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Published at 6th of June 2018 08:40:18 AM

Chapter 443: Destruction does not require Technology

Release the Garden of Eden Technology to Dusk?

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From humanity's point of view, it was a choice with only pros .

But unfortunately, Jiang Chen was a selfish person . He didn't mind that while he lived a great life, he could make other people live a good life . But there was a condition . The "generosity" must be given by him .

Perhaps one day he would agree to build the Garden of Eden, but it must be a NAC controlled Garden of Eden . As to releasing the project to other people, he would not consider the possibility at all .

"If their ultimate plan is to leave earth by building a space colonization ship, then they don't have a conflict of interest with us . " Han Junhua looked at Jiang Chen .

"That's unfortunate then, they won't be able to leave . " Jiang Chen smiled .

Han Junhua sighed and then looked at the hologram map with her arms crossed .

"Then war is the only option left . But from the ammo reserve left in Shenxiang, if we are unable to capture Jia in ten days, we will have to give up Seventh Area . "

Shenxiang was where the raw materials originated, and the majority of firearm productions were located in the Fishbone base and the Sixth Street . Although they obtained a large number of mutated humans' weapons and steel, they didn't manage to discover any firearm production lines .

If they gave up on the Seventh Street and ordered the First Corp to retreat, that would mean that the crusade would be only half-completed . The mutated humans could recapture the Seventh Area and use the long, harsh winter to regain their strength .

If NAC suffered heavy casualties in the mutants flood, then without a doubt the mutated humans would take advantage of this situation and declare war . If the mutants flood persisted till next year this time…

When the first mutants flood erupted, the entire Earth was in a nuclear winter, and it was significantly colder than the past years . Jiang Chen didn't think that the mutants would obediently go back underground during winter so he could not bet on the fact that the mutants flood would end by this year .

"Is it because of our ammo reserve?" Jiang Chen's eyebrows twisted together .

"It's mostly the mortar shells and the 5 kg and 10 kg bombs . we have ample in light weapon ammunition, but we can't conquer in exchange for lives . " Han Junhua said without any emotional fluctuation .  

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[So, we are missing heavy weapons . ]

Suddenly a smile emerged on Jiang Chen's face .

"I have a solution, we just need more shells and bombs right?"

Han Junhua looked toward Jiang Chen,

"Are we going to transport it from the Fishbone base with helicopters? Based on the reserve and production in the base, we don't have the capacity to support the First Division . "

The Fishbone unleashed 200 rounds of mortar shells, 300 rounds of 5 kg bombs per day, to sustain its consumption speed, ammunition production was already operating at full capacity .

"No need to transport from the base, I can take care of it from elsewhere . " Jiang Chen shook his head as an evil smirk appeared on his face .

Han Junhua looked speechlessly at Jiang Chen . Somehow, the smirk reminded her of some unpleasant memories she never wants to recall again .

Due to the limitation of technology, the weapons from the 21st century were for inferior compared to the 22nd-century weapons . A simple example, who would win between the Wanderer tank from NAC's First Corp and UA's mechanical division?

The question was more of how many units would be left in the mechanical division before the Wanderer tank ran out of fuel . How many units could the particle cannon and coaxial electromagnetic pulse cannon take out .

Unless it was directly struck by a nuclear warhead, the modern day weapon could not pose any threat to the Wanderer's armor .

But when the efficiency of killing the zombies are brought into the conversation, the UA mechanical division would be much more effective compared to the entire NAC First Division . Why? The reason was simple .

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Because when technology is not necessary, any technology would be excessive!

For example, killing zombies . For example, launching an artillery rain of destruction .

Accuracy was irrelevant . Other than the dangerous mutants with insane mobility and defense, how many mutants would survive in the explosion, let alone zombies .

It was the same idea against the mutated humans . Their anti-tank cannon and rocket indeed posed a serious threat to the First Corp armor force . If an M2A1 tank were brought to the frontline, an anti-tank round would easily destroy it without any doubt .

But what if there were thirty-something heavy artilleries or even rockets?

Even if they possessed the rifles from the 22nd century, they were still made out of tissues!

Walking out from the community center, Jiang Chen held Sun Jiao's hand and headed to the mansion . Bullets unleashed on the wall far away, soldiers in a heavy bulletproof suit with a fuel tank on the back ignited the nozzle they held .

It was nothing technologically advanced, but if the mutant mosquitos dove down, they would become toasted mosquitos .

"You are planning to transport weapons from that side?" Sun Jiao acutely captured Jiang Chen's thought .

"That's right . " Jiang Chen squeezed her hand and smiled proudly .

"Is stuff from your side reliable?" Sun Jiao asked with skepticism .

The skepticism was similar to a guerrilla hearing an ancient person had time traveled from the Ming Dynasty and said he would support the war with the weapons from his era .

Jiang Chen started to laugh and didn't explain . He promised, "You'll know once you actually see it . "

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After returning to the mansion, Jiang Chen immediately returned to the modern world .

Due to the influence of UA weapons that appeared in the hands of Country F's anti-government militants, Robert was in a tight spot . It would be too inconsiderate to ask him for more weapons, especially given that he already retired .

There was only one person Jiang Chen could ask .

It was near dusk already, but still sometime before people got off work .

He drove the Lamborghini out from the garage and headed straight to the newly opened Russian Embassy .

Natasha was patrolling at the gate of the embassy feeling extremely bored . Although she was the head of security, there was only three security personnel in total, so she had to fill in the patrolling slot .

Jiang Chen stopped the car in front of the embassy, rolled down the window, and teased her .

"Beautiful miss, could I invite you to dinner?"

Natasha looked at Jiang Chen in surprise as a grin appeared . "Of course . "

She walked to the other side of the car, yelled toward the embassy, "Karachev, come out and watch the door . " Before she received a response, she sat in the car .

After putting on the seatbelt, Natasha swayed her luscious hair and sunk into the comfortable seat .

"I heard that a gentleman is supposed to open the door for a lady . "

"Are you not going to change out of your uniform?" Jiang Chen ignored her scoff and laughed .

"No need," Natasha's lips curled up while crossing her legs, "Uniform roleplay is pretty fun isn't it?"

[Face palm, what happened to her?]

Jiang Chen still remembered in Eastern Europe, when he tied her onto the chair, she suspected that he took her first time and stared at him with a look of death as if he had killed her father .

Jiang Chen coughed and started the car, "I won't be able to do business with you like this . "

"Business?" Natasha's eyes flashed as she put her leg down and sat up straight, "For example?"

"My company needs some firearms used for self-defense . What do you want to eat?"

"Barbeque and beer . I remember there is beach bar not far away from here and their Barbeque is great . " Natasha smiled .

She was familiar with the surrounding area already .

"Okay, let's talk about the firearms then, I need-"

"Don't you want to chat while eating?" Natasha interrupted Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen gave an "as you wish" look before turning on the GPS .

"Sit tight . "

Jiang Chen stepped on the gas .

The vehicle transformed into a shadow and raced toward the beach .

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