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Chapter 433: A Risky Choice

The Sixth Street .

The recent expansions caused the defense line of the Sixth Street to be extremely stretched out . The military government utilized almost all the construction companies and reinforced the walls surrounding the Sixth Street and machine guns and cannons were also installed .

Contracts totaling one million crystals .

But not a lot of people were cheerful of the news . The mutants flood about to arrive made everyone feel a deep fear . Some people chose to flee, but most chose to stay .

It was because of a policy enacted by Chu Nan .

"Anyone who leaves the Sixth Street during wartime, properties registered under its name will be confiscated and used to pay for the defense budget . The extra amount will be used as a reward for individuals or organizations who provide outstanding contribution during wartime . If the person must leave and is reluctant to give up its property here, then a war tax between 20-40 crystals per square meter must be paid for any properties here . This amount will be used to pay for the mercenaries' salary, reinforce defense, and ammunition . "

The policy sounded unreasonable on paper, but it was fair .

Why would the Sixth Street soldiers bleed for you to protect your property here and the people with stakes here would escape during this critical time? Either contribute your force, or provide money, or the NAC government would recognize you as surrendering your property by default!

Although a lot of soldiers attempted to use the council to protest, they clearly didn't understand the situation . Out of the ten council members, five were injected with the "honorary chip" .

The policy was enacted without any opposition and gained the support from the majority of civilians .

The civilians finally managed to own their home in the Sixth Street, who would want to return to the homeless life? As to the people that escaped with the slightest obstacle and wanted people who stayed behind to protect their property, they didn't gain any sympathy .

Therefore, other than the merchants based elsewhere, no one chose to leave at this time .

What's the purpose of tying down the irrelevant people in the base?

There were a lot of purposes .

The Sixth Street military stationed comprised mostly by three forces, the first being the NAC's Third Division, the second would be the mercenaries, hunters, and some equipped scavengers, the third being the private force of the merchants!

Although after the nuclear non-proliferation at the Sixth Street was enacted, all of their nuclear material was confiscated . Though the Sixth Street never limited their arms . As to do business on the wasteland, a weak force meant that the merchant would be sheep to the bad wolves out there . Even if they managed to escape the claws of the mutants, they could not avoid the robbery by their same kind .

Most of the merchants stayed, meaning they would retain their private force here . The merchants were usually much richer than the mercenaries demonstrated by the quality of their equipment . Although the merchants didn't have the restricted Type-50 electromagnetic pulse cannon, they still possessed a few armored vehicles .

The civilians joined the force . The merchants in pain send their private force to the frontline . Once the mutants flood erupts, the gate to the city would be closed shut . Since they chose to stay, then the option of leaving was no longer there . There was no purpose of hiding any force now as it was better to send them to the front line for some commission .

The military factor was operating at full capacity as it produced the iron and aluminum transported from the Fishbone base into firearms .

At this time, the production of the Sixth Street finally came in handy .

When Jiang Chen released part of the technology of the T-3 power armor to the small workshops and contracted parts out to be produced . The military factory he purchased for Zhao Chenwu produced 20 T-3 power armors in one month .

It was ten times their previous production capacity .

Not only the power armors, the Type-99 anti-tank cannon, the Roar mortar… Followed by the optimization of the industry, the heavy weaponry with low production before now became streamlined and exited the factory quickly .

With so many heavy weaponry dragged from the factory to the frontline and the boxes of ammo and bombs being transported to the supply station, almost everyone was confident towards this war .

Only if it was just the zombies that came .

Currently, 300 meters to the north gate of the Sixth Street, the soldiers from the First Division built a simplified defense line with a moving barrier and sandbags . They shot the zombies approaching with machineguns . The wall behind them was being reinforced, and their mission was to defend here until the reinforcement is complete .

Constant screams came from behind them . It was the sound of the mortars launching electromagnetic shells .

Three shells raised into the air and then smashed into the zombies . The scattered shrapnel instantly shredded the zombies nearby as their intestines, and meat chunks rolled all over the ground .

Then, from the dust of the explosion, a massive creature appeared . It swung a billboard in its hand while marching toward the defense line in giant strides .

"Roshan located . "

A soldier at the machinegun continued to fire while screaming into his mic .

"Roger . "

A calm response followed by the explosive sound of the bomb unloading .

The bomb dragged an orange trail of flame and blew the skull of the Roshan into pieces .

"Nice shot!" The soldier roared out while he reloaded the machinegun . Seeing the attack slowed down, the scavenger waiting on the side rushed to the body of Roshan with a knife to retreat the crystals at the back of its neck . When they obtain the crystals, they could retain 40% as their commission .

On top of the patrol tower, Zhao Gang observed everything with his binoculars .

Different from the optimistic feeling of the crowd, as the leader of the Third Corp, the expression on his face didn't suggest optimism at all .

After days of continuous recruitment, the Third Corp already expanded to 4000 people . However, even including the First and Second Corp, it still didn't manage to bring him optimism at all .

As a previous survivor of Qingpu, he had witnessed the horrifying mutants flood .

The mutants flood back then even broke the line of defense established by the World Alliance Organization soldiers which made the organization surrender to Wanghai . And the survivors at the Sixth Street used a significant amount of PAC weapons left by the organization and barely managed to defend the base .

But after the next civil war, the only equipment left was the Wanderer tank . Right now, the tank was sent to the First Corp, the Sixth Street could only depend on self-produced heavy weaponry .

"Report, Director Chu Nan send me to notify you to attend the meeting . "

"I see . " Zhao Gang nodded .

The soldier saluted and stood aside .

He took a last look at the front line before he stuffed the binoculars into his pocket and left .

In the hologram conference room, Zhao Gang nodded to Chu Nan and sat in his spot .

The conference started . General Jiang Chen, advisor Han Junhua, the three corp leaders, the Sixth Street executive Chu Nan, logistics lead Wang Qin, administration lead Lu Huasheng, and all the NAC executives were present .

Around the conference table hovered a hologram map of Wanghai with the force's distribution on the map . From the map, Zhao Gang could guess the purpose of this meeting .

Wang Qin first explained the status of supplies at the base, and then Lu Huasheng reported on the status of the reserve force .

Last, the advisor explained their entire plan . Because the plan was first discussed with the general, Jiang Chen only needed to nod during the conference .

But when Chu Nan heard the plan, he had a slight frown as he stood up and objected .

"I object . Wanderer tank, eight Tiger IIs, and 15 armored vehicles are all assigned to the First Division? Even if the Sixth Street's objective is to defend, it doesn't mean this place doesn't need armored force protection . "

Jiang Chen looked at Zhao Gang .

After a moment of deliberation, Zhao Gang nodded sternly .

"I agree with Chu Nan's perspective . Without any armored force to cover fire, that means that once we lost the control of the gate, we no longer possess the ability to recapture the gate . We could only completely abandon the lost defense line . To be safe, we need at least four Tiger IIs stationed here . "

"Just don't lose control . " Han Junhua said emotionlessly .

"Of course, I know it is best to have no mistakes, but-"

"Tanks protecting a city are the least efficient choice . All the armored forces equipping the First Corp will allow Jia City to be captured in the shortest period, and then return for defense after . " Han Junhua used an indubitable voice .

A risky decision .

If there were any mishaps in the Sixth Street defense line . . . If the First Corp battle with the mutated humans entered a stalemate…

The First Corp leader Cheng Weiguo didn't say anything . He only looked at Zhao Gang apologetically . Zhao Gang also didn't' speak as he looked at his colleague to signal his understanding .

Chu Nan took a deep breath and stared at Han Junhua before he slowly sat down .

"I hope your decision is correct . It has to do with the lives of eighty thousand people . "

Han Junhua nodded .

After the end of the conference, the hologram faded .

Wang Qin, Lu Huasheng, and Wang Zhaowu left . When there were only two people in the conference room, Jiang Chen let out a sigh .

"You have to learn the art of rejection . "

"There is only execution to an order, the art of rejection doesn't exist . "

"I'm only concerned about the relationship between my subordinates," Jiang Chen said wryly .

But Han Junhua didn't seem to mind as she said emotionlessly, "It's okay, let me be the bad guy . "

"… Are you an M?" With the expressionless face in front of him, Jiang Chen had to ask out of curiosity .

"What is an M?" Han Junhua raised her eyebrows, "I'm only making the best choice . Especially as you have told me, once everything ends, I will be heading into the future . "

"What if we can solve your problem without going to the future?" Jiang Chen asked intriguingly .

"Then we'll speak once the time comes . "

Han Junhua didn't seem to want to discuss this problem further . She took the documents on the table that belonged to her and left the conference room .