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Chapter 436

Based on a length of 11 meters and radius of 1 . 55 meters, the size of the missile was approximately 20 . 7 cubic meters, with a storage dimension the size of 30 cubic meters, it was not a big problem to haul it to the modern world .

"Is the warhead placed inside?"

"A five hundred ton hydrogen warhead is being welded in right now . " Jiang Lin pointed at the mechanical arm .

What's the meaning behind a five hundred ton hydrogen warhead? Four numbers could be used for reference .

Personnel exposed: 4 . 1

Personnel in a tank: 1 . 9

Personnel in a bomb shelter: 0 . 7

Personnel in a fallout shelter: 0 . 46

The four numbers refer to the lethal striking radius to personnel by a five hundred ton hydrogen bomb in kilometers, it doesn't include the radiation damage . Of course, it was estimated based on the modern world's standard .

The power armor and tank in the apocalypse were often designed with a lead fiber insulation layer which was highly effective