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Chapter 432: Tightening the Defensive Line

After five days of resistance, the command center ordered camp 027 to retreat strategically .

It was a prudent decision .

The core of camp 27 was the scientists . Even if the buildings on the surface were abandoned, there wasn't much lost since the mutants didn't tend to destroy buildings . They simply could re-capture the base later .

But if they remained stationed there, once the mutant flood escalated, the supply line between camp 27 and Fishbone would be cut off . Without an ammo supply, camp 27, which was closer to the city center, would be the first to collide with the mutants . Even with the protection of the wall, it wasn't the most reliable during a mutant flood .

The zombies packed together could create a zombie ladder . The throwers' infant zombies could pass over the wall, and the Roshan, which had a bad habit of throwing things, could even push down the wall .

The most horrifying thing was the mutant mosquitos . They were the knights soaring in the sky, their mouths as sharp as spears . One charge could quickly take a person's life away .

To deal with the annoying creatures, the fallout shelter designed a simplified flamethrower . Soldiers in power armor could wield one and fire at these mosquitos on the front line, which had surprisingly effective results .

But regarding the intensifying mutant flood, the situation was less and less optimistic .

The mutant flood was going on its fifth day and the soldiers stationed at the camp already lost 15 people . If they continued to be stationed here, it was difficult to determine the outcome of the situation .

With Wang Zhaowu's organization, Xu Lu led the non-combat personnel and some security forces down into the fallout shelter with the doors shut tight . They would return to the surface once the situation stabilized . The fuel rods and supplies stored in the fallout shelter were more than enough to sustain them for two years of consumption, and the mutant flood would only last a few months…

If nothing unexpected happened .

A total of 500 combat units loaded the firearms and stationary weapons onto the trucks then welded the top of the trucks with machine guns .

With the Tiger II leading the way, trucks began to trickle out of camp 27 and smash into the zombies wandering on the street .

The machine guns unleashed their fury onto the street, leaving a trail of copper shells behind .

The flood of zombies swarmed to the fleet, but most were shredded to pieces by the bullets . The occasional zombies that managed to survive would die from the bullets of the Reaper Assault Rifle .

In the distance, Roshan tossed the lamppost in its hands and moved toward the fleet with heavy footsteps . Tiger II, which spotted the target, slowly moved its cannon as the Type-50 electromagnetic cannon unloaded its bomb and pierced through the lard .

Blood and bullet shells paved the way .

Fishbone base .

The engineering soldiers were installing four anti-air machine guns onto the wall in addition to the Type-50 electromagnetic cannon used against large-sized mutants . Soldiers patrolled the walls and fired continuously at the areas with a high concentration of zombies .

Under the waving NAC flag, zombies with dangling heads wandered below the wall . Their crimson pupils displayed a thirst for blood .

Typically speaking, zombies weren't hostile during the daytime . But because of the mutant flood, the situation changed a little . The zombies seemed to be influenced by some form of power and naturally gathered around areas with humans .

The situation was similar to the x2 bacteria incident; the only difference was that air indicators remained normal during the mutant flood .

The Fishbone base was quite some distance away from the city center, so they hadn't encountered any powerful mutants, but Jiang Chen had a feeling that the good days were coming to an end .

On the patrol tower on the wall, Jiang Chen observed the streets in the distance with a pair of binoculars .

Suddenly, a Tiger II appeared in his field of vision . Meat chunks solidified on its armor, and the belt was colored black by the fat and blood of the zombies . Immediately following it were the outlines of trucks which became more and more clear . The machine guns fired continuously, piercing any zombies approaching the trucks .

Jiang Chen put down the binoculars and spoke concisely into the radio:

"Clear an area in front of the gate . "


The soldiers stationed underneath the wall all headed up with their rifles . Some rushed to the machine guns while some set up the rifles in the firing spots . Following the commands of a knight in a kinetic skeleton, everyone entered their battle positions quickly .

"Fire!" The soldiers on the wall pressed their triggers simultaneously .

A glorious scene unfolded .

The orange bullet trails were unleashed onto the zombies like pouring rain and instantly tore down the zombies approaching the wall . Grenade soldiers threw grenades and Molotov cocktails at the swarms of zombies .

Explosions were everywhere . Broken limbs flew across the battlefield . The zombies made of flesh were no threat at the hands of the survivors' firearms .

"The success against normal zombies would make people blow up in confidence," Sun Jiao exclaimed while she worked beside Jiang Chen and stared at the zombies being shredded .

Sun Jiao was wearing a bulletproof vest with the SK10 . She hadn't used it in a long time .

Jiang Chen smiled but didn't respond . He took out a cigarette and lit it up .

During the amount of time it took to finish a cigarette, the zombies outside the wall were mostly wiped out .

At the same time, the fleet arrived in front of the main door before the zombies could regroup . The soldiers at the door immediately pressed the button to open the gate as the metal gate slowly opened and allowed the red-stained fleet to enter .

A few medics ran up and carried the wounded on stretchers to the hospital . Then a few soldiers in protective gear with circular bottles sprayed the entire fleet to disinfect it .

The weary soldiers jumped down from the trucks and hugged each other with their families waiting by the side . As for the people stained with blood, they all chose to take a shower first .

When they arrived at the base, their tense nerves could finally be relieved .

"Let me go make a visit . "

Jiang Chen extinguished the cigarette on the wall as he headed downstairs .

Right now, it was a busy scene in front of the base .

"Quick! Quick! Vomiter's acid hit him . "

"Poor guy, treat it first before sending him to the medical chamber . Help me out here…"

Stretchers continuously passed by him . Due to the limited number of medical chambers, soldiers with less severe injuries had to be transferred to the ward first . Soldiers with serious injuries were treated by doctors on the spot before being sent to the medical chambers for recovery .

Jiang Chen examined the soldier with the bones on his face exposed by the acid . His stomach started doing flips .

[To be able to live like this is definitely his luck…]

He paused for a few seconds before he continued to walk forward .

In the front of the fleet, aside from the Tiger II, he saw Wang Zhaowu .

Because he sat in the tank, Wang Zhaowu's condition was somewhat positive; at least he hadn't sustained any injuries . But from his dark circles, it was clear he hadn't closed his eyes for a long time .

He passed the rifle in his hand to the soldier beside him and saluted Jiang Chen sharply .

Without engaging in small talk, Jiang Chen passed a cigarette to him . Finely made cigarettes had always been the luxury good in short supply on the wasteland . Although he could purchase them with his salary, not everyone could have the honor of their leader passing them a cigarette .

Wang Zhaowu took the cigarette in astonishment . Jiang Chen smiled and used a casual tone to ask him .

"What's the situation at camp 27?"

"Extremely terrible . " With gloom on his face, Wang Zhaowu slowly blew out a smoke ring . "Throwers already appeared there, as well as mutant mosquitos . Along the way, we also saw vomiters moving in this direction . Fortunately, a Tiger II was in front of the fleet…"

Throwers were most active in the outskirts of the city, and they rarely entered the rural areas . If Throwers already appeared at camp 27, the mutant flood was beginning to intensify .

After a momentary pause, Jiang Chen asked:

"Did you bring the thing?"

"I did . Do you want me to take you there now?"

"Now," Jiang Chen said .

Wang Zhaowu nodded and took Jiang Chen to the center of the fleet .

When they arrived at the location, a few workers were already operating a crane to unload the equipment .

"This is it . The construction robots and deepwater mining equipment . They won't be useful now by the looks of it . " Wang Zhaowu stared at the eight massive containers with a wry smile .

With the current situation, it would be hard to reach the sea in the first place .

Wang Zhaowu might be wrong . Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously without answering .

It wasn't an easy task to transport the deepwater mining equipment from camp 27 . All of the equipment weighed 400 tons with each container weighing 50 tons . To transport these containers, Wang Zhaowu arranged four heavy-duty trucks to be positioned in the middle of the fleet . With the risk of slowing down the retreat, he managed to drag the equipment back,

Jiang Chen looked at the eight containers and nodded, pleased .

Deepwater mining could finally be initiated . The production of virtual reality helmets would require a massive amount of molybdenum, and with the current price of molybdenum, importing would significantly increase the cost of the helmet . If Jiang Chen mined the molybdenum himself, he calculated cost savings of at least 50% .

"Thank you . " Jiang Chen patted him on the shoulder .

"No problem . Compared to defending camp 27, this is much easier . " Wang Zhaowu smiled .

"Go rest for a bit . Remember to come to my office for a meeting in two hours . "


Wang Zhaowu saluted and headed to the living area .

After a long journey, he was indeed tired . He just wanted to take a shower and take a nap before the meeting .

After Wang Zhaowu left, Jiang Chen looked at the soldiers by the side and ordered them to transport the containers to the backyard of the mansion . Then he headed to the community center .