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Chapter 440

The scenery changed and the repressive atmosphere instantly vanished .

Interdimensional travel took him to Coconut Island .

As part of his routine, he confirmed that there were no calls before he headed to the beach .

The two construction robots were still working meticulously on the construction site . After he checked their progress on the tablet, Jiang Chen let them be and boarded his boat . He took out the backup oil canister and filled up the boat before he soared to Coro Island .

It was deep into the night; only a few scattered lights were visible in the city center .

Jiang Chen didn't immediately return to his mansion when he got off the boat . Instead, he drove to a gas station at the southern end of the island .

When Jiang Chen parked beside a self-serving pump, he honked a few times .

Immediately after, the employee working the night shift walked out .

The man in uniform rubbed his eyes while walking out sluggishly . He had been taking a nap .

Most of the citizens in Xin were bilingual . Kebal glanced at Jiang Chen in the car, yawned, put his hand on the roof, and spoke in annoyance .

"How much do you want to add?"

"As much as possible . "

Kebal took a moment to process what he just heard and tugged on his mustache .

"How much?"

Jiang Chen didn't want to waste words on him as he took out a stack of cash and slapped it onto his car hood . "2000 USD . Please prepare a few barrels for me . "

Just in case, he usually kept some cash in the storage dimension .

2000 USD?!

Kebal was instantly awake . He didn't move, but he looked suspiciously at Jiang Chen .

"2000 USD? Why do you need so much gasoline?"

He had to ask because Xin wasn't completely at peace, which made everyone uneasy . If he sold this much gasoline and someone used it for terrorism, he would be the one to blame .

Even if selling this much gasoline would get him more commission at the month's end, he was afraid to sell this much right now!

Jiang Chen let out a sigh, took out the Presidential Palace document and waved it in front of him .

"It's not good for you to ask too many questions, buddy . "

Kebal took a look at the document and all his suspicions disappeared . To be able to freely enter the Xin Presidential Palace, this guy was definitely not a terrorist and likely working for the president .

"The barrels are in the warehouse, wait a moment . " Kebal handed the document back to Jiang Chen before he jogged to the warehouse .

"Wait, do you have a truck here?" Jiang Chen stuck his head out the window and stopped him .

Kebal shook his head . "No, but my pickup truck that I use is there . "

"Okay, what's your name?"

Kebal paused .

"Kebal . Why?"

"Mr . Kebal, do you want to make 1000 USD?" Jiang Chen put his hand in his pocket and pulled out another stack of cash with a smile .

Because the Development and Reform Commission (1) didn't exist, the oil prices in Xin reflected the international market . After the global crude market plunged to below 30 USD per barrel, the 91-grade gasoline dropped down to 1 . 3 USD per gallon, equivalent to 0 . 34 USD per liter .

By conversion, how much gasoline could 2000 USD buy?

A total of 5882 . 4 liters!

With a barrel capable of storing 159 liters, 2000 USD could purchase 37 barrels in total! Kebal flipped through the entire warehouse and finally managed to find enough barrels .

With this large batch of gasoline, it was enough for the zombies outside Fishbone base to have a great time .

Kebal worked diligently with the thousand dollar tip motivating him . He hauled empty barrels onto his pickup truck before he started to pump in gasoline .

[1000 USD to move the barrels to Celestial Trade's warehouse . Where can I find more of this work?]

After a few trips, he finally managed to transport all the barrels .

Jiang Chen handed him the tip and told him to "keep everything that happened today deep inside your heart . " Kebal promised to all the greater beings he could think of, then Jiang Chen patted him on the shoulder, told him to prepare a few more barrels for next time before signaling him to leave .

Watching Kebal drive away, Jiang Chen closed the door of the warehouse .

He moved the gasoline into the storage dimension before he traveled back to the apocalypse .

The moment he arrived, he heard gunshots in the distance .

He placed the gasoline into the warehouse in the backyard . He called Wang Qin, ordering her to move the barrels into the storage .

Wang Qin was used to the general's mysterious ability to make supplies appear in the backyard, so she didn't ask more and immediately commanded the workers from the logistics department to carefully transport the highly explosive substance to a standalone warehouse .

Jiang Chen stepped onto the command tower again as he met Wang Zhaowu with a stern expression .

"What's the situation like now?"

"We already consumed 40% of the fuel reserve at the base, the production of fuel is far slower than the consumption, and the remaining Carm tree sap will only allow us to produce 30 more barrels . The Sixth Street's fuel is barely enough for them and they can't spare any additional fuel to help us . With our current state, we won't be able to clear the zombie bodies even after three days . " Wang Zhaowu provided the bad news .

Looking at Wang Zhaowu's expression, Jiang Chen smiled .

"I already solved the fuel problem . "

Considering that only six hours had passed, there was no way Jiang Chen could've acquired so much fuel . Therefore, Wang Zhaowu smiled wryly . "A few barrels aren't enough to solve the problem . There isn't a lot of fat in the zombies' bodies; it would take around 300 L of fuel to burn the bodies just surrounding one wall, and the base has four walls . "

"Is 37 barrels enough?"

[37 barrels?]

[37 barrels!]

After he finally finished processing, Wang Zhaowu's eyes widened and he stared at Jiang Chen . "37 barrels?! How many liters per barrel?"

"159 liters . It's in the warehouse now . "

"159 liters, that's… 5883 liters! Hahaha! That's amazing!" While he was thrilled at the news, Wang Zhaowu banged his hand on the table and pressed his earpiece . "Attention incinerating team, prepare to transport fuel from the warehouse . Let's burn these motherfu*kers!"

"Roger . "

After finishing his command, Wang Zhaowu realized his blunder, so he started to laugh awkwardly .

But Jiang Chen didn't mind . "Don't worry about the fuel, I'll bring a few more batches over . You must keep the walls secure - don't skimp on the fuel, understand?"

"Understand!" Wang Zhaowu saluted with confidence .

Jiang Chen's 37 barrels of fuel solved the urgent crisis at the base . As to how he obtained it, who cares? As a subordinate, Wang Zhaowu only needed to complete the mission assigned to him!

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