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Chapter 437: A Sea of Zombies

Standing on top of the patrol tower, the pack of zombies swarmed together to form a sea of zombies . This scene could only be seen in the city center before, but now they were here in the quiet rural areas . No one knew why the mutant flood erupted; maybe it was because of a lack of living space in the city center or possibly because of the desire to hunt in groups . Regardless, they were here .

This despairing scene made any bystanders uncomfortable .

The twenty-meter-high wall couldn't bring a sense of security to the people, because…

Amidst the howling noises, a thrower, with tumbling steps, ran to the Fishbone base wall and tossed the infant zombie in its hands at the soldiers on the wall . The infant-sized zombie screamed with its dry lips and leaped at the soldiers firing on the wall .

Then it suddenly exploded .

"Ahh! My eyes!" A soldier with acid splattered in his eyes covered his face while he howled and rolled on the ground . He was better off than the others because the two soldiers at the center of explosion instantly lost their ability to breathe .

"Fu*k! It's the thrower - get it!" Wang Zhaowu roared at the top of his lungs into his earpiece .

Just as his voice faded, a sniper rifle exploded the head of the thrower .

Sun Jiao, with one foot on the wall, reloaded the Ghost sniper rifle with a crisp "Clang" before she continued to target the zombies . She pressed the trigger another time and executed another thrower with its hand just starting to come into view .

Watching this scene, Wang Zhaowu couldn't feel more tense . It wasn't because of Sun Jiao's shooting skills but rather her identity as the missus of the general .

If anything happened to her, Jiang Chen would shred him to pieces . But even though he used up all the excuses he could think of to convince her, Sun Jiao disregarded all his comments and still stood fearlessly on the wall .

Objectively speaking, Sun Jiao was the person with the strongest combat abilities in the entire base . The soldiers standing there had barely gotten training for more than a year while Sun Jiao started roaming the wasteland from a very young age - more than ten years in total .

Seeing that he couldn't persuade her, Wang Zhaowu gave up .

There were only five T-3 power armors stationed at the Fishbone base - the rest had been transported to the Sixth Street to provide it with an extended line of defense . The situation was even more critical there as the swarms of mutant mosquitos had almost broken their line of defense . Fortunately, there were a lot of experienced soldiers at the Sixth Street who were all masters who had wandered the wasteland from the beginning . They took out their flaming robots and Molotov cocktails since director Chu Nan announced that the military government would compensate any damaged equipment . To save their own lives, no one dared to hide their treasure horde of weapons any longer .

On the Fishbone side, aside from the five T-3s, only two newly developed T-4s had been produced . And now they were stationed on the wall, unleashing their firepower upon the zombies .

The drone attack force roamed outside the base and sniped the zombies' heads with their small caliber machine guns .

Then there were the soldiers in heavy bulletproof vests kneeled behind the cover of the wall, their backs carrying a cylinder full of organic fuel . With their flamethrowers ready, they were cautious of any flying mutants that could appear .

Whether it was the light infantry with Reaper Assault Rifles or gunners firing machine guns, all the combat units on the wall had the same mission:

It was to keep the zombies as far away from the base as possible .

Just as Wang Zhaowu looked at the swarm of zombies with a perplexed look, Jiang Chen stepped into the patrol tower .

"General . " Wang Zhaowu saluted .

"How's the situation?"

He had only been gone for a few hours as the situation deteriorated to this point . As he stared at the endless sea of zombies, he suddenly felt like the base was a small boat in a massive ocean .

"Terrible . There are too many zombies," Wang Zhaowu said with a bitter smile .

The zombies wouldn't die unless they were hit in the head . After fighting for so long, even though the wall was packed with fully equipped soldiers and sentry guns firing, the zombies still managed to reach the bottom of the wall .

Below the wall, the zombies raised their heads and screamed ferociously . They extended their arms, attempting to reach the 20-meter-high wall, pass over it, and rip apart the humans on the other side . The zombies in the back swarmed in and used the zombies in front to boost themselves up, creating a slope made of corpses .

This was what Wang Zhaowu was most afraid of .

Twenty meters was only six stories high . It would only take thousands of zombies to create a slope . And how many zombies were radiating out from the city center? It would be an underestimation to say a million .

To prevent the corpse ladder strategy, the soldiers on the wall tossed grenades at the tightly-packed zombies . But this was only a band-aid solution as even though grenades could do significant damage to the zombies, their corpses would still remain behind the wall .

Through the bulletproof glass, Jiang Chen gazed at the countless broken faces . Occasionally, a few infant zombies would smash into the glass of the patrol tower, creating dark green stains .

"General . " Wang Zhaowu took a deep breath and carefully opened his mouth .

"Hmm?" Jiang Chen asked .

"Your missus is there . " Wang Zhaowu pointed at the wall .

Jiang Chen watched Sun Jiao firing her sniper rifle as he spoke helplessly .

"Just let her be . "

He could understand her intentions of wanting to help . Right now, they were only in the initial stage of the mutant flood, so it wasn't too dangerous for her to be on the frontlines; he might as well just let her be . Especially considering her combat abilities, she would be okay even if everyone else on the wall died .

"What's the status of the Roar mortars at the base?" Jiang Chen picked up the binoculars and observed the distribution of zombies in the distance . Inside the sea of zombies, Jiang Chen spotted a few vomiters with their bellies raised .

"Prepared and ready to launch," Wang Zhaowu answered .

Since mortar shells weren't unlimited, Fishbone base only had a reserve of 2000 rounds . Only when the zombies were in large enough numbers would bombardment by the mortars be most effective . So up til now, Wang Zhaowu hadn't used the mortars yet .

"Then use it now - I see vomiters appearing 6 . 6 kilometers away," Jiang Chen lowered his binoculars in front of his chest as he spoke gravely .

Wang Zhaowu was shocked as he immediately picked up the binoculars and looked into the distance .

He was too busy having a headache about what was happening that he forgot to check the horizon .

Wang Zhaowu put out the order:

"Attention mortars, angle 72 degrees, distance 6 . 5 kilometers, fire!"

"Roger . "

The sound of shells being unloaded transmitted from the square at the center of the base . The ten mortars formed a formulation with ten soldiers operating them . The shells were launched into the sky with an electromagnetic propulsion with a maximum range of 12 kilometers .

The mortars could launch 20 shells per minute on average . In just a minute, 200 shells were fired .

In their field of vision, the twenty-something vomiters were instantly covered by the shells raining down from the sky .

Thick smoke engulfed the sky . A minute later, new zombies made their way through the thick smoke . And the vomiters were blown to pieces .

"How many shells can the military plant produce?" Jiang Chen asked Wang Zhaowu as he gazed at the black smoke in the distance .

"If there are enough supplies, the maximum production is 200 shells . "

[200 shells? A day's production isn't enough for one minute . ]

Jiang Chen was thinking hard .

He was contemplating if he should bring something over from the modern world .

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