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Chapter 427: Investment Euthanism

Young, rich, "single," easy going, Jiang Chen naturally became the center of the ceremony .

With a bunch of girls surrounding him, a lot of female streamers with "excellent balls" chatted with him which made the male players all envious of the scene .

It made sense since if they could manage to dig a wealthy man like this, it was not working how many years less, it was working how many lives less .

But at Jiang Chen's level, the typical girls didn't interest him anymore . He nobly accepted the toasts of the beauty, but to the obvious hint, he didn't suggest anything .

Because he only knew one foreign language, he didn't chat much with the international players . Instead, he spoke with some of the renowned domestic players .

A player called Wei Wendong suggested to him important events such as annual or monthly tournaments . Once the MMORPG has a competitive element, player's desire to practice skills and the subsequent user stickiness would drastically increase .

Jiang Chen took the suggestion to heart and indicated he would consider adding it in the public beta .

A lot of times, experienced players may know more than the developers about the pros and cons of a game . Even if they haven't started playing it yet, at least they know what they want to play .

A British player also asked Jiang Chen about the price of the helmet and the pay model of the game . Jiang Chen didn't answer it as he only stated that before the game's official launch, Future Technology would reveal the information during a press conference .

After spending half an hour in the grand hall, seeing that there were more and more people gathering around him, Jiang Chen had no choice but to leave .

He felt that if he stayed any longer, it would become a press conference instead .

But there was one question he didn't answer .

It was whether the game was made with VR equipment such as sensor vest and gloves, or the immersive virtual reality described in anime, novels, and movies .

Jiang Chen only had one response .

"You will understand everything the moment you put on the helmet . "

The cruise was not heading straight to Coro Island . The trip was to go slowly from Melbourne toward the coral sea, dock in the Solomon Islands, and then go through New Guinea waters, before heading to Coro Island .

The three days cruise trip cost Jiang Chen seven million USD . It was partially to create news to hype up the game's release, partially to provide advertisements for tourism at Coro Island .

When he returned to his room, he immediately lied down, stretched out on the bed, and began to burp . Then he loosened the tie around his neck .

[What does it feel like to be drunk off of champagne?]

He didn't know whether he was burping because of the alcohol, or because of being too full .

His phone rang . He took out the phone .

It was Xia Shiyu .


"You're drunk?"

"A bit, what's up?" Jiang Chen unbuttoned two buttons in the front of his chest as he tried to cool himself down by waving his hand .

"Mhmm, I want to ask you how is it going over there," Xia Shiyu said in a considerate tone .

"Absolutely perfect . " Jiang Chen cockily chuckled .

"Okay, looks like you're really drunk . " Xia Shiyu facepalmed . "I have something serious to talk about, are you free right now?"

"Of course . "

Xia Shiyu cleared her throat and began to report .

This is what happened .

InterContinental Hotels Group, Hilton International Hotel Group, Jumeirah, St . Regis, Four Seasons and other five-star hotels operating internationally renowned enterprises have also sent a letter of intent to Future International, hoping to cooperate in this development project .

For example, they wanted to cut a slice of the pie in the tourism hotel infrastructure .

Jiang Chen was more than welcoming because he couldn't make all the money himself . But what confused him was that based on the current situation, Standard, and Poor, Moody and Fitch Ratings all downgraded Xin's Sovereign credit rating, why was there still so many corporations in favor of investing in Pannu Islands?

When Xia Shiyu heard Jiang Chen's question, she gave a professional explanation .

Just like the stock's trade volume is opposite of the company's quarterly report and the credit agencies' rating . The risk is always propositional to reward . Country F is amidst a civil war without any energy to focus on the prisoner situation . The terrorist attack in Xin had caused the investor's desire to cooldown, but Celestial Trade's emergency announcement of 200 million USD in the establishment of the national security department reignited investors' interest with its decisive and robust policy .

The investment was a bet on expectations . And the liveliness demonstrated by Xin was indeed worth their investment .

On the other hand, based on Xin's strong stance toward country F as well as the tension escalating in the South Sea, the hostility between Hua and country F would continue to escalate . Since the "enemy's enemy is a friend . " Hua was most likely to favor Xin . The diplomatic relationship between societies would most likely be reflected economically, it was especially more prominent in patriotic Asia .

Therefore, once the 8 . 7 billion USD infrastructure and tourism resources development projects were completed, it would trigger an in flood of Han dominated tourists . With consideration to the mild weather, fantastic scenery, wealthy Han tourists, and high-paced economic growth, it was easy to foresee that as long as the new regime remains stable . This place would become the Maldives of the Pacific!

"Also, Xia Shiyu . "


"Are you interested in becoming the CEO of Future Group," Jiang Chen said with a smile .

"… Do you really mean it or are you just drunk?"

"I really mean it," He forced the burp down and said earnestly .

With a flushed face, Xia Shiyu put her hand on her elbow and changed the hand she was holding the phone one .

"Could I know the reason?"

She wanted to hear "I want you to stay by my side" .

"Because I trust your ability," Jiang Chen said with seriousness .


The other side of the phone was silent for half a minute . Just as Jiang Chen was confused why she didn't say anything, Xia Shiyu let out a wry sigh .

"… Once the virtual reality project is on the right track . I'm the most familiar with its plan, and I don't trust other people enough to handle it . "

"Of course . " Jiang Chen smiled .

After he hung up the phone, he flung his phone onto the pillow .

[It feels lonely without Ayesha beside him . Maybe he should go find Sun Jiao… Mhmm, it is not the best idea to attempt interdimensional travel on a cruise ship . There is no guarantee I won't end up in the sea by the time I return . ]

[Maybe I should take a shower to sober up…]

As he thought this, he sat up and walked to the bathroom .

But then, the doorbell rang .

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