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Chapter 431: The Mutants Flood

Xia Shiyu gave Jiang Chen an update of the industry .

For example, Tencent acquired 51% of Wanghai Lexiang shares at a premium from the hands of Xunlei and Kaiying Web for 60 million USD to become the majority shareholder . They also indicated on the day when the deal closed that QQ would officially enter the virtual reality field, then they displayed a mysterious looking CG animation, indicating that virtual reality MMORPG development was in progress .

Baidu instead went international and established a strategic partnership with Sony which signaled their battle horn to the virtual reality market .

Microsoft, Google…

When Jiang Chen heard this information, he wasn't worried at all .

His situation now was like a tank charging forward while his opponents were still busy shining the tips of their arrows .

A battle between the indigenous and civilized - although it was in the same ring, it was not on the same level .

After two months, internal testing would end and the world's media would finally receive some information . The helmets would go on sale a month later and the official launch of the game was set for the upcoming month . The world would be shocked by Future Technology's virtual reality technology .

Future Technology would lead the first intimate contact between consciousness and circuit boards .

"Also, I received several emails from Hua's Arms Industrial Company, Britain's Plextek Company, UA's Thunder God Company and other three arms industrial companies interested in our technology . They said if we provided a technical description of our technology, they were willing to cooperate with us in the military training field," Xia Shiyu continued her report .

Military arms companies interested in a partnership with a tech company? It was a rare occurrence .

But from the way the emails were worded, they seemed to be cautious of the partnership since it would involve a lot of technical parameters of confident military tech . In principle, military tech companies should not cooperate with foreign companies . Even if a partnership were to exist, it would mostly be under the table .

At least for now, the server parameters of virtual reality, computation ability, and maximum user threshold were all unknown to the external world . But with the introduction of virtual reality to the world next year, his nuclear silo would be built already .

He would use nuclear weapons to deter the five thugs and connect the world with the "virtual web . " When the world could no longer leave the second world built by Future Technology, no one would be foolish enough to go against Future Technology .

The game was only the tip of the iceberg for virtual reality .

By that time, it would be time to reach space .

Jiang Chen's thoughts drifted far away as he fantasized about the blueprint he had in his mind .

"Jiang Chen?" Seeing as he didn't respond, Xia Shiyu tried to rouse him from his dazed state .

He recollected his thoughts and only deliberated for two seconds before he made a decision .

"Reject the offers . "

"Okay… Also, the Bureau of Patents is making frequent visits . " Xia Shiyu scoffed .

"Let them come . When we have the absolute technological advantage, we don't need any patents to protect us . If we made our technology public for other people's reference, we would be kicked out of the competition . "

Any country would be reluctant for new technology to leave their borders . As long as Future Technology was irreplaceable, even if the Wang family wanted to eat him, they couldn't do anything to him . When they forced Jiang Chen to become an "international company," the Wang family received a lot of criticism and pressure from the higher-ups .

At the same time, he wouldn't register for any patents in any country because it was unnecessary for him; he didn't plan to permit other people to use his technology . To crack his Future 1 . 0, people needed a textbook on D++ first .

After he hung up the phone, Jiang Chen stretched sluggishly and sat up on the sofa .

He finally had the time for leisure activities lately, but with his mansion completely empty, it did feel boring . He occasionally visited his family, accompanied his father on fishing trips, and chatted with his mother . Being with his family was always a great and relaxing time .

He just missed Ayesha and wondered about her training progress on the island .

He didn't need to focus on the virtual reality internal testing anymore - Barkary sent out 20 security personnel and 30 employees to oversee the internal testing process . All the game data would be sent to the fourth-dimensional messenger chip Lin Lin created on her computer before she sent the information off to the game development department at Fishbone base .

It was August 7th already . Jiang Chen was planning to delay his return to the 15th, but a message from Lin Lin changed his mind .

When Sun Jiao saw Jiang Chen, her eyes lit up as she stood to greet him . Han Junhua only glared at him emotionlessly before she focused on the hologram command map on the table .

Jiang Chen kissed Sun Jiao before he walked up to the command map .

"What happened?"

"We confirmed that a flood of mutants erupted in Wanghai," Sun Jiao said sternly, a rare occasion when she wasn't acting naughty .

"A flood of mutants?" Jiang Chen was puzzled .

"Based on the information from the drones, the activity level of zombies in the city center greatly increased, and the packed zombies in the city center began to disperse towards the rural areas . At the same time, all mutants in the Wanghai area entered into a frenzied state . Even the mutant cockroaches without much hostility turned aggressive," Han Junhua explained with her arms crossed, her eyes never leaving the map .

Cockroaches were scavengers; the mutations didn't change their food habits . Typically, cockroaches were considered safe - they wouldn't attack you unless you provoked them .

The same went for flies and rats - they were often not aggressive . But when the mutant flood erupted, the "mild" mutants entered a frenzied state too .

There were only two solutions to solve the mutant flood .

One was to migrate, the other was to kill .

Only when the zombie and mutant concentration decreased to a certain level would their expansion to secure land stop .

The mutant flood was a battle between mutants and humans for survival space!

"That's right . " Sun Jiao nodded at Han Junhua's explanation .

"Even with a wall, these creatures could still get inside?" Jiang Chen asked in shock .

"Hypothetically, if thousands of zombies all leaped at the wall at the same time, the zombies in the front would fall, and the zombies at the back would stomp on top of the fallen zombies . In a massive zombie flood, a wall is not reliable . Also, not only are the zombies a threat, but the mutants will be a great danger . The mutants that previously only lived in wet, high radiation areas will enter the rural areas," Han Junhua said sternly .

"For example?"

"Mutant mosquitos . Their high flying speed along with their slim bodies means they are hard to target . A total of seven soldiers died at the hands of mutant mosquitoes already, along with thirteen injured at camp 27 . " All the stats were ingrained in Han Junhua's head .

"Looks like we'll have to cancel the expedition," Jiang Chen said with a frown .

"We can't," Han Junhua said .

Jiang Chen and Sun Jiao both looked at her .

"Even if we terminate the plan, the mutated humans would not give up their military action this winter . Not only can we not terminate the plan, but we have to take care of the mutated humans before the mutant flood escalates . "

Jiang Chen thought for a bit then asked, "But there are already signs of a mutant flood . What do you think we should do?"

"Immediately send out a force and fight on two fronts," Han Junhua said in an undertone .

"That's too risky . You haven't experienced a mutant flood before, and you don't know how terrifying it is," Sun Jiao interrupted .

"For that exact reason, we have to do what I said . Even if we lasted through the mutant flood, we might not be able to defend against the backlash of the mutated humans . The best strategy would be for the east line to focus on defense while the west line gathers the entire armored force to attack . We need to use the shortest time to wipe out the mutated humans then return to defend the Wanghai rural area . "

As the Colonel of the PAC land force, it wasn't the first time she had to make a definitive decision like this .

"What if the west line enters a stalemate?" Jiang Chen asked sternly .

"Then prepare to give up the east line and retreat from Wanghai . "

[Give up Wanghai? How is that possible?!]

Han Junhua seemed to have read the hesitation on Jiang Chen's face as she continued .

"A leader should consider the consequences of failure but should not be fearful towards the consequences of the failure . "

Jiang Chen closed his eyes .

After a long silence, he abruptly said:

"If we choose to fight on both lines, how will the force be distributed?"

"Gather the power armor to equip the First Division with the support of the Hunter Division to launch a lightning attack to Jia city and Seventh Area . The Third Division will remain stationed in the Sixth Street with local mercenaries hired to reinforce the defense . The Second Division stationed at camp 27 will partially retreat to the Fishbone base and the defensive line will completely shrink to the outskirts of the rural areas . " Han Junhua pointed on the hologram map and quickly completed the force deployment plan .

The power armor didn't have an advantage against a massive amount of zombies, so it was better to be bold and send it all to the east line to be used against the mutated humans . Although the mutants couldn't rip through the armor of the Wanderer tank, a total weight of 112 tons wasn't impenetrable to the powerful mutants . If they couldn't bite through the tank, surely they could flip it at least?

They couldn't forget about the vomiter vomiting acid - it would also be a threat to the armored units .

"Let's follow your plan . "

Han Junhua nodded and walked out the door .

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