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Chapter 444: The Trade in the Distance

The apocalypse, the rural area east of Su City .

The one hundred story skyscraper stood desolately among the ruins .

Not far away, a sign engraved with , dangling on the side of the road, was replaced with the written in red paint . It hung in the middle of the building . The original owner of the building had the "foresight" to use a large amount of expensive and durable material in the construction of the building . And the building did, in fact, manage to withstand the nuclear explosion five kilometers away twenty years ago .

Unfortunately, the radiation still burned him into dust . When the nuclear blast arrived, he was on the elevator, coming down from the top floor office, escaping to the basement . However, regrettably, he died on the 27th floor .

The building exchanged hands multiple times before being occupied by the Dark Red Chamber of Commerce as their base . The hundred story height was a natural observation tower easily capable of scouting tens of kilometers away .

On the roof of the building, Lin Chaoen sat on the edge with his feet hanging in the air without any fear of heights . His eyes narrowed as he looked to Wanghai's direction .

He was unafraid of heights because it was an emotion that belonged only to creatures .

Suddenly, he smiled .

"Wanghai's sky has changed . "

"Is this something predictable?" Two meters behind him, a man in a suit with a distant expression stood up straight with his hands behind his back . He was gazing in Wanghai's direction, but in the distance, only the skyline of Wanghai was barely visible . Other than a few faint columns of smoke rising, he didn't see anything out of the ordinary .

Cao Guangkai, the current president of Dark Red .

During the past winter, his father Cao Jinsong launched a coup in the Sixth Street and died after the failed attempt . After receiving the information, he decisively took the soldiers loyal to him and executed his cousin who planned to split Dark Red with him; it was his father's nephew, Cao Wei . Finally, he controlled all of the assets of Dark Red and prevented the massive empire from falling apart .

It was after that he met Lin Chaoen and initiated a partnership with him .

A few months ago, he listened to Lin Chaoen's advice and withdrew Dark Red's merchant fleet from doing business in Wanghai and sold the assets under an anonymous name . He was skeptical of what Lin Chaoen said in the beginning, but the robot's words became true .

A mutants flood indeed erupted in Wanghai .

"Of course, everything in this world has causations . " Lin Chaoen sighed as he said leisurely, "For example, the economic crisis in 2150 meant the war would be inevitable . And that economic crisis was because of…"

Cao Guangkai burst out laughing . "I'm not interested in listening to you talk about our history, I'm a businessman, I only care about now and-"

"Shhhh!" Lin Chaoen suddenly interrupted him and put his finger in front of his lips .

Then, he put his hand beside his ear and closed his eyes; it looked like he was listening to something .

"Listen, they are talking again . " Lin Chaoen leaned forward with a smile, "The poor bugs . "

Cao Guangkai, standing on the side, twitched .

He suddenly had the urge to kick the fool down .

But thinking that there was no point in being angry at a robot, he restrained himself from this dangerous thought .

"Pretending to be supernatural . "

Cao Guangkai cursed out in a low voice and headed for the elevator .

"Are you not curious about what I heard?" Lin Chaoen turned his head and said sluggishly .

"I'm only curious what kind of mental state your designer had to bring you into this world . " Cao Guangkai scoffed while taking a hidden shot at him .

"Perhaps… Mhmm, similar to father's mental state?" He didn't seem to understand the mockery in his words and shrugged . "Speaking of which, I have one thing I'm curious about . Can you answer it for me?"

"Oh? Is there something you don't know?"

"Don't you want to seek revenge on that person? He killed your father . " Lin Chaoen smiled .

He was referring to Jiang Chen .

Because of Fishbone's sudden intervention, the balance in favor of them smashed to the ground, and all the stakes were collected by that person . The mantis preying on the cicada while the bird waited to strike at the final moment .

"There is no family in business . He failed his investment in Wanghai and lost all his stakes, that's all," Cao Guangkai said emotionlessly .

"You have an open mind . " Lin Chaoen laughed mischievously, turned his head, and continued to gaze into the sky in the distance .

"Although the Dark Red originated from the Sixth Street, the base is in Su City with business in Hang City and the even further Luzhou . I never agreed with father's strategy of intervening with the local situation . Only when we abide by the identity of a merchant can we generate more profit . "

"Is that so?" Lin Chaoen said slowly .

Just like Cao Guangkai was disinterested in what he said, he was not interested in the business he was talking about . In his eyes, the human's stance toward crystals was like monkeys playing with stones .

They didn't understand what kind of powerful weapons he possessed .

"Yes . " Cao Guangkai nodded .

Without responding, Lin Chaoen silently watched Wanghai in the distance . He seemed to want to say something interesting as a smile emerged from his lips .

Cao Guangkai stood silently behind him .

Just then, his communication device started to buzz .

He pressed the button on his collar and picked up the phone .

"Hello? … Mhmm, I see . "

He quickly hung up the phone and looked at Lin Chaoen on the edge of the building .

"The thing you need is ready . "

"Oh? That's great . " The smile on Lin Chaoen's face grew bigger . He pressed his hands on the floor and propelled himself up .

The move was nothing by itself, but to do it at the edge of a hundred story building . . .

Cao Guangkai thought he had a calm state of mind, but just by watching his action, he felt tense .

"The recipe to the drug . " Just as Lin Chaoen passed by him, he opened his mouth .

"Oh, that . " Lin Chaoen seemed to have remembered something as he took out a USB from his pocket with sluggishness . "Here you go, it's all inside . "

It was the recipe of Happy Times .

It was the recipe of the hallucinating drug .

Cao Guangkai held his breath while he took over the USB .

He felt his fingers were trembling .

He was not holding a USB, but a key to a crystal treasure .

Only one tablet was enough to live in the happy times before the war .

Lin Chaoen enjoyed the expression on his face for two seconds before he curled his lips into a smile that held deep meaning .

The camera zoomed out .

In the empty ground north of the Dark Red building stood a six-story-tall rocket .

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