of the helmet .

"Activated . "

The pitch black internal helmet screen suddenly lit up . Countless particles flashed forward in a three-dimensional manner . Everything had clarity as if it really existed .

"Iris verification program activated…"

"Registered as a new user . "


"Genetic code registered, please set the name . "


Till this point, the players' emotions were rather stable without anyone being shocked . Right now, Future Technology had yet to demonstrate the difference between this VR equipment and the rest of the VR equipment on the market .

But by the next second, everyone was stunned .

The light on the screen began to turn dark, it was if people closed their eyes and fell asleep .

Suddenly, the scene cleared up . An epic symphony played, butterflies flew and stopped on the finger of an elegant elf . She looked towards the world outside of the forest; it was a human state .

The sharp blade edge was accompanied by a soul-stirring war hammer chant . Soldiers roaring leaped at the Ogres defense line… but then was shattered by the wolf knights' iron hoofs .

In the distant mountain, dragons roared . A dragon knight flew down from the peek . The scorching fire unleashed its fury and tore down the defense of the Ogres .

Everything seemed so real .

What shocked everyone was not the vividness of the pictures, but the feeling of being in the game .

Could it be…

"The virtual reality helmet in novels! It is not the garbage VR equipment on the market . You could fly!"

"God, this is too unbelievable! This astonishing technology is born in the hands of a Han company . "

"Nani? Isn't this the NERVGear in Sword Arts Online? And Future Technology created it!"

Jiang Chen patiently waited for the players to unleash their astonishment and exhilaration, waiting until the crowd began to die down . Then he raised his hand and signaled the crowd to look at him .

"The video included how to use the Phantom virtual reality helmet, as well as the complete version of the cinematic trailer . As to the exact content of the game, please wait until you arrive at Pannu Islands and use your own eyes to experience the beauty of this virtual reality MMORPG . "

"Now, I announce the official start of the two-month internal test!"

"Please enjoy your time on the cruise, the food and alcohol are complimentary . This is Future Technology's way of saying thanks to all participants from all over the world . "

"Thank you . "

As the last syllable finished, an explosive applause abruptly bellowed towards the stage as Jiang Chen left the stage .

The grand hall was lit up again, and elegant music began to play as people were finally dragged back to reality .

"So handsome…" A girl in a long dress holding her phone said while staring at the podium .

The blush on her cheeks could either be from the makeup she used, or the fantasy in her mind .

Wei Wendong not far away mocked in his mind .

"The light is already on, but people are still in their dreams . "

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