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Chapter 439: The Heartwarming Bubble Bath

When they returned home, Sun Jiao didn't even take off her mask before she ran into the shower . Although she didn't care about her appearance on the frontline, the civilized side of her loved being clean in her everyday life .

She definitely didn't want to expose her ugly side to the people she liked . Although Jiang Chen thought Sun Jiao with a face covered with dust and soot was still cute .

There were two bathtubs in the mansion . Jiang Chen also wanted to take a shower after sneaking out from the smoke of the burning zombies, but when he realized there were only two bathtubs, he met a pair of big, timid eyes filled with hope .

"If we bathed together, Yao Yao wouldn't mind . "

With a completely red face, Yao Yao buried her head, her fingers twisted together .

After wavering for a moment, she worked up the courage to continue: "And-and Yao Yao has great back rubbing skills . If you don't believe me, you can ask Xiaorou . "

Without any impure thoughts, and purely because he didn't want to reject the eyes filled with hope, Jiang Chen gulped and led her soft hand into the washroom .

He felt like he was a thief .

Jiang Chen sat in the bathtub filled with bubbles as the girl hummed cheerful tones while she rubbed Jiang Chen's back .

Her wet strands of hair, mixed with a refreshing fragrance, constantly stroked Jiang Chen's back because of her movements .

The on-and-off coolness somehow made him lose control, especially since the soft hands seemed like they had some magical effects as he felt all his weariness being washed away .

Needless to say, it was a delightful experience having a Loli rubbing his back .

[Yao Yao, grow up sooner…]

Jiang Chen muttered in his mind .

When would the inducer effect be alleviated?

"Turn around; the front needs to be washed too . " Yao Yao didn't notice the change in Jiang Chen as she spoke to him in a cheerful tone .

Jiang Chen felt a warm itching beside his ear and he inhaled deeply . He used some bubbles to cover up his waist while forcing a smile .

"Uh, I can do it myself . "

Yao Yao turned her head and her cute mouth moved .

"Okay . "

Just as Jiang Chen felt relieved and thought it was over, the sound of water came from behind him .

Yao Yao stood up, held the side of the bathtub, swiveled her smooth legs, and carefully turned around before she sat back in the water .

After she gained her balance, Yao Yao nervously shook her legs in the water and said what she had been hoping with a blushed face .

"Could you help Yao Yao rub her back?"

Jiang Chen's instincts told him it was better to say no .

But the cute voice made it impossible to refuse .

When the blushing Yao Yao and Jiang Chen came out of the bathroom, it was already dark outside .

In the dining room, the three girls had already been waiting for a while . The hungry Lin Lin pouted and sat in front of the table with her chopsticks . When the two latecomers finally appeared in the hallway, she secretly peeked at them before moving her gaze away . Sun Jiao and Sun Xiaorou gazed at Jiang Chen slyly .

One was slightly jealous; the other had other nefarious intentions .

Jiang Chen felt awkward under their gazes . He sat down while scratching his nose while Yao Yao, with her face still red, ran into the kitchen .

When he sat down, he felt three pairs of eyes focused on him .

"Did you eat her?" Sun Jiao grinned .

"No . " Jiang Chen shook his head as he had a wry smile . "Am I that big of a pervert?"

The three girls all nodded simultaneously .

Jiang Chen's expression changed as he wanted to rebut, but he didn't know what to say so he stared at Lin Lin instead .

"Why are you involved in this? Aren't you afraid I'll turn into a pervert?"

For some reason, Lin Lin didn't use her loud mouth and only made a funny face at Jiang Chen before she looked away .

[Eh? Something feels odd . ]

[Is she sick?]

Jiang Chen wondered .

When he recalled the last time Lin Lin coughed, he felt concerned . Although Lin Lin always argued with Sun Jiao and himself, she was a kind person (digitalized human) inside . But just as he was about to ask about her health, Yao Yao brought some steaming food over .

"Time to eat . We're eating hotpot today . " Yao Yao happily removed the cover of the pot .

"Smells so good! Finally, we can eat . I'm starving . " Lin Lin stood up excitedly and reached out with her chopsticks first .

"No one's trying to fight you for it . " Sun Jiao rolled her eyes .

"If you're slow, the delicious lamb rolls will be gone . " Lin Lin chewed while she smirked .


The question hanging in Jiang Chen's mind was quickly taken over by the happy atmosphere .

Considering how energetic Lin Lin looked now, he didn't ask more .

[Perhaps it was just an illusion; maybe she's okay now…] Jiang Chen thought in his mind .

After dinner, Sun Jiao left with the sniper rifle again . Jiang Chen rested on the sofa for a while before he headed to the backyard . Since the apocalypse lacked fuel, he planned to bring back some gasoline .

Speaking of gasoline, when he saw the swarms of zombies, he suddenly had an idea: what if he brought back weapons from the modern world?

He always had the perception that the weapons from the modern world were all subpar in penetration and stability compared to the arms of the apocalypse . And since the apocalypse had never lacked weapons before, he never considered this option .

But when he carefully thought it over, weapons from the modern world weren't necessarily useless . At least when used against flesh, there wasn't much difference between the Reaper Assault Rifle and AK47 . A headshot yielded the same result with the only problems being recoil and accuracy . If they weren't being used against zombies with higher mutation levels or mutants with stronger defenses, modern weapons could still be useful in the apocalypse .

A lot of the pistols and rifles created by survivors weren't necessarily stronger than their modern world counterparts .

Of course, this wasn't to say Jiang Chen planned to bring light weapons back; Fishbone base had a high reserve of ammo and rifles, and the ammo production line was also in steady production . As to what exactly to bring, he needed to think carefully . The most crucial task was to solve the fuel problem .

"Do you need my help?" Just as Jiang Chen reached the door, Sun Xiaorou stopped him and said with seriousness, "With my abilities, I can be helpful in combat . "

The ability to explode crystals?

[It will be helpful, but it'll burn too much money…] Jiang Chen muttered in his head .

"It's okay . Your sister is giving me enough of a headache . "

Sun Xiaorou gave up the idea .

"Be careful when you're out there .

"Mhmm . " He nodded with a smile .

He put on the protective mask and left again .

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