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Chapter 434: Lightning Attack against Seventh Area

Clouds of dust accompanied the roaring noise of the engine .

The metal belt rolled over the barren land; only the crushing sound of the wheels could be heard .

Like a piercing arrow, the tank formulation comprised of all the NAC's armored forces, led by the Wanderer tank, was heading from Shenxiang to the Seventh Area between Jia and Wanghai .

It was the mutated humans' production facility . Once the place was captured, the mutated humans would lose all of their ammunition supplies . Once they freed the slaves prisoned in the Seventh Area, the First Corp would continue to head west and crush the mutated humans stationed in Jia .

The Wanderer tank led the way, eight Tiger IIs, 15 armored vehicles, 30 supply trucks, 2300 soldiers, and two helicopters . It was half of NAC's net worth .

Right now, in the armored vehicle modified into a command center, Cheng Weiguo and Ma Zhongcheng sat across from each other . In front of them was a hologram map with a red marker on the map indicating the mutated humans' zone of control . The arrow formation created by blue dots were soldiers from the First and Hunter Corp .

"Based on the reconnaissance soldiers' observation, the mutated humans stationed 9000 soldiers in Jia with 80 anti-tank cannons, 60 anti-air machine guns, and 220 machine guns," Ma Zhongcheng reported to Cheng Weiguo .

"A tough opponent," Cheng Weiguo cursed .

Because the mutated humans managed to capture Jia city, their number increased substantially . They could foresee that it will be a fierce battle .

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion from the front .

A shell landed beside a Tiger II in high gear mode . The shrapnel created screeching sounds on the Type-A steel armor, but it didn't manage to do any damage . Then a few more rounds landed but didn't manage to hit its target .

"Enemy anti-tank units spotted!"

"Initiate combat . " Cheng Weiguo clicked on his earpiece and ordered .


The supply truck that carried the soldiers all slowed down to allow the soldiers in the back to jump down and charge toward the Seventh Area in a scattered formation . The soldiers that sat outside of the armored vehicles also got off as they spread out to advance towards the mutated humans' zone of control .

An armor piercing round smashed right onto the front armor of the Wanderer's tank and was deflected without a doubt . The electromagnetic reaction armor that used Meissner effect would render most of the kinetic weapon with metal shells useless! And even if there was no electromagnetic reaction armor, 140 mm Type-A steel armor was not something typical shells could penetrate .

The type-52 main particle cannon emitted an eerie blue light before it exploded like fireworks once it hit the target . Then it instantly vaporized the anti-tank cannon hidden behind the defense line . The secondary 2 kg rapid electromagnetic cannon continued to emit electric arcs as the shells eight times the speed of sound easily shredded the building into pieces . The mutated humans hiding in the building couldn't even scream before they were crushed by the building .

It was a moving fortress .

Compared to the Wanderer tank's outstanding performance, the "locally produced" Tiger II had lackluster performance . However, with the mutated humans without any armored force, it was more than enough to take care of the enemies with its thick front armor and powerful electromagnetic cannon .

The Type-50 constantly unleashed 5 kg bombs on the mutated humans' position and instantly destroyed their first line of defense .

Once the line was broken, the armored vehicles, in front, instantly accelerated and dashed out from the force, into the Seventh Area Industrial Zone . The machine guns installed on the tops of the tanks spat out its fury as the high caliber bullets reaped the life of the mutated humans hidden behind the walls . The armored vehicles also occasionally threw out heat trap grenades and electromagnetic trap grenades .

The guided rockets being misguided by the trap grenade immediately lost its target and redirected to the location of the heat trap grenade . The none-guided rockets were unable to hit the armored vehicles due to their high speed .

Rockets flew aimlessly inside the industrial zone and didn't manage to hit a single armored vehicle . Instead, they wounded a lot of mutated humans .

The armored vehicles rushed into the industrial zone and in the shortest time, cleared the hidden anti-tank and anti-air weapons . Then, they paved the way for the tank formation . At the same time, the Hunter Division in power armors and kinetic skeletons broke the first line of defense and began to clear the mutated soldiers that hid among the shambles with the help of the infantry .

Only two armored vehicles were damaged . One because of the anti-tank mine, the other one was unfortunately hit on the side by a non-guided missile .

However, compared to the success they were able to achieve, the sacrifice was indeed worth it . They destroyed or confiscated 17 anti-tank armors, 31 anti-air machine guns, and killed more than 2000 mutated humans; the remaining enemy all retreated to the second line of defense .

"The first line of defense captured!'

The captain in the frontlines reported the status to the command center, seeing the blue and red dots tangle together on the hologram map, Cheng Weiguo looked at Ma Zhongcheng .

"Deploy the drones . "

"Okay . " Ma Zhongcheng took out the tablet and pressed a few buttons .

The second line of defense was built around the complex building layout in the industrial zone where even the armored vehicles could not rapidly advance through . The mutated humans defending the streets were all equipped with a significant amount of non-guided missiles as well as sticky explosives . Although those could not damage the Wanderer, they posed a substantial threat to the Tiger IIs and the armored vehicles .

The Tiger II's side armor and back were all its weaknesses . An anti-tank rocket in close range would more than likely stall the tank .

Therefore, the task to protect the infantry force advancing would fall to the drones .

After receiving the order, the two helicopters hovered in the far air immediately moved toward the already broken first line of defense . Then it parachuted two containers to the ground .

Blue flames sparked out the descending device fired to reduce its velocity . The five-meter-long container smashed onto the second line of defense . The first container landed on the street while the other one landed on the top of the building .

The memory metal on the container instantly deployed with the intense force of the landing, it exploded the bee nest like structure and released the drones inside .

The buzzing noise even covered the sound of gunshots . The mutated humans could only use their rifles and machine guns to furiously unleash their bullets against the drone attack formed by the plate-sized "hummingbirds" . However, their effort was negligible .

With the hive used as a terminal and center for the drones, hundreds of agile Hummingbirds roamed the streets to remove the lives of the mutated humans . Even with the thick C-type front armor, they could not defend against the sneak attacks from the back . In a street battle with drones, without any EMP weapon, it was pure slaughter .

But obviously, the mutated humans in the Seventh Area didn't prepare much EMP!

When the hive landed, the location scanning device inside recorded its detailed coordinates into the server, so the Hummingbirds were even more familiar with the area than the mutated humans themselves .

At the same time, 20 T-3 power armors followed into the second line of defense, with the support of the light infantry, an intense battle along the streets broke out .

The orange bullet trails lit up the entire zone . The mutated humans defending there had to retreat due to First Corp's intensive attack .

The infantry force completely cleared out the anti-air positions at the second line of defense . The helicopter then moved up and unleashed the nightmare known as death to the mutated humans with its Type-50 electromagnetic cannon . Any defense could not withstand the powerful smash of the 10 kg bomb . Although the lead mutated humans with power warhammers, and the suicide mutated humans with miniature nuclear grenades managed to cause some casualties to the infantries on the streets, the mutated humans could not change the outcome of the battle .

The second line of defense was broken, the tank continued to push forward . The soldiers that confiscated the anti-tank cannons turned the cannon around to the mutated human's third line of defense . The last line of defense .

The electronics factory at the Seventh Area!

A high tech factory with a size of 1500 acres stood distinctively in the Seventh Area industrial zone . Because of its distinctiveness, the mutated humans chose the place as its base . The outskirt was built with high walls, and the plant inside was reinforced into a fortress .

In front of mutants and most survivors, the fortress was unbreakable, but that was not the case in front of the NAC .

The castle in the mutated human's eyes will become their own grave!

After capturing the second line of defense, the First Division unleashed a total of 1000 shells into the factory which turned the walls around the factory and its primary structure into shambles .

After the rain of destruction, the armored vehicles equipped with drone terminals moved along with the power armors and the soldiers followed right behind them . They engaged in heavy fire with the mutated humans inside the factory .

A gruesome battle .

To both sides, there was no concept of surrendering .

Humans and mutated humans were not the same species .

With six hours of a full-scale battle coming to an end, the First Corp soldiers finally killed the last mutated human . They put up the NAC flag on the roof of the half-destroyed plant and signaled their victory in the Seventh Area!

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